Sterilize the cat – do you want to sterilize the cat

       Sterilizing cats may seem cruel, but it’s actually good for their health. Female cats may also have ovarian cysts, pus and fibroids. Sterilization can reduce the morbidity.

       The female cat will not be in estrus after sterilization, and will not bark all the time, which is more suitable for domestic breeding.

       After the male cat is sterilized, it will not appear some diseases because of the estrus, it can also increase the life span of the cat, and can avoid the situation of urination.

       And there is also aids in the cat world. After sterilization, cats are not easy to be infected with cat AIDS, and there are other sexually transmitted diseases. There are also cats with hidden genetic diseases that are not passed on to the next generation after sterilization.

       In fact, we are now advocating sterilization of cats. Although we feel a little sorry for cats, in the long run, it is still more beneficial for them.

       Male cats are very painful when they are in estrus. Although they feel painful for a while, they will “have no desire or desire” after that. They do not need to endure psychological and physical pain any more. After sterilization, it also avoids the unexpected pregnancy of the female cat. If it is not the noble cat of pure blood, the litter of kittens born is very difficult to be adopted and can not get better care.

       After sterilization, the cat’s body will become better, it will not be easy to get sick, and its temper will become more gentle. In conclusion, it is recommended to sterilize cats.

       Exotic short haired cat

       We have been exploring the question of feline sterilization. The answer is yes. But nowadays, many hospitals do not sterilize cats properly, and there are many misunderstandings. There are three misunderstandings in the process of operation: using wake-up needle, ligation of cats and sterilization of male cats as eunuchs.


       Don’t hit it! The principle of wake-up needle is actually to excite the cat’s nerves under anesthesia. Although it can make some cats out of coma after anesthesia, it is likely to cause increased intracranial pressure and lead to death. The dose of anesthesia should be controlled accurately, so that the cat will wake up naturally.

       2¡¢ Ligation

       Cats can also be ligated, usually for male cats. After ligation, the cat will still be in estrus, and will retain all kinds of behavioral characteristics of estrus (such as going out to find a mate, spending time at home, etc.). Ligation is not recommended for cats living at home. In * *, cats in vagrant state are usually subjected to ligation. The premise is that they are not adopted at home after ligation, but continue to let them roam. The purpose of this is to control the number of stray cats in the local area. This practice is not the same as the native cat’s insistence on giving the cat the best happiness. Moreover, in the domestic social environment, stray animals not only have to face the pressure of the environment, but also come from the majority of people who do not like animals, especially those who dislike them. Therefore, I do not agree to release after sterilization, which is related to our social environment.

       However, although ligation can control the number of stray animals within a certain range, it can not avoid the spread of feline sexuality (an immune system disease of cats, sexual behavior is the main route of transmission) and feline leukemia in the wild. Look at the cat’s secret diary published by international Geographic magazine. I believe there will be a new understanding.

       Generally speaking, the pros and cons of removal and vasectomy are not good. It depends on your expectation of cat life and what you want it to be the best for your life. However, from the perspective of cat health, doctors generally choose direct removal, which can avoid possible health risks.

       3¡¢ Don’t think the sterilization of male cats is the same as eunuchs

       This idea is very dark, and it is the dross of our tradition! Dr. pan, an expert in surgery in Beijing, said: “cat sterilization is not like eunuchs, but is similar to the ligation of men. It has all functions and can have sexual behavior. It’s just that there is no active sexuality and no fertility. “

       We sterilize cats, of course, in order to make them no longer fertile. I’m not in a rut. I went out to make a mess. When I came back, I was upgraded to be a cat mother. We don’t want to have too much burden, raising a cat may be just because of liking, because of loneliness. Absolutely no energy to take care of a litter of kittens.

       In addition to the main purpose, sterilizing cats is good for them. Reduce oestrus, during which the cat is irritable. Once, my neighbor’s cat jumped down from the stairs because of her estrus. I understand it as a jumping off because of her inability to meet her physiological needs.

       The physical diseases of sterilized cats can be reduced appropriately and their life span can be increased. No matter it’s good for people and cats, it’s not inhumane even though it’s dominated by us.

       We sterilize cats, of course, in order to make them no longer fertile. I’m not in a rut. I went out to make a mess. When I came back, I was upgraded to be a cat mother. We don’t want to have too much burden, raising a cat may be just because of liking, because of loneliness. Absolutely no energy to take care of a litter of kittens.

       In addition to the main purpose, sterilizing cats is good for them. Reduce oestrus, during which the cat is irritable. Once, my neighbor’s cat jumped down from the stairs because of her estrus. I understand it as a jumping off because of her inability to meet her physiological needs.

       The physical diseases of sterilized cats can be reduced appropriately and their life span can be increased. No matter who we are, it is good for the cat. Although we are the master, it is not inhumane.

       It won’t be too late. If your cat is three years old, it’s still young. It has no effect on the body. It has obvious influence on the habit and temper. It won’t leave urine in disorder. It will be gentle. Generally, cats use imported anti allergic anesthetics. It won’t be dangerous. Besides, it won’t be very troublesome to sterilize male cats without opening abdominal cavity. It will be fine in a few days


       If a cat has never been vaccinated, one remedy is to vaccinate one week before surgery, and another is to vaccinate the day before surgery. Vaccination a week before surgery is a very safe way to do it, because it takes about a week for the vaccine to be injected into the body to produce enough antibodies, so that it can resist the virus infection caused by the decline of physical fitness after surgery.

       If it’s too late to vaccinate your cat on the day of the operation. If a virus invades the cat after operation, the incubation period of the virus in the body is 7-13 days, and the time for the vaccine to produce enough antibody is about 7 days. Under normal circumstances, the antibody concentration in the body is enough to kill the virus in the incubation period on the sixth day of vaccination, so it is also safe for cats.

       Extended data:

       matters needing attention:

       1. Clean and disinfect the home before the sterilization operation to prevent the wound infection of the cat after the operation; fast food and water 24 hours before the sterilization operation to prevent the vomiting caused by anesthetics and block the trachea and nasal cavity of the cat; trim the nail of the cat two days before the sterilization operation to prevent the cat from resisting scratch.

       2. Cats need to be fasted 24 hours before surgery (at least 12 hours). Because anesthetics can make the cat vomit, if there is food, it is easy to block the trachea and nasal cavity. Do not ban water for too long, it will make the cat indicators abnormal.

       3. Cut the cat’s nails two days before taking the cat for sterilization, in case the cat is scratched due to the cat’s resistance on the operation day.

       4. It is better for the owner to stay with the cat until the anesthetic fails. Many cats will urinate when they are not awake. If they are not found and cleaned in time, it is easy to contaminate the wound

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       Domestic cats can not be vaccinated before sterilization. Neither of my cats has been vaccinated.

       I mean, the vaccine doesn’t have to be given before sterilization. I think it’s better not to make her afraid and uncomfortable before sterilization. It’s the most important to keep healthy and keep a good mental state.

       But you must remember that cat sterilization must wait until the end of her oestrus~

       Make the operation suit in advance, try it out for her, and then go to the operation. Personal advice for you, ha.

       Make preparations before sterilization, so as to save time in a hurry.

       Good luck!

       I’m from Shanghai. We took him to have an operation the day before yesterday. It was heartache and heartache. But two days later, everything basically returned to normal. The collar was still very uncomfortable. I went to a regular pet hospital for surgery. Before the operation, remember to do the homework of foot care on the Internet, which is available on the Internet. Everything is for its good, long pain is better than short pain. The process of female cat is more difficult than that of female cat. If you don’t want to think about it again, but this time is good for recovery. The older you are, the more dangerous it is. Find a family with a more friendly veterinarian. Vaccinate early, can hit a few months ago best! Finally, I wish your cat all the best!

       1. All three female cats in my family have been sterilized. Since it is an operation, it is inevitable to use a knife.

       2. Sterilization is good for cats and cats. It can not only prolong the life span of cats and cats, but also make them more docile. It can also avoid reproductive diseases caused by inability to have sex during estrus.

       3. A cat’s oestrus is not due to contact with other cats, but to hormonal levels in the body. When the hormone reaches a certain level, it will oestrus. During estrus, the cat will be restless, pee everywhere, howl, it will not rest well, you will not get a good rest.

       4. Sterilization operation is not very expensive, generally about 200 yuan.

       5. Although the recovery of female cat is slower than that of male cat, it can recover completely in 2-3 days.

       6. The first cat in my family was raised at home from childhood, thinking it was not necessary to have an injection. As a result, he died of feline plague. This is a tragedy.

       7. The vaccination should be given to cats in triple therapy, which can effectively prevent feline calicivirus, feline panleukopenia (cat plague) and feline viral rhinotracheitis. The price is 60 yuan, but it should be vaccinated once a year.

       8. The operation and preventive needle should be carried out separately, and the interval should be at least half a month. Otherwise, the cat’s resistance will decline and the disease will be caused.

       It’s not very good to do it yourself. It’s troublesome to anesthetize and diminish inflammation. It’s not enough to estimate the cleanliness of the environment. It’s even more difficult for a female cat to have an open stomach. Pet hospitals generally don’t charge for free, because they are afraid that too many people say that their cats are stray cats in order to avoid the operation costs of more than 100 male cats and 300 female cats… But it seems that some pet doctors or hospital related communities will issue free sterilization operation qualification for stray cats. You can search to find out if there is such service near your home to get some free operation tickets for qualified cats… In short, it’s better to go to the hospital and do it yourself. In case of failure, you may die.. I’ll have a shadow myself..

       If you really want to sterilize the cat, it is estimated that it is very difficult, because it involves anesthesia, surgery, suture, wound disinfection and other issues, especially anesthesia, which requires both hardware and software, so it is not easy to prepare.

       It is suggested to put the contraceptives for cats in cat food. It is not expensive, but also practical and convenient ~ ~ you can consider it~

       It’s impossible to sterilize yourself. After all, you don’t have professional knowledge. It’s easy to hurt cats. You don’t want cats to get hurt! Sterilization is cheap! Tens to a hundred! Mother’s is relatively expensive! You can sterilize all the male cats in your community, so that the female cats can’t give birth! This can be solved~

       Many people say it’s cruel to sterilize cats!

       Indoor cats are in estrus all the year round, starting at 4 months of age at the earliest and at 12 months at the latest. Cats’ oestrus is a physiological response caused by hormones in the body after sexual maturity for the purpose of breeding offspring, which is quite different from human sexual behavior. Their reproduction speed will be doubled by geometric speed. This uncontrolled reproduction will make it and human beings’ estrus Its descendants have at least produced no less than 300000 kittens in seven years. How many people can raise such a large number of kittens? Many cats may eventually be abandoned as stray cats for various reasons.

       If the cat is not bred, frequent estrus will make the cat irritable and nervous, resulting in loss of appetite, weight loss, dull hair color and other problems. After a long time, the female cat will induce breast tumor, ovarian cyst, pus, leiomyoma and tumor. Male cats will have tumor, hypertrophy of prostate gland and blockage of secretion due to long-term estrus The urinary system of male cats was blocked.

       Many people may think that the cost of sterilization is too high, but if you look at the above diseases, the medical expenses of any one of them will be more than 800.

       In addition, there is no special contraceptive for cats at present. The hormone components in human contraceptives will greatly interfere with the hormone balance of cats, and regular use will cause great adverse effects, even tumors.

       Cats can be sterilized as early as 6 months, but according to normal physiological laws, about 1 year old after sexual maturity should be the best time for sterilization. Early implementation of sterilization surgery can help cats recover quickly and have a low risk of disease.

       There are many cat friends who may not have time to take care of the cats after the operation. The cat housekeeper in Shenzhen can take care of the cats. The operation of male cats is completed in half an hour. In the later stage, it only needs 3 days of anti-inflammatory treatment and can recover in a week after operation. In addition to anti-inflammatory, it is also necessary to prevent the tongue from licking the wound. At the same time, the activity space should be limited.

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