Suitable for Apartment Pets – what kind of dog is suitable for the public?

       Many single friends often live by themselves. I work so busy every day, but I don’t even have personal gas when I go home. Naturally, I feel very lonely. Therefore, many single friends would like to have a lovely pet with them. However, many people suffer from their own living environment and can’t raise animals like cats and dogs. So people who live in small apartments don’t really have small pets suitable for keeping? Pets raised in small apartments should meet two conditions: the first is small and small, and the second is quiet and does not disturb the people. Combined with these two characteristics, these small pets are very suitable for small apartments.

       The first kind: drooping ear rabbit

       The pet rabbit is very cute, and the drooping ear rabbit is definitely the most cute rabbit among the rabbits. Rabbits are soft and cute, so people always want to take care of them. Especially for single girls, raising such a cute little thing can really poke a soft heart. They are easy to raise, and most of the time they are kept in cages. They neither shed nor bark. And eat rabbit food rabbit, pull stool taste is not big, very suitable for small space environment breeding.

       The second kind: hamster

       Hamster is smaller than the palm of the hand, belongs to the super mini pocket pet. Hamsters need very little space, just a hamster cage is enough. Hamsters are small and cute, and the price is very cheap. They are very suitable for friends who are under budget to buy pets. Hamsters are very well fed, as long as they eat and drink well, they can live very happy.

       Third species: Honey bag weasel

       This kind of small pet should be the most popular small pet, they are very small and lovely, but also can fly. Trained honey bag weasel, can recognize the Lord, very smart. The interaction between honey bag weasel and its owner is very interesting. It’s really warm to see the honey bag weasel flying around. Honey bag weasel is very easy to raise, and the price is not expensive. It is a very sexual pet.

       The fourth kind: chinchilla

       Chinchilla is not a dragon or a cat. It is a big rat. They are bigger and look like a rabbit, but the back half looks like a mouse, which looks very simple and honest. Moreover, the friends who have seen the cartoon “chinchilla” will have a special plot for this gray little thing, right? Moreover, this kind of animal, raise more ease of worry, even if it is to rent housing breeding will not affect others oh.

       Barking is not a matter of breed, it depends on how you teach it. Dog barking is to express a message, it may be hungry, want to play with the owner or be alert to some things, etc., to suit the remedy to the case. When the dog barks, it should be severely reprimanded, not allowed to let it, can pull up the dog rope, tell it not to bark, should be trained from an early age to develop good habits. Also often accompany dogs to the park for a walk, training dogs, more contact with “friends”, close to people, reduce the dog’s vigilance, the dog in a good mood will be good. If the house is not big, it’s better to keep a small dog. As for the breed, the most important thing is to choose the one you like. After all, it has to be accompanied for a long time. I hope you can find a suitable dog for you as soon as possible

       Bomi, I’ve seen all of them. Chihuahua, too. Of course, there are small dogs in the apartment. The ones within 5kg are better. The common ones are Marquis, toy VIP, butterfly dog, etc.. What are the conditions? Only then has the method to give you the suggestion, some dogs want the hairdressing to spend money, some may shed the hair, like the VIP does not stink does not shed the hair type

       Arnoni short hair body length of about 30 cm, weight of about 3 kg, gentle personality, strong disease resistance, and do not like to call, eat a small amount, like to sleep, like to see people with their eyes. It is the best choice to keep in the apartment. The Russian short hair rabbit dog is about 20 cm long and weighs no more than 1.5 kg. It is gentle in character, weak in disease resistance, and needs to be taken care of frequently. Its bark is relatively small.

       It can be said that many dogs are suitable for living in apartments. I suggest you have a teddy dog with high intelligence quotient. It ranks the second in the world in dog intelligence quotient, which is equivalent to the intelligence quotient of children around 8 years old. Can look at the eyes, know how to be the most happy owner, Teddy is also a poodle, also known as the poodle. Naturally curly hair still does not lose hair, need to ask professionals to take care of hair, there are wine red, brown, gray, black, white, and champagne color. Lively and cheerful, clever and sensible.

       First of all, you should be gentle. No matter what kind of dog, the bigger one suggests Labrador, and the smaller one, Teddy, is also very human. Even if you have a small dog, you, as a dog owner, must first train the dog’s rules, such as going to the toilet at the designated place, sitting, shaking hands, etc. Otherwise, even if the small dog has no rules, it may bring trouble to the owner.

       Cocker dogs are cute little dogs. Catching them with sad eyes can capture the heart of any dog lover. They are gentle and they get along well with their children. They only need basic exercise and a normal walk, but they can also slouch contentedly on the sofa or a comfortable chair. A Cocker is a loyal dog. When you come home from a bad job, he will give you a warm “welcome home” greeting.

       I strongly recommend feeding the pug here. The appearance of the pug is online. The wrinkles on his face seem to be full of the vicissitudes of time. The big eyes are round, the ugly cute and the ugly cute are extremely cute. There are black, white and yellow. He’s a loyal little guard. Very sticky, waiting for the master. He is gentle in temperament, simple and honest, and unadorned and generous. Both bullfighting and Bago don’t need a lot of exercise. These four breeds of dogs are very nice to accompany their owners in the apartment.

       More suitable for Pugs, because they are small dogs, and their very friendly behavior and high IQ are well known. They can amuse themselves, play games with themselves and keep themselves busy. Pugs are considered to be the best dogs to adapt to apartment life because they need very small space and have a very friendly temperament. Pugs need to be trained to remove dirt and facial wrinkles every day, and the need for beauty won’t be very urgent.

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