Stray cat volunteers – stray cats, legal issues

       Understand the psychology of wild cats. There are many reasons why cats are not tame and unfriendly, so we can’t judge them as wild cats. It’s impossible to know exactly what a cat has been through before. However, all ferocious cats must have a way to get close to them, but they need different time and patience. And it depends on their own experience and temperament.

       1. However, if a domestic cat loses its original owner, the stray cat may recover its wildness. This kind of cat is easier to tame than a wild cat, but in a different way.

       2. Real Wildcats have never had close contact with humans. So be careful not to scare it. It’s important. If they feel there is no danger of being close to you, they may eventually be domesticated, and if you frighten them or try to catch them, then the wild cats will fear you.

       3. The most difficult to tame are cats that have a negative impression on humans, both wild cats and stray cats. Those negative experiences may be suffering from sexual abuse or being chased around by children. Such cats are not necessarily wild cats, but they should be treated in the same way. If a cat had been through this kind of trauma before, it would not have been held or even touched. But such cats can also be used as pets, and there is hope to change attitudes towards you over time.

       4. Regardless of their previous experience, kittens or younger cats are easier to domesticate. Unless there are special circumstances, such as the loss of a mother, it is generally better to wait for the kitten to grow to more than six weeks before adoption. Kittens need bottle feeding and more care.

       No, animal torts are the responsibility of the breeder. They have no ownership of the cat, not the breeder. But you are a staff member of an educational institution. If a child in your own class is scratched by a cat and you are at fault, the parents can find the school to bear the responsibility, and the school will look for you. Therefore, you must ensure that you are not at fault in this case, that is, if the child is a child Children always tease cats. You should remind them of the danger in public. If you encounter cats in group activities, you should not neglect the children.

       To solve the problem of stray cats and dogs in the community, we need to set up a special reception center in a community or several communities, which is managed by the community recruitment manager for a long time, and assisted by social volunteers in turn. After the cats and dogs are taken in, they should be cleaned, deworming, immunized and sterilized in time, and a relatively perfect adoption system should be formulated to encourage the caring people to adopt or support stray cats and dogs. We also hope to reduce the cost of dog license, so as to encourage more people to participate in the adoption of stray dogs and cats in the community¬£¬®

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