Puppet cat hair is too serious, how to improve?

       As long as it is a cat, it will lose its hair, especially the long haired cat like puppet cat. It is so crazy that many parents can’t accept it. Especially for the parents with rhinitis, when it comes to the fur changing season, the hair all over the sky will make people’s scalp numb and sneeze constantly. How can we improve the problem of hair loss?

       If it’s seasonal hair loss, the owner doesn’t have to worry about it. If it’s physiological, such as cat’s hair loss caused by malnutrition, then the pet owner also needs to supplement the body’s nutrition for the puppet cat, so as to grow new and beautiful hair. Pet owners can cook some beef, egg yolk, duck, chicken and other food to supplement the body nutrition of the puppet, and can add appropriate amount of ovophosphate in the food.

       If it is the hair loss caused by illness, then the owner should first know what disease causes the hair loss of the Muppet cat, and then go to the hospital in time. And what the pet owner should do is to comb the fur of the puppet cat every day, so that there will not be a lot of floating fur in the room. When combing the hair of the puppet cat, it is necessary to use the special comb for the puppet cat. First, wipe the body of the puppet cat with water, then comb along the hair once, and then comb against the hair once more. The combed hair should be packed and discarded. In addition, when the weather is good, you can also give puppet cats more sun, which can help their fur health.

       Generally speaking, if you want to completely solve the problem of hair loss of Muppets, unless you shave all the cats, or there will still be floating hairs. Of course, Xiaobian doesn’t mean to make cats bald. As long as it is not the skin or other aspects of the disease caused by hair loss, we can only comb hair frequently, food supplement nutrition to improve.

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