Sanhuamaotong human nature – is sanhuamao easy to keep

       Granny was one of the three people who went to claim the cat before, because the cat entrusted by her granddaughter could not be found. Later Conan reasoned that her cat was in the closet or in the corner of the house.

       Later, the detective team met the cat of the grandmother and her granddaughter, indicating that the cat had been found in his home, so congratulations~

       PS: granny’s cat is female, and coffee shop cat is male.

       It should be better to raise it, as long as you put your heart into it. All things as long as the heart to do certain, will also be rewarded. Therefore, you should be patient and raise children like you can. Yes, you have to pay. The cat’s character is very docile, should be easy to raise. They’re really good. It’s also easy to get along with people.

       1¡¢ It is relatively simple to start with a three flower cat, and it is relatively simple to start with a country cat. You can even start a three flower cat with different costs.

       Wang’s gaze!

       2¡¢ Sanhua cats have a good temper. They are basically female cats, and the probability of male cats is small. Compared with male cats, female cats are generally more gentle. My family raised a three flowers and an orange cat, relatively speaking, three flowers really good temper can not.

       3¡¢ Sanhua cat is brave and adaptable. Compared with orange cat, my family’s Sanhua has a higher acceptance ability when facing strangers. I have also asked some friends who have raised Sanhua, and the feedback is basically similar!

       4¡¢ Sanhua is more understanding. Compared with my family, the orange cat can’t wet the bed. When she gets up in the morning and makes a lot of noise, Sanhua really has too much worry. She can’t wet the bed. When she wakes up in the morning, she lies on the chair or at the end of the bed and looks at me quietly, which will not disturb my sleep. Don’t understand me too well.

       Netizens asked: regardless of the extreme gene mutation, why the cat with three colors must be female? @Oooooo: it’s related to the chromosomes inherited by coat color. To put it simply, the genes that determine coat color only exist on the X chromosome. An X chromosome can carry only one color information. Y chromosome has no effect on coat color. Y chromosome only exists in male, that is XX combination, the sex is female, XY combination is male. If you get x from your mother, if you get x from your father, it’s a female cat (XX), which can carry one or two colors of information; if you get Y chromosome from your father, it’s a male cat (XY), which can only carry one color information. Therefore, if you see a cat with two colors of black and yellow, it must be a female cat, plus white (white is not a kind of fur color, cat’s fur appears white, just because its own color is not revealed for some reason), it is a three color cat. Although there are few male sanhuamao cats in the world, they are definitely not without one. Cats will pass on their own physical and personality characteristics to their children, and Sanhua cat is more special. It can’t inherit the characteristics of Sanhua and male at the same time. The three flower male cat’s birth rate is only 0.1%, but these male cats in the tricolor coat have little ability to breed the next generation.

       The habit of Sanhua cat is the same as that of common cat

       The natural habits of cats

       (1) Like to eat meat, good at night activities, cats belong to carnivorous animals, dogs are very big, claws are also very sharp, good at catching small animals, cats in the wild can also catch frogs, also often eat food cooked food. The cat’s eyes can see things in the dark. Hearing is also very smart. In daily life, we can use our hearing to detect the movement around us and find out where the mice are. When the cat catches mice, concentrate and stand by. To a certain extent, the kittens in the family also keep the habit of ambush in the daytime and emerge at night.

       (2) Like to clean and sanitary, cats often choose dark and secluded places and places with dirt and ashes for urination and defecation. It is a natural habit for cats to lie down on the soil with their front feet immediately after defecation and bury their urine and feces well. Family cat in a corner of the room, placed sand, sawdust, box as a bedpan, the cat will use it. Cats often use their tongues to comb their fur, face and ears. Sometimes when mud is stuck on their feet, they bite off the mud with their mouths until they are cleaned up. It often uses teeth to search fleas hidden in its hair, and big cats often lick fur and bite lice for kittens.

       (3) Like to play with people, cats are naturally active and curious. Sometimes they can stay there and look at their owners with their eyes fixed. They can make many interesting actions under the guidance of their owners. Kittens also like to play with their owners, coquettish, or hug legs, or lick hands. Kittens sometimes come to enjoy themselves, can play anything, a small paper ball, a small bottle, a small blue, it is interested in. It’s a pleasure to rock and jump up and down. When it has the ability to catch rats, it appears very serious. For example, after catching a mouse, it does not eat it immediately. It only eats the mouse after playing with the dead mouse with its mouth and claws.

       (4) Like bright and dry places, cats like to climb and jump very much. The balance function of various organs in its body is better than that of other animals. When falling from a high place, it can adjust the imbalance of the body, make it quickly restore balance, fall from a high place after safe. During the day, kittens like to be in bright, dry and warm places. I also like to climb high and look far away, but some precious cats are weaker.

       (5) Cat’s other habits, although the cat long a thick hair, but afraid of the cold. In winter, I always like to sleep by the heater, by the stove, or on the cotton mat, especially the old cat. The cat is also afraid of water. It is not allowed to have any water on its body. If you scratch its chin, it will immediately comply.

       The living habits of cats

       1. Sleepiness

       Cats sleep half of the day. Cats spend 14-15 hours in their sleep. Some cats sleep more than 20 hours. Therefore, cats are called “lazy cats”. However, if you carefully observe the sleeping appearance of the cat, you will find that as long as there is a sound, the cat’s ears will move, and if someone approaches, it will jump up. Originally, the cat is a hunting animal, in order to be able to keenly feel all the outside world, it does not sleep very dead.

       Cats who live with people sleep more dead. Cats who live with people generally sleep more at night than during the day. This can prove that cats adapt to the law of human life and rely on people. And even some cats will openly open their stomach to sleep, gently kick it, it still sleep, really lost the face of the hunting animals, happy smile generous.

       2. Self willed

       Cats never think that they are the servants of their owners. Some people think that compared with dogs, cats seem to be a little wayward. I will ask for them. Most people who have this idea don’t understand the habits of cats. Originally, cats like to act alone. Unlike dogs, cats follow the orders of their owners and act collectively. Therefore, it does not regard the master as a monarch, and obeys orders. Sometimes it doesn’t hear what you call it. Cats and their owners are not master-slave relationship. It is better to regard them as equal friends. It is this relationship that makes it unique.

       It looks “cool”, but actually loves to be coquettish. On the other hand, cats regard their owners as their parents and like children. When they feel lonely, they will climb up their owners’ knees or jump to the open newspapers and sit there, showing their charming attitude. A lot of people can’t take it.

       3. Love to be clean

       Often clean their hair kittens, in many cases, love to lick the body, self-cleaning. After meals, it will wipe its beard with its front paws, lick it with its tongue after urination, and lick its hair with its tongue after being held. This is the kitten in the removal of body odor and dirt. There are many rough protuberances on the cat’s tongue, which is the most suitable tool to remove stolen goods.

       In order to relax, they also lick the body, but if you observe the kitten carefully, you will find that the kitten will lick the body when it is OK. That is to say, kittens like to lick the body, licking the body is doing relaxation exercise. Kittens often go to sleep after a thorough lick. It should be noted that the kitten feels nervous and will lick the body vigorously when it is stressed. If the cat licks too hard, it will lose its hair and become bald. At this time, we should pay attention to see if the kitten’s life has any difficulties.

       4. Reaction and balance are second to none

       On the high wall, graceful walk, light jump, see the cat walk on the high wall as if nothing happened, light jump, can not help but be satisfied with its sense of balance. This is mainly due to the cat’s withdrawal rate response nerve and sense of balance. It only needs to slightly change the position and height of its tail to achieve body balance, and then use the strong muscles and strong joints of its hind feet to jump quickly. Even if it falls in the air, it can change its body posture in the air and land lightly and accurately.

       Good at climbing trees, not good at falling, although the cat motor nerve developed, good at climbing, but not good at falling from the apex. It can go up and down, and it often climbs back in fear and shivers down. If the distance to the ground is short, it jumps down. If it is too high, it will shake, just like the so-called acrophobia.

       5. Cats are hunters

       Full stretch, a pair of authentic hunting posture, even if the belly full cat in the sight of moving mice, cicadas, locusts will not be able to suppress the impulse to attack. And not only can be caught, for the dying insects, it also uses the technique of “playing hard to get”. The cat’s hunting posture is generally crawling forward to the prey, suddenly jumping up, clawing, biting with sharp teeth. Especially if the cat’s mother is good at catching, the “son inherits the mother’s business” tendency is stronger, but even if the offspring of “famous catch” leave their parents immediately after birth, they will still know nothing about hunting.

       It is often difficult for a cat to accept its prey calmly when it is presented respectfully to its owner. Female cats, in particular, tend to be more aggressive and can be tolerated. When the cat is elated and triumphant with its prey in its mouth, the owner can accept it calmly and then dispose of it quietly and quickly when the cat is out of sight.

       A cat’s beard is a ruler

       A cat’s beard can be seen clearly. The two sides of the cat’s mouth, eyes, cheek, chin and other four grow a beard. The root of the beard is covered with nerves, and slight movements can be detected. It is said that you can feel it by brushing 2 mg of things, and even know the airflow and wind direction. It’s rare to hear that a cat will bump into something or miss it when looking around. It’s all due to the cat’s beard, which is an excellent ruler.

       If you use a pen to trace the four beards, a circle larger than the face will appear. According to this circle of beard, the cat can judge whether it can pass through the narrow place. Therefore, if the cat’s beard is cut in half, it is absolutely impossible. The cat will become sluggish and lifeless.

       7. The cat communicates with its owner by calling

       The cat’s “aim, aim” call has various intonations and tones, which can accurately express feelings. If a cat stares at its owner’s face and shouts loudly, it is hungry; if it makes a long voice like a coquettish one, it is dissatisfied; when the requirements are met, the call of aiming becomes smaller.

       When communicating with cats, the sound of cats can not only convey information, but also express feelings. Therefore, the owners can read and communicate with cats through observation and judgment. There are many kinds of cats, some have poor mouths, some love silence, can not be generalized, if you want to get along with it for a long time, you can read every word of it.

       8. Cats express language with their bodies

       Rubbing a person with his body is an expression of intimacy. The so-called “cat’s body language” means that a cat expresses his feelings and desires with his ears, tail, fur, mouth and body. If the cat is tired of people’s feet, side, with the head rub you, it is the expression of intimacy. If a cat rubs a smell from its mouth on you, it means that it wants to take you as its own. If a cat’s throat grunts, it shows that it is in a good mood, and if a cat, like a duck hatching eggs, bends its front feet inward, it means that it is at ease and dependent.

       When attacking, use the “cool” position. Have you ever got up in the morning and pressed your nose with the cat? This is the cat saying “hello” and “good morning” to say hello to you. On the contrary, when the cat is angry and aggressive, its ears are bent back, its hair is upright, its body is low and its tail is upright. If you understand this body language, you will communicate with the lovely cat better

       1. Sleepiness

       About the sleeping state, cats spend 14-15 hours in their sleep in a day, and some cats sleep more than 20 hours, so cats are called “lazy cats”. However, to carefully observe the way cats sleep, it will be found that as long as there is a noise, the cat’s ears will move. If someone approaches, the cat will wake up. Originally, a cat is a hunting animal. In order to be sensitive to the outside world, it does not sleep very dead, so it should not be called “lazy”, because the cat only has 4-5 hours of real sleep, most of the time should be regarded as “false sleep” or called closed eyes. But since childhood and humans have been used to cats sleep more dead, sleep longer.

       2. Self willed

       The cat appears to be a little wayward and goes its own way. Originally, cats like to act alone. Unlike dogs, cats follow the orders of their owners and act collectively. Therefore, it does not regard the master as a monarch, and obeys orders. Sometimes it doesn’t hear what you call it. Cats and their owners are not master-slave relationship. It would be better to regard them as equal friends. It is this relationship that makes it unique. On the other hand, cats regard their owners as their parents. They like to be coquettish like children. When they feel lonely, they will climb on their owners’ knees, or jump to the open newspapers and sit there, showing their delicacy.

       3. Cleanliness

       Cats often clean their hair. Kittens in many cases, love to lick the body, self-cleaning. After dinner, the cat will wipe its beard with its front paws and lick its fur with its tongue after being held. It’s a cat’s pet, getting rid of its own odor to avoid predators. There are many rough little protuberances on the cat’s tongue, which is the most suitable tool to remove dirt.

       After the owner caresses the cat, the cat licks the place where it is touched: the cat remembers the smell of human beings, because it is afraid that it will not find its owner when it is separated from the cat. Many people mistakenly think it’s a cat that thinks it’s dirty.

       4. Emotion

       When the cat is happy, its tail will stand up or purr. When a cat is angry, it wags its tail vigorously. If you make it angry, it may pounce on you.

       5. Arrest

       Many people have been complaining that their cats are always scratching and biting people. The scars on their bodies do imply the tears of their owners. But this is not all the cat’s fault, the owner also has a certain responsibility. Cats are not human beings. They are lovely, but they can’t understand human psychology after all, and human beings can’t explore what they are thinking. If we get along with each other for a certain period of time, we can understand each other’s thoughts.

       First of all, the evolution of cats has always been in the direction of super hunters. All the organs on their bodies are designed to catch up with their prey and kill them quickly. Although they have been pets for thousands of years, these structures have not disappeared. For example, the intensity of fighting between cats can’t be applied to humans, so let cats know that they will hurt you.

       Generally, cats will learn skills by chasing each other in the process of growing up. After this stage, they will also understand what strength will not hurt the partners, but this strength is not suitable for human beings. Therefore, in the process of cat growth, when the cat grasps and bites you, you should stop it, such as yelling loudly and slapping the place where it is forced, so as to slowly understand the use What kind of force “attacks” you.

       If you put your hand in the dog’s mouth, the dog will not exert any force. It will always open its mouth or bite gently. A cat can do this. If it pours its paws at you, it will probably close its claws. It just needs training and guidance. After all, cats, as human companions, are much later. Our generation and future generations are striving for the pet of domestic cats.

       Extended data

       The so-called three flower cat is black, red (Orange) and white three colors of the cat, so it is called three. Tricolor refers to the color of the flower, and does not distinguish the species. The vast majority of Sanhua cats are female cats. They are cats with three colors, black, orange and white. Generally speaking, some of the fur of the three spotted cats is orange. Foreigners like to see what we see

       Orange hair is defined as red, so there are red tabby and red Persia

       (Persian). As for the inner color of the hair, it is because she has another spot gene which has a great change in expression. When the expression of this gene is high, it makes the fur white, and when it is low, the original color can be displayed. For cats with only one color gene, if they carry this spot gene, they will have colored and white spotted fur. If it is a female cat with two colors, it will present three flowers.

       Color genesis

       But why must Sanxuan be a female cat? Because the genes that control tricolor are associated with genes that control gender, we call them sex linked genes, so San * * must be a female cat. Is there a tricolor male cat? There is nothing unusual in the world. In the case of genetic abnormalities, male cats may still appear tricolor, but most of them have reproductive problems.

       In lactation, female XX has one pair of chromosomes, that is, any gene, one more than male. In order to maintain the normal expression level, one of these genes is turned off during development, that is to say, each individual cell expresses only one gene on two X chromosomes randomly. That is to say, female somatic cells may express genes randomly from their father or mother’s X chromosome. The female hawksbill cat has two genes on the X chromosome with different colors, which randomly express one or another in her hair, and the expression level may be different, so it shows the tortoiseshell fur.

       Reference: Baidu Encyclopedia – Cat

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