Short price of jianyinying

       Silver laminate is a kind of cat color. It is a popular breed. Its fur color and appearance are very cute. The common breeds include British short hair cat, Scotch fold ear cat, exotic short hair cat and so on. How much is the silver laminate cat? How to choose quasi silver stratified purebred cats?

       How much is a silver laminate cat

       How to choose quasi silver stratified purebred cats

       First of all, we must know that silver is the degenerative color of tiger spot.

       Tips for cat selection

       Silver layer is a sharp color, first look at the face version to see the structure, sweet and clean good. The whiter the front, the more up to the standard. The back is pointed, silver gray, uniform, no stripes, leopard dots. And the silver coat color will be black or white with the increase of the season. The hair is well distributed. It’s easy to be fooled just by the color of the coat.

       Misunderstandings about silver gradients

       1. Is silver gradients whiter, better? The answer is No. as we have said before, it is true that the white ones will be welcomed. However, in the process of competition, the light color of hair tip is not dominant. Compared with the light color, most of them are easy to ignore the bone factor with the improvement of hair color in the breeding process. That is to say, although a large part of them are very white, they ignore bone mass because of the pursuit of white fur color. A good British short haired cat has to take into account many factors, such as bones, such as face version, such as sweetness, such as structure and so on.

       Then some people will ask, is the darker the coat, the better? A: not really. The essence of gradients is to pursue uniform hair tip color, and the back is uniform silver gray, not mottled.

       What is the silver gradients after all? In fact, many people ignore the essence. Why do you like white? In fact, what you like is clean. But a standard silver gradients have uniform hair tip color and white chest, which is dirty resistant and clean. Why many dark gradients don’t look beautiful, in fact, the root is not how deep the hair tip color is, but you will find that many children with unclear lineage will have uneven hair color, especially in the front, which will make the silver itself not bright enough. This is one of the reasons why many cats don’t have deep but dirty back hair: local color patches appear on the front chest. And white face, back hair is even but not shallow baby also does not show dirty is also this reason.

       2. Isn’t the gradients better than the tail rings? In all competitions and referees, no one said that there was no tail ring. It was just a simple hype. With the tail ring and raccoon tail, it could be beautiful.

       3. How much does an adult grad weigh? Many people will mention the gradual weight will feel surprised, why many babies look not thin but very light? The weight span of gradients is very large compared with that of blue. In fact, there are all kinds of weights from 4, 5 jin to 14 and 5 jin, especially for the male. The weight of boys varies greatly. Some adults have 7 Jin and some can reach 14 or 5 jin.

       4. So how much weight is normal? Silver gradients have different skeletal differences, such as European blood and Chinese blood, so don’t worry too much about weight. It’s not that the small ones can’t keep up with the nutrition. That is not, light, small baby will not have a round body or round face? No, small baby can have a sweet round face.

       How many layers of British short silver

       How many layers of British short silver

       If you just want a cat that looks like an inch

       If you are sure you want pure British short silver gradients, and you like those with good appearance and blood lineage, the price of these British short silver gradients is certainly much higher than that of ordinary British short silver gradients.

       Of course, the prices are set by people, and the specific prices will fluctuate.

       British short silver laminate is actually a pet cat breed bred by British short haired cat and jinjila cat. Because this cat retains the typical characteristics of British short cat and has the color of jinjila cat’s hair, it is also known as British short silver laminate cat.

       The British short silver gradients, like the British kittens, belong to the standard baozi face cats. Moreover, the male short silver gradients can also have gills, but the female cats do not. The British short silver laminate cat has strong limbs, strong adaptability to the environment and friendly personality. It can be said that the British short silver laminate cat has no disadvantages except that it is a little more expensive and easy to stain its hair.

       The above is the “British short silver gradually layer how many a British short silver gradually layer price” the entire content, hoped can help everybody!