Rabbits and pugs can be raised together – can rabbits and dogs be raised together

       Whether you fight or not depends on your dog’s demeanor. It’s easy to be envious. However, rabbits and rabbits will not live well because they all carry bacteria. Due to different fungi, dogs’ fungi will seriously affect the growth of rabbits and rabbits. Rabbits’ immunity is not as strong as dogs, and it is easy to get sick and die. You should be careful, unless you let them never contact with them, Don’t let rabbits and rabbits touch the dog’s things. If you touch the dog’s hands, you must wash them. If you have to raise them together, you have the courage. If I raise so many animals, my mother can drive me out of the house. Ha ha

       Male rabbits like to boo in every corner when they are mature. This behavior is called “enclosure”. They use DAO urine to smell to show their existence. And answer dog has the same hobby. If you don’t do something about it, the smell of your home will be unbearable.

       If the rabbit is free range, be sure to separate the rabbit from the dog when feeding, because there are meat eating species in the rabbit. No matter how heavy the rabbit will go to grab the dog’s food, the dog will certainly hurt the rabbit, the rabbit is really “died for food”.

       No! Never keep it with a dog! The dog will frighten the rabbit. Besides, it is so small that the dog may bite it, or take the rabbit in its beak=

       What’s more, tell l some knowledge=

       Tell L, you can’t pull your ears!

       First of all, we should prepare a cage for the rabbit. The bottom layer should be covered with newspapers, and then the top should be covered with sweaters. Finally, a soft sheet and a longer towel can be spread. Otherwise, it is not easy to clean up just by laying sweaters. If newspapers are laid in one corner of the box, rabbits and rabbits love to be clean and will urinate at a fixed place. But we should clean it regularly, otherwise the rabbit thinks that it is dirty, so it is likely to go to other places to urinate=

       Some people say that rabbits can’t drink water, which is completely and very wrong! Water is the source of life, rabbits and rabbits also want to drink water, a small bowl is enough. You can also give it some millet porridge or something. Don’t give it vegetable soup. It may get stuck inadvertently… The chick I raised last time was stuck in my mouth because I ate a large piece of steamed bread. Finally, I used a toothpick to get it out of my mouth with great effort! W: ~ ~ o (>)_ <)o ~~¡¿

       Many people say that rabbits only eat radish and cabbage, do not believe that = = are misleading cartoons=

       In addition to cabbage and radish, rabbits can also eat sweet potato, pumpkin, banana and so on, fruit should not take too much water, small rabbit will have diarrhea = = and give it to eat things must be washed clean! Otherwise, there will be pesticide residues on it, and rabbits will have diarrhea after eating it=

       Some people for convenience to go downstairs to pull grass to eat rabbits, is extremely wrong! There are bacteria in the grass downstairs, and rabbits will have diarrhea after eating it=

       The reason why rabbits can’t pull their ears is that there are more blood vessels on the ears. So pulling the ears of rabbits and rabbits will not only make them feel uncomfortable, but also may make them unable to stand up. The correct way to hold a rabbit is to hold the back part of its front paw, that is, the armpit, and then hold the rabbit’s buttocks, hold it up, and let the rabbit’s back cling to your predecessor. The rabbit and rabbit are disgusted that you make its hind paw empty.

       If rabbit running will spasm very much like convulsion, then take it to the hospital to have a look, it may also be caused by it too excited or too tense. L can spare time every day to play with it, which will make rabbit feel happy.

       If rabbits eat their own poop, do not be surprised and angry, because this is a normal phenomenon.

       Sometimes rabbit may urinate everywhere. At this time, prepare a paper box, and then clean up the rabbit’s stool and put it in the box [don’t be afraid of being dirty, otherwise you will clean it every day] and then the rabbit will be very grateful to you. At this time, you will take the rabbit into the box to smell the smell, and then you will put it every time you see the rabbit wants to urinate Hold it in the box and let it pee in it. After a few times, it will understand and consciously go in and urinate. At this time, you can reward it, give it something delicious to eat, and it will be very happy, and you will be relieved=

       Rabbits and rabbits often grind their teeth, so it is easier to grind their teeth with roots and branches. They often massage their mandibles. Rabbits often grind their teeth, so their mandibles are the most easily fatigued parts. They often fold off their ears, and then their index fingers and thumbs form scissors to smooth their ears. This is a simulation of rabbits washing their ears with their forefeet. Rabbits and rabbits will be very happy Deep love between you

       If the dog is not kept with the rabbit, the dog will frighten the rabbit. What’s more, the dog will bite the rabbit anytime and anywhere, but if it is a gentle dog, it may be scared by the rabbit=

       Take it out to play is not to take the dog out to play – so do not need to use the rope to lead… If it is too big, you can use a bigger cage = = if it ran around, you can gently flick its nose, not too violent, rabbit memory is poor, so not only will not let it correct the mistake, but also make it more afraid of you=

       Don’t let the rabbit stuffy in the cage every day, as long as the situation allows, it’s no problem to run at home in broad daylight, if it’s not convenient, then at least three or four hours a day = = at least three hours, otherwise rabbits will get mental illness every day in the cage==

       The little rabbit is afraid of being alone, so we must take time out every day to play with it

       If he licks your hand, on the one hand he likes you, on the other hand, he may lack salt. Give him something salty to eat.

       Do not think that the rabbit is very docile, anything will have a temper, rabbit is no exception, so do not

       TX it, or it’s likely to bite you… Tat

       The rabbit is a dog’s hunting target!

       You haven’t seen the animal world or anything. Wild dogs run to catch rabbits and take a bite back at their necks

       Don’t think the domestic dog can’t, hunting skills are all born. I used to put the two-month-old dog and rabbit together. The size was about the same. The rabbit trembled with fear. The dog bit his neck as soon as he jumped up. If I hadn’t drunk it, the rabbit would have been gone. And if the dog close to the rabbit cage, the rabbit will be very upset, scared full cage jump, too poor

       Keep it in isolation

       No! One is to have a very strange infectious disease, the other is the cat and dog is the natural enemy of rabbit! It scares rabbits and rabbits, and gives dogs a chance to take advantage of it.

       Be careful of the dog biting your rabbit. It will go to heaven.

       If the rabbit is locked up, the rabbit will not be able to move, will also be frightened by the dog, the dog will guard the rabbit! Never!

       Make them familiar. Dogs will think that rabbits and rabbits are invaders, but also afraid that rabbits and rabbits occupy the master, or territory. And rabbits are afraid of dogs. So to avoid accidents, it’s better to familiarize them. First put the rabbit in a place that the dog can see but can’t touch. If the rabbit’s reaction is fear, it should be separated as soon as possible, because this will make the rabbit and rabbit worried and their life will be short

       Dogs can carry toxoplasmosis. If possible, you can go to the pet hospital for stool examination or deworming.

       Rabbits are best kept in cages, not to be touched, especially when they are not familiar with each other at first. As the landlord said, wild dogs are aggressive. Rabbits are suitable for growth in the environment of 10-20 degrees. It is recommended not to put them outside.

       If the dog carries toxoplasmosis, it is very likely that there will be toxoplasmosis in the dog’s feces. Clean the excreta frequently and contact it with rabbits.

       Once the rabbit is infected with toxoplasmosis. It’s going to die soon.

       If you have any questions, you can search [rabbit bar back garden (Forum)] to continue to ask questions.

       Hope to help you! Hope to adopt.

       It’s better not to do it. When the male rabbit is mature, he likes to hiss in every corner. This behavior is called “enclosure”. He uses urine to smell to show his existence. Dogs have the same hobby. If you don’t do something about it, the smell of your home will be unbearable.

       If the rabbit is free range, be sure to separate the rabbit from the dog when feeding, because there are meat eating species in the rabbit. No matter how heavy the rabbit will go to grab the dog’s food, the dog will certainly hurt the rabbit, the rabbit is really “died for food”.

       If you live together since childhood, maybe you can, or the dog is gentle. But dogs and cats are the natural enemies of rabbits. When my rabbit hears the dog barking, it is scared to run around in panic, even though it is in the house, and the dog is not in front of him. However, there is a dog in the community who does not bite it, just smell it, it is still very afraid, eyes forward, motionless. I think the smell of dogs and rabbits is different. They can also distinguish different kinds of animals. Animals are born with the natural enemy, and the ability to protect themselves.


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