Some points for attention in selecting silver laminate British short cat

       The silver layer British short hair cat is a breed of British short hair cat, mixed with jinjila blood, very cute and attractive. And what should we pay attention to when we choose silver gradients? Special breeding grade cats. The small editor of the following little network on the basis of some suggestions from experts on the Internet, to put forward some points for attention.

       1. The back coat color of British short haired cat

       There are four grades from jinjila fur color to smoke color. They are all black hair tips. You can comb the cat’s hair and select some common hairs for observation. If 1 / 8 to 1 / 6 of the hair tip is black, the others are white. It proves that the baby’s fur color is first-class. If it reaches 1 / 2 hair tip black, it is smoke color. Smoke looks dirty and is generally not liked. The blue gene is covered by the silver gene, and the hair tip color is strengthened. All the offspring are smoke color.

       2. The problem of stripes on tiger class or leopard when British kittens were young

       The gradient color is the degeneration of tiger spot color. When the stripes become more and more unclear, and finally completely degenerate and even, it is the silver gradient. Due to the short breeding history of the silver gradually colored British short haired cat, there will be atavism after the baby is born. You can clearly see the leopard spot or standard spot for the baby of just 10 days. Please don’t panic for the new cat fans who join the breeding team. The baby’s genetic memory will tell them how to grow up in the future. As long as the baby you buy has lineage tracking and more than two generations are standard silver gradient British short hair cats, they will generally change their fur color in a few months Completely degenerated to a silver gradient. From the baby two months of degradation can be shown, fast three months can degenerate into a uniform silver gradual color, slow need half a year.

       3. About the lovely little face of the English kitten

       The silver gradient is a British short haired cat of chinchilla ancestry, known for her large, watery eyes. As a result, the common silver tinted British Bobcats have larger eyes than the pure blue ones. As long as it’s not scary to look at, the bigger the eyes, the better the quality.

       Secondly, the ear position should be opened. As long as it is not deformed, the more open the ear position will give the baby more space to grow a super big head in the future. If the ear position is very close, the head shape is basically fixed, the baby will not have a very big head oh. A proper depression of the nose without fracture marks is permissible. But a completely collapsed nose is not as beautiful as a slightly bony nose. The beard pad should be wide and thick. The wide beard pad supports the whole structure of the baby’s chin. Whether the head is round enough, the beard pad plays an important role.

       4. The body shape of the British short haired cat with gradual silver color

       Because of the mixed gene of ginger, the silver color British short hair cat is far less healthy than the pure blue British short hair cat. You know, the ancestor of the blue British Bobcat followed Caesar to fight all over Europe, and ginger has always been a pet of the nobility. The relative weakness of the Constitution and the mixture of ginger bloodlines determine that the silver gradualized British short haired cats are not as big as the blue ones in bone mass, and their muscle layers are not as plump as the blue ones. So when your baby is three months old, you will feel a little thinner. Generally speaking, as long as the skull structure comes out and the chest is thick enough to be basically in line with the feet, then when the baby grows up to 1 year old, the gene of his ancestral blue British Shorthair cat will tell him that he will have a large head and big cheek naturally. So please give the silver color British Bobcat time to grow up. When he was a child, maybe you could hardly see the future of his big breed. Then suddenly, one day, he was sitting there watching you!

       The lake like eyes of the English Bobcat

       CFA allows for a silver gradients. British shorthair cats have blue-green, green and yellow green eyes. Pure yellow is out of line. A lot of cat fans indulge in the clear and well colored eyes. So as a breeding baby, it is necessary to have a beautiful look. But not every outstanding child from childhood is mostly pure blue-green or green, many children are yellow green. Generally speaking, eye color changes can last one or two years. Usually, yellow and green eyes will precipitate into standard green when they are 1 or 2 years old. If the baby’s eyes are yellow when they are three months old, then they will grow up to be yellow eyes. As long as the baby’s other appearance is excellent, as a pet grade baby to accompany you, there is no breeding gap with other eye colors. After all, the pursuit of perfection and excellence is very difficult, very small.