Siam rabbit childhood color – help identify my little Siam what color

       What you’re talking about,

       Siam rabbit (female) and dodge dwarf rabbit (male),

       ***The baby rabbit,

       What kind of coat color characteristics will appear?

       This should not be said well,

       Like the male, like the female, or neither,

       Or some places like that and so on,

       It’s possible,

       It’s impossible to have a high probability.

       The ideal shoulder height is about 24-26 inches for males and 22-24 inches for females.

       German shepherd dog’s body length is slightly larger than its height, and the ideal ratio is 10 / 8.5. The body length is measured from the sternum to the end of the pelvis and the ischial protuberance. The ideal length of the body is not provided by the length of the back alone, but the overall length (symmetrical proportion, in harmony with the height). From the side, the composition of the body length includes the length of the forebody, the length of the horse shoulder, and the length of the hind body.

       Muppets have longer and denser hair than Siam. Muppets are twice as big as Siamese cats. Siamese cats belong to medium and small size cats, while puppets belong to medium and large size cats. The amount of fur of puppet cat also increased dramatically… The hair of the tail can be as thick as the head or even thicker.

       Then there are colors, though they are all big black faces digging coal. But it is still clear that the key color puppet cat is much lighter. In fact, Siamese cats are light brown when they are one month old, while puppets will continue to have white hair. It’s deeper when you’re an adult

       The angle of your picture is not very good. I can’t see the back clearly. You haven’t said clearly about your age and gender, long hair and short hair. But I feel like a puppet. But if the puppets in China are bought in regular cat houses, they will be equipped with blood certificate. Don’t you? If not, don’t worry about whether it’s a puppet, because it’s impossible to prove this lineage. No one knows whether it’s a pure blood cat, puppet or Siam. Theoretically speaking, it’s all legal proof. If there’s a book, it won’t be a big problem

       Besides, this little thing looks very cute. Take good care of it