Symptoms of a short cold in the United States

       Cat owners found that their own short cold runny nose, first do not rush to give it to take cold medicine, sometimes it may eat something wrong, personal have some about the treatment of American short cold runny nose, cat owners can according to their own cat’s situation, for the cat to deal with cold problems.

       Since meishort has a cold and runny nose, the owner of the cat should put it in a warm place, and don’t let it lie on the cold floor. In this way, not only can it not help her get better quickly, but sometimes it will aggravate the disease. The owner of the cat can place some clothes and blankets in meishort’s cat’s nest, provide warm water for her to drink, and close the window when she sleeps at night Small, do not let the short by the cold wind, generally short body warm some, if the cold situation is not serious, then the United States short will gradually improve.

       If the cat owner has done a good job in keeping the cat warm, and meishort still has a runny nose, it should be that the cat has a bad cold. The cat owner can give meishort some meow feeling and let it drink into his stomach with warm water. In addition, during the period of Meijian’s cold, it is very weak. As the saying goes, “illness comes like a mountain and a disease goes like a thread”. Therefore, the cat owner also needs to add some nutrition to meishort, and make some nutritious food for meishort, such as sheep milk powder, bone soup, shrimp skin, etc. meishort’s body gets nutrition supplement, which can help it get better soon.

       1¡¢ The difference between cat nasal branch and cold

       In adult cats, the symptoms of conjunctivitis and white spots on the eyes were observed. Corneal congestion, oral erosion ulcers, eating difficulties, from the oral cavity continuous outflow of viscous secretions, there is a bad smell. Chronic sinusitis, ulcerative conjunctivitis and ophthalmitis as the main characteristics, severe can cause blindness, nasal inflammation can make respiratory tract narrow, even breathing difficulties, asphyxia death.

       Cat cold: cat cold is caused by cold stimulation of the cat to fever and upper respiratory tract catarrhal (mucosal surface inflammation) of the main systemic violations of a disease. The common cold in cats is caused by cold, especially in the early spring or late autumn, or long time in the air-conditioned room. The temperature changes sharply and the body resistance decreases is the most common cause of cold.

       The symptoms of a cat’s cold are sudden onset, low spirits, chills and discomfort at first; eyes are half closed, conjunctiva is flushed and shed tears; nasal juice is serous at the initial stage, and then turns yellow and sticky; mucous membrane is itchy, often clawing nose; skin temperature is not whole, limbs and ear tip are cool; breathing and heartbeat increase, appetite is reduced or abandoned.

       So how to prevent and treat the nasal branch of cat? Let me introduce it to you.

       1¡¢ We should do a good job in sanitation and other basic things

       Now most cats will be kept at home. Whether the environment at home is clean and tidy is related to the health of cats. If the excrement removal officer is lazy and does not deal with the dust and garbage in the house, bacteria and germs will grow, which may cause skin inflammation or other diseases.

       Clean the room every day, especially the place where cats often stay, and deal with the hair falling off to avoid eating by mistake. A clean and tidy environment can not only prevent illness, but also make the mood beautiful and more happy.

       Many families are afraid that the cat will run away. They will try to close the doors and windows, or leave only a little ventilation gap. Such an environment is the most easy for bacteria and germs to reproduce. It can be considered to replace with tight screen windows to let natural wind flow indoors, increase air flow and reduce the incidence of disease.

       Most afraid of shoveling excrement officials think that as long as they stay indoors, there won’t be any germs invading, and cat litter and cat houses don’t need much attention. If the cat litter is not cleaned up in time, it may cause bacteria to fly into food and water through the air, and it is easy to get sick after eating it. Cat house and cat toys should also be disinfected, the best way is to sun disinfection.

       2¡¢ Vaccination and lysine administration

       Kittens are weak in constitution and can’t have strong self-healing ability like adult cats. Therefore, pet owners should find ways to solve the problem in time when they see the kittens catching a cold. Otherwise, even if the slight cold delays for a long time, the kittens will become more severe, which may lead to other problems. If the novice owner does not have the coping experience in this aspect, the following solutions can be referred to:

       1¡¢ Keep warm

       When pet owners find the kittens have a cold, they often sneeze, cough and have a runny nose. The first thing the pet owner should do is to keep the kittens warm. They can put on a small dress for the kittens. If the kittens are not willing to wear clothes, they can also lay some blankets or cotton in the place where they often move Cloth, can also prepare a cat’s nest for kittens to sleep. If the weather is relatively cold season, pet owners can also place a heater to warm the kittens.

       2¡¢ Take the cat’s temperature

       3¡¢ Proper nutrition supplement

       During the period of cold, the body of American kittens will be much weaker than usual. When pet owners feed the kittens during this period of time, they should not feed them a single cat food. They can adjust the diet structure properly, prepare some boiled fish, beef and chicken breast for the kittens, and also can feed some carrots, lettuce and broccoli Fresh fruits and vegetables, such as apples and bananas, are very good for supplementing the kittens.

       Not only do humans have colds and illnesses, but if pet owners neglect to take care of their kittens when the weather changes, they may also catch a cold. In this regard, pet owners should promptly think of ways to help the kittens to solve the problem of cold. Never try to make the kittens feel better. Otherwise, if the delay is too long, it may cause unnecessary trouble.

       1¡¢ Keep your cat warm

       If you don’t pay attention to keeping warm for the kittens in the season when the weather is suddenly falling or cold and hot, the kittens will catch a cold because of the cold, and they will have some cough, sneezing and runny nose. In this regard, pet owners should take measures to keep the kittens warm in the first place. They can prepare a warm nest for the kittens to sleep in. They can also lay some blankets, cotton cloth and blankets in their usual activities. If necessary, they can also prepare a heater to keep the kittens warm.

       2¡¢ Feed some relevant pet nutrition

       After keeping warm for the kitten, the pet owner should check whether it still has runny nose and sneezing. If this kind of situation still exists, the pet owner needs to give the kitten appropriate amount of pet nutrition supplements, such as meow Jinggan, and pour it into the kitten’s small bowl for it to lick, or mix it with the food It can be eaten, very convenient.

       When you have a cold, you will have sneezing, runny nose, cough and other symptoms. At this time, your body is relatively fragile. It is very difficult to recover by itself. The owner should take corresponding measures to help Meiji in time. Moreover, I believe that the owner can’t bear to see the cat suffer. The owner may refer to the following measures to help meishort

       Cats need to keep warm when they catch a cold. The owner can prepare a cat’s nest, put some warm blankets or hot water bags, so that the cat can rest in peace. Don’t let the cat’s stomach touch the ground directly to avoid aggravating the cat’s condition. At the same time, the cat should drink more warm water to keep the body’s moisture sufficient.

       Cats need a lot of nutrition during the cold period. Nutrition affects the health of cats. During this period, the owner should not feed a single cat food. They can be supplemented with some meat, vegetables and fruits as supplementary food. They can also prepare some cat rice, goat milk powder, nutrition cream, canned cat, etc., which are helpful to cats.

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