Siamese cat with white paws?

       If a parent asks if a Siamese cat has white paws, it should be that the parent is not very clear about the principle of Siamese cat’s fur color. If it is a Siamese cat when it is still young, don’t say it is claw. It is white hair all over the body, and it seems that there is almost no shadow of Siamese cat.

       The darkening and blackening of Siamese cat’s hair is the melanin formed by the transformation of tyrosinase, and tyrosinase is more sensitive to the external temperature. When the temperature is low, tyrosinase can function normally and catalyze tyrosine to produce melanin. Why is Siamese cat white when it is just born? It’s the same principle. Because the newborn cat still maintains the temperature in the womb, the outside temperature has not yet acted on the kitten in the womb. Only after coming out of the mother’s body, in the process of growth, will gradually show the pattern of key color genes.

       If the paws of Siamese cats are still white after adulthood, this situation is related to Siamese cat genes. In kittens or young adult cats, the color contrast between the body color and the key color region begins to change. Simply put, the key color Siamese cat is that the lower the temperature, the darker the fur color, and the higher the temperature, the whiter it will be. For example, it takes a year or two or even a few years for seal and blue to make the color of the body heavy.

       So, that’s why parents find that some Siamese cats turn into big black faces in winter, and their color is so deep that they wonder whether they have changed a cat, ugly and cute. This is also due to the temperature drop caused by the color change, so parents do not have to worry about oh.