Puppet cat laxity, stool stick to the buttocks how to do?

       I believe that the beauty of puppet cats do not need to make up too many beautiful words. It is not only beautiful in appearance, but also very clever and gentle in character, and sometimes sticky. Especially with the long hair, the puppet cat has conquered many excrement officials’ hearts with this long hair, but behind the beautiful hair, there are things that make the excrement officials tangle and go crazy.

       For Muppets, eating anything is easier to diarrhea or indigestion. Because its stomach is glass stomach, however, this stomach is easy to pull out very soft and very thin stool. In addition, the puppet cat is a long haired cat, and it is easy to stick the loose stool on the hair when going to the toilet. This is one of the most difficult things to keep Muppets, because in this way, it is necessary to regulate the intestines and stomach of cats, which is a huge project in itself. But because of its long hair, it is more difficult to deal with the activity of defecation. As long as the stool is pulled out, it will be easy to stick to the long hair, so it is necessary to start the difficult work of cleaning hair.

       What good solutions do we have? In addition to the gastrointestinal conditioning, try not to let the puppet cat laxity, first of all, to avoid the risk of laxity. Moreover, parents can regularly trim the hair on the buttocks of the puppet cat, and trim the hair near the cat’s anus, which can effectively avoid the cat’s poop sticking to the cat’s body. But this kind of operation requires parents to trim their hair a little longer at intervals, which needs to be checked regularly.

       Although the method is a little troublesome, parents can at least not worry about how to clean up because of the poop on the cat’s buttocks. After all, POOP is still quite disgusting, and cleaning up in the hair is also more troublesome. A careless cleaning water will splash on the body, so we should trim the hair.

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