Singapore Garfield – how to keep a Singapore cat?

       It is native to Singapore. It was discovered by Americans in 1972 and brought back to the United States for breeding. In 1979, it was recognized and the number gradually increased.

       Singapore cat is the smallest among domestic cats and weighs less than 2kg. The head is round, the nose is short, and the mandible is large. The ear is large and sharp. The eyes are large, tilted, almond shaped, with beautiful eyes on the eyes, and the eyes are light brown, green and yellow. Body well proportioned and strong, slightly arched back, medium long tail. It is tiny and soft as silk. Hair color has light brown, sable color and so on. Gentle and quiet, it is a wonderful companion animal.

       1: There is a relatively large pet spot, such as Bugis junction. There is one opposite chuanyipin hotpot shop.

       2: I went to the large farm. I was at the subway station near the airport. I forgot the specific address. (and there was no bus there. I had to drive or take a taxi. But it was very difficult to get a taxi when I came back.)

       3: There are cats all over the street. Take a kitten home and raise seedlings in a few towns. Ha ha…

       If you want the specific address of the farm, you can contact me on the site, I ask my friend…

       There are cats everywhere in Singapore, and they are not afraid of people. Just take one home and raise it. It doesn’t cost money

       However, it is against the law to keep a cat in the house of the group. If you want to keep a cat, you can only live in a villa or an apartment.

       70% of the people in Singapore live in group houses because they are the cheapest. Private apartments are at least twice as expensive as group houses, and villas are even more expensive. It’s expensive to change houses for cats.

       If you have any questions, please ask

       Singaporean cats were born on the island of Singapore, but like many cat breeds, the last place they breed and become famous is not Singapore.

       Singapore and Singapore cat

       Singapore has no tradition of loving cats, but the origin of Singapore’s name is related to cats. In Malay, Singapore is not only the name of the island of the country, but also the native cats that can be seen everywhere in the capital of Singapore.

       Why is it so small

       Singapore cat is the world’s smallest domestic cat species, some even weigh only about two kilograms. Also known as the cat, sewer cat, because the early cat was not popular in Singapore, often forced to live in sewers, so this name. Because of the bad living environment, it is small. It was only in 1975 that the Singapore cat was brought into the United States. Since then, it has become an important pet cat breed.

       Big eyes are lovely

       Singapore cat has very attractive big eyes. It can be green, yellow and green, apricot shaped and watery. As long as you look at you, you will feel deeply attracted. However, in young Singapore cats, the color of their eyes cannot be fixed. Only when they are fully grown can they fix their eyes to be yellow or green.

       The only recognized coat color

       The fur color of Singapore cats is relatively uniform and distinctive. They have a grayish brown color, which is similar to that of a squirrel, and there are M-shaped markings on the forehead. In some cat associations, such as the CFA, this is the only recognized coat color. The same pattern was found in Abyssinian cats, some rabbits, squirrels and hamsters.

       But with the unique body shape and characteristics of Singapore cat, especially the round big eyes, it is unique again.

       Small and long

       All the heads of Singapore cats are small. They are the smallest cat species in the world. Even adult male cats weigh only about 3kg. However, their mature period is very long, usually 18-24 months to fully mature. Therefore, at present, there are very few cats in Singapore. People do not know about this breed of cats. Even if they see adult Singaporean cats, they are still baby cats.

       Or do travelers appreciate it

       Although Singaporean natives are used to these cats, American tourists began to take an interest in them in 1974. In the following two years, they first introduced this breed of cats to the United States, and obtained three more satisfied offspring of local cats in Singapore. Then they took them to the American cat show in 1976. After a certain response, more Singapore cats were introduced to the United States in 1980.

       TICA and CFA recognized Singapore cats in 1984 and 1988 respectively.

       Don’t think I’m small. I’m hot

       Singapore cats are extroverted. They are very clingy, lively and curious, but they are not destructive cats. They are very smart, know how to communicate with people, to win people’s love for them. Their passionate personality is their most lovely side, and few people can resist the passion of Singapore cats

       Singapore cat

       Like all cats in common, cats are timid, afraid of people, clean and free. Singapore cats are no exception. Singapore cats originated in Singapore. In the early 1970s, they were found to be very small cats. Singapore cats are quiet and loyal to their owners. Curiosity and quick action, often running around lively.

       to permanent teeth

       Kittens will gradually grow milk teeth after birth, and when they are nearly two months old, they will be able to bite dry feed. Therefore, female cats will gradually refuse sucking behavior of kittens because of the growth of kittens’ teeth, which is the so-called weaning. Why refuse? It will hurt! Of course, it will hurt to bite a nipple. But remember that the teeth you see before the age of April are deciduous teeth, which will gradually fall off and be replaced by permanent teeth. In the process of tooth replacement, of course, there will be bleeding. This situation will continue until the age of months, and the gums will also have slight redness and swelling, and even a little anorexia. This is a normal phenomenon.

       Why have we never seen a deciduous tooth fall off? This is because most of them will swallow the lost deciduous teeth into the stomach. Does it matter? It doesn’t matter. If you have any doubts, you’d better ask a veterinarian for a check. Is it possible that the deciduous teeth will not fall out? Of course, it is possible. This will affect the growth and direction of permanent teeth. Therefore, if there are retained deciduous teeth beyond the age of eight, veterinary surgeons must be asked to remove them.

       Hunting behavior

       The cat is a complete carnivore and plays the role of predator in the food chain. Therefore, kittens will start to learn the behavior of supplementary hunting when they are young. This is a kind of nature. The target of training is mother or brother and sister. But after you take them home to raise them, the objects of study and practice are all gone. What should we do? Of course, only humans are left, that is, all the family members. There are often owners who complain that “it has been biting all the time! In fact, this is a learning process of supplementary hunting behavior. It is a normal behavior, but it may cause you trouble. Therefore, we should treat the young cat gently and gently. Do not provoke its nature or play rough games with it, so as to avoid biting addiction.

       If a kitten bites a person, you can gently flick its nose to teach it a lesson, or spray it with a water gun. If it bites a finger, don’t mention it. Put your finger into its mouth to make it feel uncomfortable. It will not dare to bite in the future. However, such training will not work once or twice. It will only deepen the impression if it is intensive for many times.

       Huamao ointment

       We don’t know who invented the term “Huamao ointment”. It’s so creative and misleading. In fact, Huamao ointment is a kind of soft stool agent, defecation agent and constipation treatment agent. It can’t digest the hair at all, because there are rough barbs on the cat’s tongue, which can be used to comb their hair. In the process of licking hair, the hair will be swallowed into the gastrointestinal tract A small amount of hair will not cause any symptoms. If there is hair ball or a large number of hair loss, the amount of hair swallowed into the gastrointestinal tract will be considerable, and may cause the so-called “hairball syndrome”, which is gastrointestinal obstruction, and the symptoms are vomiting and constipation.

       So here comes the question…! Do kittens need to eat hair cream? It’s too late for the kittens to grow fur. What else? Unless there is a serious hair loss skin disease, it is more than six months old to start to give hair cream. Moreover, good daily combing habits can tell you when to start using Huamao cream and when not to give Huamao ointment. It means that when the hair loss is serious, you should take one finger of hair cream every day. For example, if it is common hair loss, you can take it once a week If you have constipation, you must increase the amount to two knuckles and increase it twice a day.


       Most cats have a special hobby for the taste of plastic. Many owners will take plastic bags, bamboo chopsticks bags and plastic ropes to please the cats. This is a very terrible behavior. Once the cat falls in love with this kind of plastic products, it will become more and more appetizing. It may even chew the foam floor skillfully. It is not the thing that is distressed, but the cat may cause it after swallowing Terrible intestinal obstruction, not only difficult to diagnose, surgery and hospitalization costs may cause you a great burden, cats after such tossing, nine lives are not enough, in addition, they will never learn a lesson, will happen again and again, the highest record is four times in two years! That’s terrible enough.

       There are also quite a number of cats who are addicted to fibers, most of which are caused by premature weaning. Therefore, fiber textiles such as sewing thread, wool and sweater should be kept away from the cat as far as possible. The consequence caused by linear foreign bodies is more serious gastrointestinal cutting injury. Don’t be careless!

       Many pet lovers regard their pets as their family members. If their pets have any discomfort, we are the first to get angry. Therefore, maintenance is essential. Please spare your little time every day to care for your pets. In this way, these little pets can accompany you healthily and healthily for a long time.

       Singapore cat, English name Singapore, native to Singapore. Small and delicate, muscular, it belongs to dwarf category in cats. After growing up, the female cat is less than 2kg, and the heaviest male cat is rarely more than 2.5kg. It is the youngest cat species among all the recognized cat breeds. The cat has elegant appearance, big ears and large eye liner. It can impress people deeply.

       Singapore cat is the smallest domestic cat in the world. Some of them even weigh about 2kg. Also known as the cat, sewer cat, because the early cat was not popular in Singapore, often forced to live in sewers, so this name. Because of the bad living environment, it is small. It was only in 1975 that the Singapore cat was brought into the United States. Since then, it has become an important pet cat breed.

       Singapore cat originated in Singapore. In the early 1970s, they were found to be very small cats. In 1975, Tommy returned to the United States with three Singaporean cats and began breeding. In 1981, Hal and Tommy applied to CFA and got the permission of CFA. From then on, Singapore cats began to breed in CFA. Until 1988, Singapore cats were finally recognized and recognized by CFA, and Singapore cats were allowed to participate in the championship.

       Singapore cat is the smallest cat species in the world! Many veterinarians think that Singapore cats are immature kittens when they first meet them. Indeed! Singaporean cats mature about 15 to 24 months, and even at mature age, they don’t grow very large. Adult females weigh only 5 to 6 pounds and adult males only 6 to 8 pounds. Therefore, when there are very few Singaporean cats, it is worth understanding that even if people do not know about this breed of cats, they still think that they are only Singaporean kittens less than eight months old even when they see adult Singaporean cats.

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