Siamese cat hit the consequences

       1. Siamese cats are very sensitive to cold, so their nests must be located in warm places. Finally, they can get direct sunlight during the day and can’t get cold wind at night. The cat Prince is very picky about his cat’s nest, so the settings in the cat’s nest must be comfortable enough, otherwise the cat may not want to sleep.

       Siamese cats are very clever and can learn things quickly. Siamese cats, for example, are willing to learn somersault skills.

       3. Because Siamese cats have very beautiful fur, they also love to be beautiful. We should be very careful when we take care of Siamese cats’ fur. To catch fleas for Siamese cats often, and to bathe cats at intervals, these are daily necessities. The most important thing is to comb their hair every day, so that they can feel refreshed.

       4. Siamese cats like to make eye contact with their owners, so when they express their love, they can touch and look at them with affection. Siamese cats will understand. Moreover, Siamese cats like to be held and stroked by their owners, so owners can often hold Siamese cats to increase their feelings.

       5. Siamese cats love to fight, so they should be quarantined when they enter the house; if there are new pets coming home, they should also be quarantined, because it is often the aggressive Siamese that stirs up trouble.

       6. The clingy Siamese cat is very jealous. Once it is jealous, and with its naturally hoarse voice, it becomes very angry. So it’s better not to keep other pets at home. If there are pets, you should keep a bowl of water level, or slightly more pain for Siamese cats.

       7. Siamese cats are unpredictable, sensitive and emotional, so their owners must always accompany them and never ignore them. Otherwise, they will be depressed, which is probably the prince’s disease.

       8. The voice of Siamese cat is very hoarse. The owner should not be surprised by the characteristic of Siamese cat. Owners or children often make fun of the sounds made by cats. In fact, Siamese cats know it. After a long time, Siamese cats may not want to make a sound to you.

       9. Because Siamese cats are very popular, cat dealers often use inferior Siamese cats as superior ones, so we should be very careful when purchasing. Don’t have Siamese cats with dark spots on their fur, sunken eyes, squint eyes, and twisted tails.

       10. The estrus of Siamese cats is earlier than other cats, but sexual maturity is later than other cats. Therefore, the owner should pay attention not to find a mate for Siamese cats as soon as they are in estrus. In fact, this is not good for Siamese cats.

       Siamese Cat 5 months of total biting remember not to fight, because he revenge you more hit him, his revenge psychology is very heavy, bite more painful hit it will let him have fear of you, dare not close to you again!!! I wish she was growing up. If he bit, he would yell loudly. Or use a child’s water gun (not too much pressure) to work

       Those who have really raised Siam know that Siam has rich feelings and strong jealousy, but it is not absolute. Puppets can get along well with other cats. Siam is a little bit irritable. They will puff each other a few days after they get home, That is to protect the territory and other behaviors, and also fight. But when fighting, it’s ok if you don’t cry while fighting. When you fight, you have to separate. When you are young, you can take it home together. The main thing is that both of them are male. When they grow up, they will fight fiercely when they are in estrus, and then they may be sterilized. They are all big kittens with farts. It’s no problem to take them home

       More and more Siamese families, clingy, lively, like a dog’s character, so that more and more people like them. But it is also because of the “clingy”, “lively” and “like a dog” personality, so many shovel excrement are not willing to raise this product. Siamese cat has many advantages, but because of these shortcomings, many people can not accept it!

       It is said that Siamese cats are very sticky. Where you go, he will follow you. No, he will regard you as the only “little sun” of his meow life, and it can only be his “little sun”. They are easy to be jealous. If you are a multi cat family, it is not recommended that you keep them! If your first cat is Siam, two children and three children will be easier to be bullied. If you really want to have more cats, it’s better to give a little preference to Siamese cats, because they are really jealous!

       Lively, enthusiastic and energetic, what can you associate with these words? These words for the owner of Siamese cat, is equivalent to the cat running around the house day and night, and the things in the house will be broken by the cat from time to time. Siamese cats, as the “second ha” cats, are not in vain. You like that Siamese cats can walk like dogs. Why can’t you accept Siamese cats tearing up their homes like dogs? There seems to be a point.

       It’s famous for its heavy body odor. Cats love to be clean. There’s very little hard smell on the body, only the smell of clean fur. Some excrement removal officers worry that cats have stress reaction, and may not take a bath once a year, but cats will not smell because of their strong self-cleaning ability. However, Siamese cats are an exception in terms of hygiene. Compared with other cats, Siamese cats may have heavier body odor. Raising Siamese cats, or the owners need to pay special attention to their health problems.

       A lot of excrement shoveling officers who choose to keep cats are only keeping cats quiet. However, not all cats are quiet. Siamese cats are an exception. Siamese cats are famous for their loud voice, which is loud and loud, not only loud, but also blazing. Care should be taken to keep pets. Every cat has its advantages and disadvantages. As for whether you can get along well with the cat, it depends on whether you can accept its disadvantages and see its advantages more. I’d like to give you a moo da.

       Sterilization has nothing to do with variety. The risk of sterilizing male cats is much less than that of female cats.

       As long as you take good care of it, you won’t.

       2. It feels good to the cat. Don’t take this as unscientific. It was caused by its owner or other factors. Generally speaking, a cat’s character will be better after sterilization.

       Some male compatriots think that sterilization is harmful to cats, which is a very unscientific idea. After sterilization, the cat’s risk of urinary disease will be greatly reduced, will not cry, and will not run away. After sterilization, as long as you take good care of the cat, the absolute advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.

       4 cats were fasted 24 hours before sterilization and water tight for 12 hours.

       Looking for a good hospital. There is no more formal hospital, if you have the ability to go to the hospital in the big city. The operating table must be clean. Supplementary: the sterilization of cats is generally no more than 200. Due to great differences in regions, it is only for reference. Last time I saw a male cat sterilized 600. I’m really blind. Be careful of being trapped.

       In order to prevent the cat from licking the wound, it is recommended to buy the Elizabeth circle of appropriate specifications (available in pet hospital / pet store)

       When sterilizing, the doctor should be told to drop eye drops for cats. The eye drops are usually prepared. It is better not to use human eye drops (different ingredients). Because the cat can’t blink after anesthesia, if it doesn’t drip, beautiful eyes may sag and seriously damage vision. Every ten minutes or so

       After sterilization, check whether the cut is two complete pills. Which doctor hand a draw cut half can cause inflammation..

       After sterilization, you can choose to wake up naturally or take wake-up drugs. There are not many accidents in these two methods. It’s about an hour to wake up naturally. If the time is long, be sure to use wake-up medicine.

       Generally speaking, when a cat wakes up, it will have enuresis. Wipe it off quickly with paper. After all, it stinks. Don’t leave a memorial for the hospital Five or six times after that, there could be a bad smell

       Take a warm, flat box and put it in.

       The cat may try to move just after it regains consciousness. You must accompany it. Some cats are indifferent to their owners before sterilization, but they become very sticky to their owners after sterilization. Here you can choose to feed what it likes to eat, one is to encourage, the other is to replenish physical strength.

       The cat may jump up and down after a complete recovery. Be careful not to crack the wound.

       That’s the main part of cat sterilization.


       It’s better to sterilize two cats. It’s for the cat’s good.

       It is said that Siam has a bad temper and can’t tolerate another pet… ¡û goods not studied in Siam

       1. It will get fat. After sterilization, you just need to control the diet and then give him more calcium. It is better for the market to take him in the sun to bask in the sun, so that the cat’s body will not be fat, but will become more and more healthy.

       2. A cat’s childhood is 1-2 months. It is very lively at that time, and it is lively in 3-4 months. When it reaches 8-9 months, it doesn’t care much about people. It’s normal that our cat has not been sterilized. It’s just like that when it’s bored, it will rub you and ask you to scratch his belly. Therefore, you must care about him to feel it To be loved by you.

       3. Sterilized cats will not be in estrus or the like in the future. The impact of sterilization on cats is not great, and they will not grow old in advance. Generally speaking, sterilization is good for them. After sterilization, cats will become very docile~

       4. After sterilization, you will be asked to take a circle to prevent him from licking his wounds. He must be given more nutrition in those days ~ the sterilization of male cats is relatively simple, and the safety is higher than that of female cats, so you can rest assured.

       1^_ ^Control diet, appropriate calcium. After sterilization, the amount of exercise is reduced, and the change of hormone will make you fat. Need to increase the amount of exercise and diet control, the way you choose.

       2¡£ Some of the coldness after sterilization is caused by hormones and some are caused by cats. Generally, the character of cats after sterilization will be better

       3¡£ There are no reports on aging. The total estrus is not good

       4¡£ It’s best to sterilize both.

       5¡£ Note: you can check which hospital is more reliable first, and then remember to disinfect your home. Male feline sterilization is relatively simple and safe

       As long as the cat is sterilized, it will get fat

       2. It depends on the cat’s character. If you like playing, it will stick to people. Sterilization will not change a cat’s character too much. At most, it will not be a female cat

       I consulted the veterinarian and he said that there was no other food except eating more and getting fatter.

       If you pay attention to it, you should make a proper supplement. If the cat is in many places, the relationship will be better. Siam in our family hates other cats. It’s best not to let them meet for a while after sterilization…

       It should be a small wound, right? If it is not excessive beating and scolding.

       Then quickly treat the cat wound ah, first cut the hair of the wound, do not let them cover the wound.

       Also use a little iodophor or hydrogen peroxide to clean the cat’s wounds. Then you can spray. Pet. Speed. Close. In the end with gauze and tape bandage fixed, can not let the cat lick.

       It’s better to carry the Elizabethan circle all the time. Give your cat more nutrition.

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