Raw beef or cooked for cats – do cats like raw or cooked food

       The cat can eat some raw beef properly, but the beef must be frozen for 24 hours and then thawed to the cat to eat, which can kill parasites. In fact, raw beef digests better than imported beef, but it is easy to have parasites. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly expel insects.

       In addition to eating raw beef, you can also eat other cooked foods, such as fish and chicken breast, which can also fatten the cat. In addition, the cat can be fed with miaowian nutrition cream every day to quickly supplement nutrition, which is also a good helper for fattening.

       Cats are prone to indigestion when they eat meat. They can eat broccoli, spinach, apple puree and cat grass to promote digestion and avoid constipation, soft stool and laxity.

       Cats should like to eat raw rather than cooked

       A foreigner and a cooked meat were put into a triangle. As a result, the cat ate raw food first, then cooked food, and finally full, and the rest was cooked. It can be seen that the cat likes to eat raw food. After all, this is wild. If it is outside, someone will cook cooked food for it

       Finally, eating raw meat, or raw fish, can cause unnecessary parasitic problems

       So, it’s better to cook it for the cat

       Look at my head The first choice should be fish, because cats like fishy food, chicken liver also has a strong fishy smell, so they also like to eat, but pay attention to: the fish must be cooked, and can not put too much salt, can not put the seasoning used by humans to eat fish, and to pick out the big fish bone, small fish bone, they can use the tongue of the thorn thread after eating, big Never feed fish bones.

       From cooked meat to raw meat, the cat’s stomach can’t accept it, and it’s easy to get rid of insects.

       [general knowledge of Garfield cat feeding]

       They are independent in temperament, do not like noisy, like to look at the host but will not harass, most of the time will find their own fun. On the other hand, they also have a strong curiosity, lively and intelligent, not nervous, can adapt to the new environment immediately.

       So it’s easy to raise. However, because exotic short haired cats and Persian cats have a flat nose, so it is easy to have inflammation, so it is necessary to clean its face regularly. As long as they are washed clean every day and keep healthy and active, their life span can reach 13 years old.

       1. Animals: some cats love animals and refuse to eat other foods. Animals are rich in vitamin A, but excessive intake of vitamin A can lead to muscle stiffness, neck pain, bone and joint deformation, and * disease.

       High fat food: if the cat’s diet contains a lot of high-fat fish or fresh fat, it will lead to insufficient intake of vitamin E, and then cause the cat’s body fat inflammation and extreme pain.

       2. Raw fish: some raw fish contain enzymes that can destroy vitamin B1. The deficiency of vitamin B1 can lead to neurological diseases of cats, which can be fatal in severe cases. This enzyme can be destroyed by heating. Therefore, the fish must be cooked before feeding to the cat.

       3. Meat: Although the cat’s diet should be mainly meat, if only feed meat food to the cat, it will lead to uneven intake of minerals and vitamins, and then lead to serious bone metabolism disorders.

       4. Dog food: the nutrients in dog food and cat food are not the same, and the nutrients in dog food can not meet the needs of cats. Although both cats and dogs are carnivores, the nutritional needs of dogs are not as big as that of cats

       5. Cod liver oil: be careful when adding extra vitamins and minerals to cats. Excessive consumption of cod liver oil will lead to excessive intake of vitamin A and vitamin D, and then lead to bone disease.

       Extended data:

       [feeding tips]


       2. Suitable for feeding Persian cat food, small square shape, easy to eat into the mouth.

       3. Like Persian cat, short and flat nose, easy to suffer from obstruction of lacrimal duct, so pay attention to clean the face.

       4. In spring, all kinds of physiological activities and behavior of the baby become especially strong, and even become vigorous and active. Although cats are estrous throughout the year, most of them are in early spring (from January to March).

       5. Summer is the breeding season for mosquitoes, flies, fleas, ticks and lice. We must do a good job in the prevention of mosquitoes, flies, lice and ticks of exotic short haired cats to prevent the occurrence of diseases.

       6. In winter, the weather is cold and the light time is short. In sunny days and warm days, more sunshine should be allowed to the cat. It should be noted that the growing baby needs the sunshine. The ultraviolet rays of the sun can not only disinfect and sterilize, but also promote the absorption of calcium, promote the growth and development of bone chromium, and prevent rickets in young cats.

       7. Although it is a short haired cat, we should pay attention to the usual combing problem. Grooming them at least once a week is a compulsory course for owners.

       Combing hair can comb out a large number of dead hair, which is the fundamental method to remove hair, and can also avoid hair knotting. At the same time, it can also play a massage role, promote the blood circulation of abnormal short skin, and enhance the health of abnormal short skin. Only healthy skin is the key to not losing hair.

       8. We should treat our abnormal short baby like a child. We should take more care of it at ordinary times to avoid short illness. The secret of health is scientific diet, proper exercise, clean and comfortable environment, full enjoyment of sunshine, regular vaccination, and prevention of disease.

       Reference: Baidu Encyclopedia – Garfield

       1. Before you can make a specific judgment and analysis, see whether your Garfield is a male or a female cat.

       2. Generally speaking, most people eat raw beef for male cats, mainly for the purpose of mumps. Some people think that male cats with barbed cheeks are very good-looking, with good quality and relatively high price.

       3. Garfield cat is famous for its glass stomach. Its intestines and stomach are prone to frequent problems, such as diarrhea and soft stool. If you eat raw meat, this phenomenon may appear more easily. Therefore, we need to consider whether there is such a need.

       4. If you give a cat raw meat, especially raw beef, it is easy to have parasites. Garfield’s words are no exception. Therefore, when feeding raw beef to Garfield cat, you must remember to expel the worms in time and check the intestinal parasites regularly to avoid the occurrence of parasites.

       5. If there are no special requirements or pursuits, it is recommended to choose cooked beef to reduce the bloodthirsty of raw Garfield meat and reduce the incidence of parasites in domestic Garfield cats.

       6. Cats who have eaten raw meat will fall in love with the taste of flesh and blood, and may become addicted. That is to say, they may always look for raw meat to eat in the future. They do not like to eat cat food and other foods, and will be picky.

       It must be cooked. Garfield is a mature domesticated cat. For example, most of these breeds of cats can maintain stable appearance, character and habit heredity through multiple generations of inbreeding. The disadvantage of inbreeding is that the breed cats have poor physique and may not fully possess part of the body capacity of wild cats. If they eat raw meat directly, it is easy to have bad stomach, indigestion or constipation, so it is not recommended to give it to pet cats directly Eat raw meat.

       Cats like fresh and fishy things, and they have to be soft. They can lick them into their stomachs with the small spines on their tongue, which saves them a long time to chew. Therefore, the fish meat is just in line with its appetite. There are also some fresh animal viscera that are the favorite of cats. In addition, cat food is made according to the taste of cats. For example, my cat is used to eating fish, give it a piece of cooked beef, pork and chicken. It looks at it and goes to eat it.

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