Russian long cat blue cat – how is the difference between British short blue cat and Russian Blue Cat?

       The differences between British and Russian blue cats are mainly in the following four aspects: head type, body type, eye color and personality.

       1. Different head shapes

       The Russian blue cat has a narrow and slender head. The skull is flat, the tips of the ears are forward sloping, and the distance between the tips of the ears is wide. But the British short blue cat’s face is bigger and more round, the ear tip is also round.

       2. Different body types

       Russian blue cats are slender and elegant, relatively thin. The British short blue cat looks relatively fat because of its large skeleton, especially its large and wide head.

       3. The eyes are different in color

       When Russian blue cat was young, its eyes were grayish green. When it grew up, it became emerald green, very crystal clear. However, the eye color of British short blue cat is mainly copper, and there is no jade like crystal clear feeling.

       4. Different personalities

       Although the Russian blue cat usually does not like to call or make noise, it has a strong curiosity about things, likes activities, and is willing to play with people anytime and anywhere. It has high intelligence. And the British short blue cat is a very quiet cat, very docile.

       Source: Baidu Encyclopedia – British short blue cat

       Source: Baidu Encyclopedia – Russian Blue Cat

       1¡¢ The morphological characteristics are different

       1. British short blue cat: the body is very thick, the chest is full and wide, the legs are stout, the length is short to medium, the claws are round, the root of tail is thick, and the tip of tail is blunt. The head is round, the distance between the two ears is wide, the cheek is round, the chin is strong, the ears are of medium size, the big round eyes are wide open, and the nose width is moderate.

       2. Russian Blue Cat: strong bones, simple and gorgeous fur. Short hair, with a velvet like texture and feel, the inner layer of down can resist the cold, gray, blue gray, looks like mink like silver luster.

       2¡¢ Different living habits

       1, British short blue cat: British short hair cat is bold and curious, but it is very gentle, will not lose temper and will not make noise.

       2. Russian Blue Cat: Russian blue cat is quiet, shy, shy and unwilling to go out. The sound is soft and sweet, full of emotion and docile. He trusts the owner very much and likes to please the owner.

       3¡¢ The distribution range is different

       1. British short blue cat: all over the world.

       2. Russian Blue Cat: Russian blue cat is native to the White Sea coast or Scandinavia. Russian port of Arkhangelsk (also known as “Blue Angel” port) in England and Scandinavia, Russian blue cat has the reputation of “nobility of short hair species” and “winter essence”.

       Source: Baidu Encyclopedia – British short haired cat

       Source: Baidu Encyclopedia – Russian Blue Cat

       First of all, the origin is different. The British short blue cat is native to the United Kingdom, while the Russian blue cat is native to Russia. Then, the appearance is different. The British short blue cat has a round head, big and powerful limbs and a strong body, while the Russian blue cat has a sharp head, slim body and long legs. Secondly, different personalities, British short blue cats are more sticky and like to be with their owners, while Russian blue cats are cold.

       Oh, Hello, I’m laughing. When I see the first picture of Russian Blue Cat and then look at the first picture of English short, I’ll take a look at it. How many buns are there in that steamed bun face!!! How full is the meat pit inside!!! Laugh to death The contrast is too strong!!! That’s Russian blue cat after inflation!!!!!

       The Russian Blue Cat protrudes forward seriously above the mouth. You can see that British Short’s face is flat, while Russian’s face is protruding forward, and there is no thick parotid hair on both sides of his cheek

       Completely two varieties

       Yingduan is a strong man with short and thick limbs. The adult male cat has big gills

       Russian Blue is slender and has a triangular face. The figure below shows Russian blue

       There is no final conclusion on the price. The price of a cat is determined by its appearance. No breed is higher than any other

       The difference between English short and Chartres is relatively small, in contrast, the difference between Russian Blue is very obvious. Cat breeds are mainly identified by facial skeleton and hair color. The three kinds of fur colors are blue short hair, so no matter the fur color.

       If you only like the blue appearance of the cat, then adopting a blue domestic cat will be a very good choice. Adoption instead of purchasing is a proposal worth considering from all aspects.

       If you like these three kinds of cats, there are many mature and well-developed regular English short cat houses in China. As far as I know, there are no regular breeders in Chartres. As for Russian blue, there are a few Russian Blue breeding houses in China, which have not formed a certain scale.

       As for the price, the price of breed cat is determined by the product. The price of pet grade is generally above 5000, and that of competition grade is over 8000. There will be breeding cats with excellent appearance, and the price will exceed 2W. It is enough for ordinary families to buy pets and choose pet grade.

       Rose Blue Cat is slender, with large, erect, pointed ears and small, round feet that walk as if on tiptoes. The body is covered with short silver blue glossy fur, with a slender body and light gait, showing the noble demeanor of a school of cats.

       Blue cat’s fur is a rare gray blue, shining in the sun with the same silver gray luster as mink. Love to be alone, if the owner is too friendly or full of protective desire to it, it will cause pressure and be alienated by it. Therefore, the blue cat is very cold and is known as the real cat aristocrat.

       Russian blue cat is a naturally occurring cat species, originated from the Russian port of Arkhangelsk (also known as “Blue Angel” port), so the fur color of Russian blue cat is also known as “angel blue”. There is evidence that this kind of cat does originate from Russia, because the same kind of cat has been found in the cold zone of Russia. Therefore, Russian blue cats are also known as “the nobility of short hair species” and “winter elves”

       It is said that there is a beautiful and evil witch living in seclusion in taigarin, Siberia, Russia. Anyone who sees her true face will be turned into an animal.

       But in the end, she was punished. In a contest with a smart hunter, she turned herself into a blue cat by careless magic. At the end of the 19th century, the youngest princess of Russia’s last dynasty received a mysterious birthday gift – Russian Blue Cat, whose silver sign on its neck said “to save you”. Soon after the October Revolution broke out, the Tsar’s family was executed in secret. Only the youngest princess disappeared mysteriously with her blue cat in that disaster.

       The Russian blue cat came out of Russia in the 19th century. It is said that in 1860’s, Russian blue cat was brought to England and Northern Europe by sailors from the akangel islands. In 1875, it was registered as akangel for the first time in the Crystal Palace of England. It was not until 1912 that the Russian blue cat was given a formal grade distinction when compared with other breeds, such as the British blue cat, the French sartrow cat and the Thai krat cat.

       Russian blue cat had three different names: achaenge blue cat and Maltese cat. It was not until the 1940s that the current name was given.

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