Siamese cat suddenly bloody stool – what reason is Siamese cat suddenly crazy?

       Rabies??? From 2001 to 2005, 330 dogs were examined for rabies virus in Shanghai. 50 dogs were detected for rabies virus. The detection rate of rabies virus was 15.7%. Once a person is bitten and scratched by these healthy dogs, if not carefully, timely and standardized prevention and control, it is very likely to suffer from rabies and die.

       Does the cat have other symptoms such as vomiting, sneezing, runny nose.

       If it’s just diarrhea, it may be that there are parasites in the body, or have gastroenteritis. If the cat has ever repelled insects, if not, pay attention to observe the cat’s stool to see if there are insects, and if some eat baichongqing. If the cat has vomiting in addition to diarrhea, then it is gastroenteritis. You can take gentamicin for 2 days and take a quarter of the amount. Half an hour later, you can eat meow probiotics, which can generally improve the diarrhea problem.

       If the cat has symptoms of sneezing and runny nose, then the cat has a cold. After all, it is autumn and the weather is relatively cold. Recently, I have done a good job of keeping warm for the cat, eating some pet nutrition cream to enhance the resistance of the cat, and then taking amiodamine to treat the cold.

       In addition, if the cat changes food suddenly, the intestines can’t adapt to the new food for a while. This is the cat’s normal stress reaction. You can eat meow to stop diarrhea and diarrhea. The principle of changing food for a cat should be seven days. If the cat is still running thin, it may be that the cat food is not suitable for the cat to eat, so it is suggested to change the food.

       1. There’s something wrong with the drink

       When feeding Siamese cats, pet owners must pay attention not to feed raw and cold food, and some greasy and difficult to digest food. Siamese cat’s intestines and stomach are fragile and sensitive. If they feed these foods, Siamese cats will have diarrhea easily. In addition, it is suggested that pet owners should not give Siamese cats human food, which contains a lot of seasonings Spices and so on. If you eat them, cats are prone to gastrointestinal problems.

       2. Gastrointestinal problems

       Pet owners can feed meow. Think. Benefit. Raw bacteria conditioning and protect the stomach, prevent from suffering from digestive system diseases.

       3. Three months of cat to be deworming, abdominal parasites will also appear diarrhea.

       In addition, we should pay attention to cat plague and send them to the doctor for treatment in time.

       When a cat eats a hard foreign body, it is easy to cut the mouth, stab the intestines and stomach and cause bleeding,

       When the cat excretes blood in the stool.

       This kind of hard objects stabbed gastrointestinal bleeding situation is very dangerous, to timely send the cat to the hospital for treatment.

       Feed the cat some stimulating food or overfeed it,

       It is easy to cause great irritation to the cat’s intestines and stomach, leading to bloody stool.

       For this situation, feed the cat warm water for 8 hours.

       After eating, the cat should be fed light and healthy food

       Gastroenteritis, parasitic diseases, proctitis, colon, cecal neoplasia, cecal entropion, etc,

       Can lead to pet cat bloody stool. It is recommended to take the cat to the hospital for a blood test and chemical test to exclude the cause of the disease.

       Siam (Xi’n) is one of the earliest recognized Oriental short haired cats. The origin of this variety has not been determined yet. It is believed that it is from Southeast Asia. It is said to have originated from a cat raised in a temple in Siam (now Thailand).

       It is called wichien Maat in Thailand, which means “moon diamond”. Since the beginning of the 20th century, Roman cat has become one of the most popular cat breeds in Europe and America.

       If the spirit of eating and drinking is normal, from the aspect of diseases, such as gastroenteritis, parasitic diseases, proctitis, colon, caecum neobiotics, cecal entropion, etc., will lead to bloody cat stool, which must go to the pet hospital

       There may be irritating or hard foods in the diet

       This may be a precursor to some diseases

       But don’t worry too much, this situation may not be too long, so it is not a big problem, but if the bleeding is frequent or other abnormal at the same time, it is necessary to go to the pet hospital

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