Siamese cat and puppet – puppet or Siam

       Those who have really raised Siam know that Siam has rich feelings and strong jealousy, but it is not absolute. Puppets can get along well with other cats. Siam is a little bit irritable. They will puff each other a few days after they get home, That is to protect the territory and other behaviors, and also fight. But when fighting, it’s ok if you don’t cry while fighting. When you fight, you have to separate. When you are young, you can take it home together. The main thing is that both of them are male. When they grow up, they will fight fiercely when they are in estrus, and then they may be sterilized. They are all big kittens with farts. It’s no problem to take them home

       String is not worth money, and the appearance is far less than purebred cats, some even weak and sickly. Purebred Muppet cats have several kinds of fur colors. You can go and find out which kind of cloth puppet may be the key color, but it is pure breed, not blindly string out. Siam in China is a kind of disqualification which is not recognized by all the major associations. Only modern Siam is recognized. If you really like puppets or Siam, it is recommended to buy them in regular cat houses.

       From your picture, this is the key color puppet cat.

       Puppet cat, also known as “Braddock”, is a hybrid pet cat.

       It is one of the largest and heaviest cats in existence.

       The head is wedge-shaped, the eyes are big and round, the coat is thick, the limbs are long and fleshy, the tail is long, the body is soft, and the coat color is mainly color, glove color or two colors.