Sterilizing old cats – how old are male cats

       1. You need to see if it is a free range male cat. Is will walk outside, that does not sterilize, otherwise to the outside may be looked down upon by the same kind..

       At the end of the day, the little guy gets depressed~~

       2. Male cats will urinate when they are in estrus. If you can bear it, you can not be sterilized. Hehe~~

       3. If you need to hold your baby’s little meow as a cat grandfather, the addiction of cat grandmother can not be sterilized~~

       4. You want your baby to be very strong and can not be sterilized

       o(¡É_ ¡É)o…~~

       The above will be sterilized in turn

       I suggest sterilization, for you, for your family and for cats~~

       It is said that sterilized cats will live longer.

       Or if you want to be a grandcat or a grandma

       Let him have a baby, but it’s also a cat girl. Haha

       Sterilization is OK after one birth. But we need information from the expert veterinarian.

       In the first year, let the cat be good for their health. After all, it hasn’t developed well!

       1. If your cat is in estrus and can’t do it,

       You get kidney disease and urinary system disease

       2. If you take it with other cats, the kittens born are not properly taken care of and become abandoned stray cats, which is very sad.

       3. The sterilization of male cats has the advantages of small wound, quick recovery and long life span. It’s good for cats.

       Animals don’t have the ability to support themselves, so as the owners, we should take responsibility. If you can promise to treat the offspring of every cat in your family, you can let them have sex freely. If you can’t, please sterilize them.

       There are many advantages of sterilizing cats, which can prolong their life span. Moreover, adult cats are in estrus all the year round. Not only can they not get pain, but you are also very uncomfortable. Cats are easy to fall off buildings during estrus, and their cry is very sad. There is a cry similar to * *. You can sleep soundly when you hear such a sound when you sleep at night Is that right?

       If you don’t sterilize and groom male cats, they will have enuresis. That is to say, they can’t bear it in your house. It’s not only hard for both of you, but it’s bad for their health if you don’t sterilize. If the female cat’s oestrus can’t be solved for a long time, the cat will have pus, so surgery is still needed.

       You may think, let them have sex, you can take care of their kittens. However, to know that the cat is a total estrus creature, kittens can not always produce ah. From the perspective of human beings, most people have only one child in their life, and that one is about to die. It may take a year or two to recover. People are like this, cats are no exception! If you let the cat mother keep giving birth to children, her body will gradually weaken, and finally the cat mother’s body is over.

       Therefore, sterilization is the best way. If some excrement removal officers can’t bear it, they can let their pets have a litter of kittens, and then sterilization is also possible. In this way, they will not be deprived of their right to be parents, and they will not have to suffer from the pain of estrus in the future.

       Really love them, not only to give them a warm home, but also to let them live a healthy and happy life, right?

       1. The sterilized cats will not be infected with AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases; if there are genetic diseases or genetic defects, there will be no problem of the next generation.

       2. After the female cat is sterilized, the morbidity of ovarian cyst, pyometra, leiomyoma and tumor can be reduced; after sterilization of male cat, the blockage of secretion caused by long-term estrus, hypertrophy of prostate gland and frequent estrus can be avoided, resulting in urinary system occlusion of male cat, and the life span of cat can be increased.

       3. The long-term estrus cat will have abnormal mood, such as calling for spring, irritable temper, loss of appetite, etc. after sterilization, the female cat will stop calling for spring, and the male cat will reduce urination.

       4. Cats can give birth to many fetuses. To control the number of stray cats and reduce the occurrence of tragedies, domestic cats and breed cats should also be sterilized at a certain age.

       In most people’s minds, it’s the cat’s “sterilization operation.” Like human beings, it’s OK to tie up a section of the reproductive system.

       In fact, this is not the case. In female cats, the so-called sterilization operation is to remove the ovaries, which is called ohe surgery; while in male cats, the removal of two pieces is the same as that of eunuchs in ancient times, so it is called castration.

       Local cat note: for cats born after childbirth, or cats with pathological changes due to frequent estrus or with pathological trend (* * pus or * * leiomyoma), removal of * * will also be considered to reduce the health risks of cats.

       1¡¢ To avoid or alleviate the distress caused by estrus

       I think everyone who has ever had a cat has experienced the terrible situation brought about by the cat’s estrus. When the lively and lovely cat at home realizes the coming of spring, suddenly it is no longer the beloved cat you are familiar with. It begins to urinate everywhere, scratch the screen window, screen door or furniture in order to think of a door, cry loudly in the middle of the night, have moody moods and other animals Fight, appetite from good to bad and so on, let you as the host of hell, really angry and worried, plus a heartache.

       Angry is the environment at home by the cat urine feces and cat scratch damage, people are also noisy enough sleep, become a big cat bear; worried that the cat can not resist the temptation of the outside world, at any time may run out, from now on the cat will never see you again; and the heartache is: it is so restless, lonely and miserable, but because of its own can not afford a group of small cats The burden of birth and maintenance has no choice but to let it continue.

       I often hear a lot of people think that it seems cruel to let a cat do this operation. However, many cats are released or transferred to others at will just because their owners are unwilling to help them with the operation and can’t bear the trouble caused by estrus.

       2¡¢ Control the number of stray cats

       Although the problem of stray dogs is more serious on the surface, in fact, more and more stray cats appear in the streets and lanes, and continue to grow.

       So if your cat has the urge to run away at any time or is just wandering outside, you need to consider sterilizing it.

       3¡¢ Avoid disease and obesity

       Reduce or avoid the occurrence of reproductive system diseases, regardless of whether cats have been “*”, when they gradually enter old age, the function of reproductive system will begin to decline or produce lesions.

       Female cats may have gynecological problems such as pus accumulation, tumor, ovarian cyst and tumor, while male cats may have tumor and prostate hypertrophy. Don’t underestimate these problems! Once it happens, if the operation can not be carried out as soon as possible, it may make the cat go through its whole life in pain in a short time. However, as the cat has entered the old age, the function of heart, lung, liver and kidney is not as good as it was when it was young, so the risk of surgical anesthesia is relatively increased.

       In addition, older cats may have some internal problems, such as diabetes, thyroid dysfunction, adrenal dysfunction, etc. The treatment and control of these diseases will be interfered by hormones secreted by ovaries or androgens, which will lead to the instability of the disease and increase the difficulty of treatment and control. In this case, the success of sterilization depends on the willpower of the cat, the superb skill of the doctor and the blessing of God.

       As for the problems that may be caused by sterilization, it is said that they will become fat and their personality will become lazy or their personality will change greatly. However, in all the research reports in this field, they do not think that sterilization will cause these two side effects.

       @Douban netizen: those who don’t understand are the most cruel. My friend’s mother cat is not sterilized. She suddenly fell ill in the past two days, saying it was septicemia. The reason is that she didn’t sterilize the cat. If you infect blood, you get septicemia. So I don’t intend to let the cat have a baby. It’s good for him to be sterilized as soon as possible.

       @Xinte netizen: many people don’t have cats, don’t you understand! I had never raised a cat before, so I joked that how can you deprive a cat of its rights? But cat friends are supportive.

       @My friend my mother cat was not sterilized. She died of breast cancer when she was 10 years old. It is said that the death is very tragic… There are too many people who don’t know how to raise a pet scientifically. They have to be sterilized as soon as possible.

       If you don’t plan to find a partner for it, it’s sterilization!

       Originally, I was as cruel as you think, but as long as you see the appearance when it calls a cat, you will regret that you don’t sterilize with it! Because my cat was called cat at that time, I felt as if it had been hypnotized. I couldn’t recognize people at all. The cry was very sad and ugly! You can’t sleep at night. You can’t sleep at all. Not only do you have insomnia, the cat will feel uncomfortable because it can’t be satisfied. It may also cause cancer, and you will feel sad when you see it~~

       A word to describe! How miserable!

       Even if you find a companion with it, who will take care of the kitten after it is born! You know! Cats give birth to three or four kittens four times a year! If a pair of cats come down in a year, even with their children, 300000 kittens will be born in a year!

       And now the medical technology is also very developed, to the regular hospital to do an operation cost is not much, cat male is about 100, female cat is about 150!

       MaoGong recovered very quickly. He will be fine in a day or two! Female cats are slower! However, as long as two or three days after the operation, there is no problem.

       Exotic short haired cat

       We have been discussing the issue of cat sterilization. The answer is yes. But nowadays, many hospitals do not sterilize cats properly, and there are many misunderstandings. There are three misunderstandings in the process of operation: using wake-up needle, ligation of cats and sterilization of male cats as eunuchs.

       1¡¢ Wake up needle

       Don’t hit it! The principle of wake-up needle is actually to excite the cat’s nerves under anesthesia. Although it can make some cats out of coma after anesthesia, it is likely to cause increased intracranial pressure and lead to death. The dose of anesthesia should be controlled accurately, so that the cat will wake up naturally.

       2¡¢ Ligation

       Cats can also be ligated, usually for male cats. After ligation, the cat will still be in estrus, and will retain all kinds of behavioral characteristics of estrus (such as going out to find a mate, spending time at home, etc.). Ligation is not recommended for cats living at home. In * *, cats in vagrant state are usually subjected to ligation. The premise is that they are not adopted at home after ligation, but continue to let them roam. The purpose of this is to control the number of stray cats in the local area. This practice is not the same as the native cat’s insistence on giving the cat the best happiness. Moreover, in the domestic social environment, stray animals not only have to face the pressure of the environment, but also come from the majority of people who do not like animals, especially those who dislike them. Therefore, I do not agree to release after sterilization, which is related to our social environment.

       However, although ligation can control the number of stray animals within a certain range, it can not avoid the spread of feline sexuality and feline leukaemia caused by the rampant behavior in the wild. Look at the cat’s secret diary published by international Geographic magazine. I believe there will be a new understanding.

       Generally speaking, the pros and cons of removal and vasectomy are not good. It depends on your expectation of cat life and what you want it to be the best for your life. However, from the perspective of cat health, doctors generally choose direct removal, which can avoid possible health risks.

       3¡¢ Don’t think the sterilization of male cats is the same as eunuchs

       This idea is very dark, and it is the dross of our tradition! Dr. pan, an expert in surgery in Beijing, said: “cat sterilization is not like eunuchs, but is similar to the ligation of men. It has all functions and can have sexual behavior. It’s just that there is no active sexuality and no fertility. “

       There are both advantages and disadvantages in sterilizing cats. To say what advantages sterilization has, there are the following aspects: controlling the number of stray animals, which is also the most effective measure at home and abroad to control the number of stray animals;

       For female dogs or cats, it can prevent the disease and reduce the risk of other sexual organs. For example, it can prevent dogs and cats from suffering from diseases such as pus accumulation, ovarian tumor, ovarian cyst, pseudopregnancy and dystocia. At the same time, it can also reduce the risk of breast cancer in female dogs;

       The incidence of prostatic hyperplasia and infection in male dogs was reduced, and the incidence of perineal hernia was reduced;

       Objective to prevent the occurrence of perianal adenoma and reduce the urine labeling behavior of male dogs.

       But there are risks after all. The main risks include the following aspects: allergy to narcotic drugs and secondary infection of wounds, such as drug allergy during anesthesia, shock and even death;

       Wound care or improper operation, resulting in infection, sepsis and so on.

       In addition, due to the changes in the secretion of some physiological hormones in the body, the sterilized pets may not limit their own eating or become inactive, leading to their own obesity.

       1. All three female cats in my family have been sterilized. Since it is an operation, it is inevitable to use a knife.

       2. Sterilization is good for cats and cats. It can not only prolong the life span of cats and cats, but also make them more docile. It can also avoid reproductive diseases caused by inability to have sex during estrus.

       3. A cat’s oestrus is not due to contact with other cats, but to hormonal levels in the body. When the hormone reaches a certain level, it will oestrus. During estrus, the cat will be irritable, pee everywhere, howl, it does not rest well, you can not get a good rest.

       4. Sterilization operation is not very expensive, generally about 200 yuan.

       5. Although the recovery of female cat is slower than that of male cat, it can recover completely in 2-3 days.

       6. The first cat in my family was raised at home from childhood, thinking it was not necessary to have an injection. As a result, he died of feline plague. This is a tragedy.

       7. The vaccination should be given to cats in triple therapy, which can effectively prevent feline calicivirus, feline panleukopenia (cat plague) and feline viral rhinotracheitis. The price is 60 yuan, but it should be vaccinated once a year.

       8. The operation and preventive needle should be carried out separately, and the interval should be at least half a month. Otherwise, the cat’s resistance will decline and the disease will be caused.

       It’s not very good to do it yourself. It’s troublesome to anesthetize and diminish inflammation. It’s not enough to estimate the cleanliness of the environment. It’s even more difficult for a female cat to have an open stomach. Pet hospitals generally don’t charge for free, because they are afraid that too many people say that their cats are stray cats in order to avoid the operation costs of more than 100 male cats and 300 female cats… However, it seems that some pet hospitals or hospital related communities will issue free sterilization operation qualification for stray cats. You can search to find out if there is such service near your home and get some free operation tickets for qualified cats… In short, it’s better to go to the hospital and do it yourself. In case of failure, you may die.. I’ll have a shadow myself..

       If you really want to sterilize a cat, it is estimated that it will be very difficult, because it involves anesthesia, surgery, suture, wound disinfection and other issues, especially anesthesia, which requires both hardware and software, so it is not easy to prepare them.

       It is suggested to put the contraceptives for cats in cat food. It is not expensive, but also practical and convenient ~ ~ you can consider it~

       It’s impossible to sterilize yourself. After all, you don’t have professional knowledge. It’s easy to hurt cats. You don’t want cats to get hurt! Sterilization is cheap! Tens to a hundred! Mother’s is relatively expensive! You can sterilize all the male cats in your community, so that the female cats can’t give birth! This can be solved~

       Male cats should be sterilized when they are physically mature and have been in estrus once.

       The reasons and precautions are as follows:

       1. At this stage, the male cat’s reproductive and corresponding organs have been mature, the cat’s body function is also developed, the body has become strong.

       2. In terms of the age of male cats, the male cats can be sterilized after 9 months. The growth of male cats is also affected by breed and environment. Therefore, it is necessary to decide when to sterilize male cats according to the actual situation.

       3. Before sterilization, male cats should fast overnight for fear of vomiting and suffocation during the operation. Male cats can not eat within one day after the sterilization operation, because the strength of anesthetic should be slowly passed, which will have an impact on the intestines and stomach.

       4. Parents also need to clean the toilet in advance and replace all litter. Used cat litter can breed a lot of bacteria, and the cat’s buttock wound is easy to get litter, Xiaobian suggested that all be replaced to reduce the chance of infection bacteria.

       How old is the male cat to be sterilized, and how much is the male cat sterilized

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