Symptoms of broken legs in rabbits

       1¡¢ If there is no systemic infection, it may be malunion. As long as it does not affect the normal diet and defecation, and the owner takes good care of it, it may have the same life as ordinary rabbits. If the normal life is affected, it may die within one or two years at most. After the rabbit leg dislocated, the dislocated leg has no strength, the rabbit’s spirit will become bad, and there is no appetite, so it needs timely reduction treatment.

       Rabbit intestinal wall is very thin, once diarrhea diarrhea diarrhea, the consequences are often more serious than other animals, so rabbit diarrhea, must take measures within 4 hours, otherwise it will be life-threatening. In most cases, the main reason for the rabbit diarrhea is that the host has fed the wrong food, or there is a problem in the feeding process, so the feeding is correct and correct. Last night, he carried the rabbit’s hind leg. Later, he couldn’t stand up. He didn’t know whether he was dislocated or fractured, and had diarrhea.

       Please pay attention to the following abnormalities in rabbits. 1. Slow stool and dirty buttocks give you a dangerous signal that the rabbit is either eating too much or nervous, or suffering from gastrointestinal disease or diarrhea. If it is a juvenile rabbit with diarrhea and most of them suffer from coccidiosis, take it to the animal hospital as soon as possible.

       Rabbit plague is an acute, febrile, septic and destructive infection caused by virus. It can occur all year round and is susceptible to all kinds of rabbits.

       Rabbit leg broken is not self-healing, need to make a diagnosis of rabbit leg, see whether fracture, if fracture is to do surgery.

       Diagnosis of fracture

       1. If the rabbit falls down accidentally from a high place, its front paw or hind leg cannot move, it should be observed in time.

       2. Some young rabbits will limp when they jump down from a high place, but they will be OK after a while, so there is no need to worry about it. Maybe they just sprained their feet. However, if their legs and feet are out of control, they hide from others and can only lie still, they basically have fractures.

       Treatment of fracture

       3. In fact, the self-healing ability of rabbits and rabbits is very strong. Generally speaking, people say that they can break their muscles and move their bones for 100 days. Under the correct treatment, rabbits and rabbits can basically recover in two weeks and a month, and the possibility of sequelae is not great. Therefore, conservative treatment is sometimes a good choice for rabbits and rabbits.

       Methods: the method was as follows

       Nursing of fracture

       1. If the rabbit has a broken hind leg or toe, the tail lifting function may be affected. When urinating, it will get on the tail and hind feet. At this time, it is necessary to dry the urine on its hair in time to avoid urine burning.

       3. It is suggested to add alfalfa and supplement calcium to rabbits after fracture. The urine of rabbits and rabbits should be observed in time. If urine calcium should be suspended, alfalfa should be increased or decreased according to the situation.

       After the rabbit leg breaks, must do the later stage nursing.

       Dream of rabbit leg broken: indicates that you lack of self-confidence and courage, no sense of responsibility, fear of taking responsibility, and lack of independence in behavior.

       The old man dreamt that the rabbit’s leg was broken: it indicates that your body is very healthy in real life. On the other hand, you and your brother have a good relationship, and their life is very harmonious and sweet.

       A woman dreams that the rabbit’s leg is broken: it indicates that the journey will be full of fun, and it may also make new friends, which is a good omen.

       Single people dream that rabbit leg is broken: it indicates that there are unstable factors in love, they will also attach importance to spiritual communication, and they are more picky towards their people and will pursue perfection.

       Analysis of the case of rabbit leg broken in dream

       Dream: what happened when the rabbit broke

       Dream about a rabbit with a broken leg

       A rabbit with a big head and big eyes is injured and dying. I also dream that I drink a glass of water is very salty, turn off the tap water to drink is still very salty, has been repeated for many times, the water is light. The solution is good or bad.

       Dream of rabbit, on behalf of will have the opportunity of promotion and wealth.

       Dream of rabbit being captured, is a good omen, there will be good luck.

       Dream of rabbit running into the house, so that you worry about the dispute, can finally be resolved, is Jimeng.

       Last night I went up the mountain and dreamt of a wild rabbit. One night, I dreamt that someone else’s dodder covered the ground with light snow. We found rabbit footprints. We had several big fat rabbits. Besides, he was an acquaintance. The rabbit became a layman. I don’t know what it means

       In my dream, I ran into a black rabbit in a field in my hometown. I asked me to hit it on the head with a stick. I broke the head and finally died. I also said that the black meat was better than other kinds of meat.

       In the dream, I don’t know where I went. There are luxuriant plants everywhere.

       I belong to rabbit, mother to rabbit, father to tiger. Yesterday I dreamt that I was teasing a tiger. In addition, I dreamt that I found a very fat hare in the field (mother is relatively fat). At the moment when I was about to run away, I jumped up and caught it. One hand was holding the ear and the other was grasping two legs. The rabbit struggled desperately, biting my right index finger, biting my finger out of blood. I threw it hard, and my father rabbit’s head fell off….

       Dream key words: Rabbit


       When I went back to my hometown during the Spring Festival, I saw a litter of white rabbits in my hometown. I didn’t raise any rabbits because my mother didn’t agree. So I was very interested in this rabbit. I fed rabbits with my brother and sister every day. But one day, I found that a little rabbit didn’t like to move any more. I was afraid that people didn’t know what was going on. So it took it out and found out Its legs are a little strange, adults said that rabbits may fracture, which surprised me, rabbits can also fracture, then how to do it

       Steps / METHODS:


       There is no mistake. Rabbits, like us, also suffer from birth, aging and death, including leg fractures. If this is the case mentioned above, we should first determine whether they are really broken, because although some rabbits may limp and limp, they may just sprain to their feet.



       If there is no doctor or pet hospital, don’t worry. We can treat the rabbit by ourselves. First of all, see whether the leg of the rabbit has a wound, whether it belongs to an open fracture. If it is an open fracture, disinfect the wound after bone setting and suture it.

       matters needing attention:

       Whether it’s a small animal like a cat or a dog, or a big animal like an elephant or a tiger, they all have the same physiological system as us. It’s inevitable to get sick, so we should take good care of them when raising animals.

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       Two to three days after the injury is the peak of swelling, when the external fixation is tight, it should be relaxed a little, and then gradually begin to detumescence. Fracture healing is a long-term process. Two weeks after the injury, the formation of fibrous connection begins. Before that, there is swelling and pain

       At present, the main symptom is dyspnea, and the first consideration is respiratory failure. It’s related to inflammation of the lungs. It is recommended to go to the respiratory department of the regular hospital. According to the results of the examination, antibiotics were selected for active treatment, and tracheal spasm was relieved at the same time

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