Symptoms of diarrhea in kittens

       There is a big difference between a kitten’s soft stool and laxity. When a kitten has a soft stool, his spirit may be very normal. If a cat has laxity, it may cause mental depression.

       1¡¢ How to judge soft stool and laxity

       Generally speaking, soft means that the poop of a cat is not formed. What is soft and soft is between normal and laxity. The color and shape of laxity are very similar to sweet sauce. If it is thick and thick, it will be like water. It may be due to eating unclean things or other reasons. At this time, timely treatment is needed.

       The difference between poop and laxity in kittens

       2¡¢ How to treat cats with soft stools

       When the cat appears soft stool situation should be dealt with in time, laissez faire will be more and more serious, eventually resulting in laxity and other situations.

       First of all, it is suggested to take some probiotics for the cat to relieve the soft stool. In consideration of the problem, if the cat food is too greasy or the cat food is deteriorated and rotten, it may cause soft stool phenomenon. Although cats are carnivorous animals, they can usually feed more easily digestible light food to avoid the burden on the cat’s intestines and stomach.

       3¡¢ How to treat feline laxity

       Diarrhea in cats is more serious than that in soft stools. There are many reasons for this. When you find out, you can give your cat some probiotics to stop diarrhea, and then check what is the cause.

       1. Pay more attention to diet, because the cat’s intestines and stomach are relatively fragile, and it is not suitable to eat too full, too greasy and raw meat. Frequent feeding of these will only cause the cat to loose, increase the burden on the cat’s intestines and stomach, and dyspepsia will cause diarrhea.

       We must avoid this kind of situation, feed more easily digestible cellulose content of food, pay attention to control the amount of food.

       2. Enteritis problems, will lead to soft stool laxity, even vomiting, poor appetite, spirit and other conditions, usually feed more attention, do not add to the cat’s stomach overload.

       Severe enteritis can go to the hospital for anti-inflammatory injection, or oral gentamicin injection, pay attention to the instructions, after taking medicine, you must give the cat some probiotics, reduce the side effects of Qingda.

       3. Parasite problems are common in cats, and the main symptoms are diarrhea, so cats can be vaccinated and deworming after they are three months old.

       Cats are usually caused by indigestion.

       More about

       1¡¢ The reason for food

       Kitten’s body is relatively poor, there are a lot of things are not to eat, generally breast milk or goat milk powder as the staple food, can also feed a small amount of kitten cat food, but to soak soft to give the kitten to eat. If you give the kitten to eat some milk or rotten, yes, milk cat intestinal allergy food, will lead to severe diarrhea. At this time, we should stop feeding the milk cat in time and replace it with good goat milk powder. After that, it will gradually get better.

       2¡¢ Gastrointestinal problems, stress response

       Some kittens’ intestines and stomachs are naturally relatively fragile, which may be due to the long-term overeating before, or the cat’s gastrointestinal dyspepsia caused by the weather, or suddenly encountering some cases of deworming and vaccination to produce stress reaction, which may also lead to diarrhea. In this regard, you can give the cat some pet catharsis to alleviate the problem of feline laxity.

       3¡¢ There are parasites in the body

       If a cat eats some raw meat and causes parasites in the body, it will cause the symptoms of diarrhea and vomiting of the cat. Take the cat to the pet hospital for stool examination. If it is confirmed that there is a parasite, the cat will be treated with deworming,

       4¡¢ Got some diseases

       If the cat catches a cold, it will also lead to diarrhea. In this regard, after strengthening the warmth for the cat, give the cat some meow Jing feeling and meow Wang amo to reduce the symptoms of cold. There are enteritis or feline plague can also cause cats laxity, which requires pet owners to observe the situation of cats more.

       My cat is sneezing again!

       It’s the discomfort caused by inhaling foreign bodies

       Or a cold caused by seasonal temperature difference?

       Or is it a cat’s nose branch that gives you a headache?

       There are many reasons for a cat to sneeze and have a runny nose

       90% of them are caused by virus infection

       Among them, the upper respiratory tract infection caused by virus is the most harmful

       The officials should observe and understand carefully

       The difference between common cold and respiratory tract infection

       Common cold

       If the cat is just a common cold

       Cats only sneeze occasionally

       It’s runny and the water is clear water

       The body temperature will also remain normal and will not rise significantly

       Nasal branch of cat

       If the cat has a cat nose branch

       The cat’s temperature will rise significantly

       The symptoms of upper respiratory tract infection were obvious

       Paroxysmal cough, sneezing, tears

       Loss of appetite, listlessness

       And the secretion around the eyes and nose is increased and purulent

       The nasal branch of cat is actually viral rhinotracheitis of cat

       Also known as infectious rhinotracheitis

       It’s the upper respiratory tract of a cat. It’s very infectious

       An acute infectious disease

       It can be judged by some preliminary symptoms

       But if you want to make a diagnosis, you still need a hospital test

       If the cat is confirmed to be infected with the virus

       The virus can be found in the nose, throat and organs of sick cats

       Intraepithelial reproduction of conjunctiva and tongue

       And with its secretion discharged to the body

       The virus can also spread rapidly through droplets

       It can survive on the surface of cat food, water and water bowl

       So a little bit careless

       All the cats in a multi cat family will be attacked collectively

       The symptoms of pre nasal branch in cats are similar to those of cold

       During the onset of the disease, the cat’s temperature can reach more than 40 degrees

       Because the disease is closely related to the cat’s own immunity

       So the mortality of kittens will be very high

       Adult cats are more resistant

       Treatment and Prevention

       There are many complications caused by the nasal branch of cat

       Do not rely on a single drug during treatment

       The main symptoms of nasal branch were as follows

       Need to use lysine (cat amine) treatment

       Severe cats use antibiotics

       Most of the nasal branches of cats were accompanied by conjunctivitis

       It is necessary to use eye drops containing anti-inflammatory effects

       If the cat has diarrhea

       It can be taken orally with Mamai, lactobacillus or Smecta

       Antibiotics should be used if diarrhea is severe

       Because there are mixed bacterial infections in the gastrointestinal tract

       Prevention of nasal branches in cats

       Nutrition should be strengthened in diet

       Enhance the immunity of cats

       At ordinary times, we must pay attention to improvement

       Cat living environment conditions, regular sterilization and disinfection

       In spring, especially when it’s warm and cold

       Measures to keep warm should be in place

       If you can, record your cat’s temperature regularly

       Once there is a change, the reason can be found out

       Can be timely targeted treatment

       Drugs for cats should be used exclusively for animals

       Use human drugs as a last resort

       Please measure the feeding according to the recommendations of * *

       Because the weight of a cat is similar to that of a cat

       Cat for many years, as a cat breeder to do a simple exchange for you, summed up a few reasons for cat diarrhea, after all, my level is limited, there are still improper, welcome friends to criticize and correct.

       There is blood on the surface of stool

       There is bright red blood on the surface of the stool, and the stool is soft. The surface presents a bright feeling, a little like a layer of jelly like membrane. There is something like foam at the end of the stool. Occasionally, you can see the insect node discharged from the body. It is unnecessary to consider that the parasite is making trouble, so it is OK to expel the insect.

       The stool is too dry

       It’s easy to distinguish between them. Sometimes, the cat brand will use force, sometimes accompanied by howling. The defecation time is long. The stool is dry and hard. The surface is not glossy. There is blood on the flat surface. Besides, there is blood residue near the cat’s penis, sometimes it will be stained on the hair.

       Hemorrhage of digestive system

       If very bright red blood (blood thread or blood clot) on the surface of feces, mostly in the rectal bleeding, the impact is not big, generally is mastitis or proctitis

       If the diarrhea with blood, more uniform, brownish red, serious odor is the small intestine, more serious

       If the bleeding is black, the general bleeding in the stomach, should be mixed with vomiting, vomit has blood, vomiting and diarrhea is a comprehensive consideration, the situation is very complex, problems should also go to the hospital for a comprehensive examination.

       The simplest laxity – pale yellow stool, sour or malodorous

       There are several common situations. For example, kittens (especially those who are 2 or 3 months old) eat too much meat or milk. It is better for kittens to eat Kitten Food instead of others Food, 5, 6 times a day than appropriate, each time 7, 8 points full (stomach see big is not too big, elastic, not hard to help, but also want to eat), this is indigestion, the only life-threatening dehydration, electrolyte balance disorder is prone to occur, so timely treatment, usually eat too good, eat too much, food changes too big, general Adjust the stomach and intestines and let him adapt to it slowly. In addition, sudden change of food also has this kind of situation. Generally, it is good to change gradually. Other reasons include excessive drinking and overeating, and emotional changes.

       These cases usually use a few times of lactase can be effective, or combined with the use of Mami love or smecta, for diarrhea, slowly conditioning the stomach!

       Common gastroenteritis – there is mucus in the stool

       Due to the food is not clean, deterioration (common in summer, refrigerator food out of the food) and other factors caused by the decline of intestinal function, the performance is different, generally there is mucus in the stool, there is the performance of urgency, at the same time more accompanied by vomiting, loss of appetite, mental deterioration, body temperature slightly increased or not increased, blood routine examination white blood cells slightly increased or not high, treatment for the whole body Anti inflammatory and symptomatic treatment is given priority to. In some cases, it is mild cold or improper to eat. It is generally good in one day and does not need to take any medicine. It belongs to the body’s self-protection reaction. In some cases, the bacteria causing intestinal inflammation can produce endotoxin, so the symptoms are severe, severe diarrhea, pus and blood in the stool, so timely treatment is needed, otherwise there is life-threatening.

       It is worth noting that in summer, many cases are caused by eating food directly taken out of the refrigerator. As the refrigerator does not have the function of sterilization, it is easy to eat a large number of bacteria in food into the stomach without heating. In addition, the same situation will happen when food is placed at home for too long in summer, which should be paid more attention to.

       Inject ampicillin twice a day, or gentamicin directly into the intestine. Don’t forget to pull out the needle.

       Black odor of liquid feces with vomiting and gastroenteritis

       The disease can be fatal, so seek medical attention as soon as signs are found. In addition to the above symptoms, sick cats often have temperature rise, conjunctival flush, heavy tongue coating, dry mouth with bad smell and convulsion.

       Black pitch like stool may have bloody stool or hematemesis, habitual vomiting, gastrointestinal ulcer

       Gastrointestinal ulcer may cause visceral bleeding. Once blood is observed in feces, it must not be underestimated and must be treated immediately. In severe cases, hemostatic drugs can not stop the bleeding point of the ulcer, then surgery is needed to remove the ulcer, otherwise it will be fatal. If there is blood during diarrhea, it is not cold!

       Liquid feces blackened, with foul smell and blood clot enteritis

       Enteritis is the most common cause of diarrhea, and there are many causes of enteritis, such as cold, parasites, parvovirus, poisoning and so on, which may cause acute diarrhea.

       When seeking medical advice, doctors may prescribe laxatives for the laxative cat, which is to discharge the jejunum content, not the performance of quack doctors.

       Diarrhea caused by feline fever and other virus infections

       Severe diarrhea, fecal odor, green color, yellow green, pull frequency, mostly with blood, accompanied by severe vomiting, do not eat, fever, mouth odor, bad spirit, very high death, blood routine diagnosis, general white blood cell less than 2000 is very dangerous The less likely it is, the more likely it will be. The smaller the cat is, the higher the death rate will be. It will take about a week for the treatment. If the white blood cells return to the normal range in 3 or 4 days, the treatment will be very smooth. If the cat plague is secondary to other diseases, the mortality rate will be very high.

       In addition: infectious peritonitis, parvovirus infection, leptospirosis, such as hookworm, tapeworm, coccidia, Trichuris, etc. can cause enteritis and diarrhea.

       When Ancylostoma infection, may appear tarry sticky bloody stool.

       The symptoms of taeniasis infection are not obvious, which may cause chronic enteritis, and may also cause acute diseases such as intestinal obstruction and intussusception caused by taeniasis.

       Taiwan Classic coccidiosis medicine, happy brown sugar, very good

       Can I give my cat an antidiarrheal

       Berberine, oxytetracycline, norfloxacin, these legendary medicines that can treat feline laxity can not be used, but the dose should be accurate, if you are not sure, or do not use, because ~ will die

       Little milk cat feeding common sense, many people went into the misunderstanding, almost harmed the baby cat

       2¡¢ After stabilizing the cat’s steps:

       It seems very troublesome, but it is very simple. Just follow the following steps:

       The specific skills needed are as follows:

       3¡¢ Answer frequently asked questions:

       To solve this problem, first of all, whether the cat is allowed to stand upright, supine and other dangerous positions, which makes the kitten dare not drink milk. Then check if the milk temperature is too hot or too cold. Let’s see if the nipple or syringe is too resistant to suck milk. Finally, check whether the kitten has hiccups and urination.

       ¢Ú For hiccups, hold urine, first with a wet corner of toilet paper wipe the cat’s buttocks, stimulate the excretion of clean urine. Then let the kitten into an established position, caress the two sides of the kitten’s abdomen, and gently pat the kitten’s back with two fingers to burp out gas. If you still have breath, you can use your fingers to gently stroke the front of the kitten’s abdomen from top to bottom. The technique must be light, and then tap the back.

       Of course, it’s also learned to stimulate cats to poop. The kitten’s large intestine is on the right side of the cat’s abdomen. You can clearly touch a piece of hard feces with your hands. If the cat doesn’t like to poop, it doesn’t pull to wipe the bottom with wet paper every time, but you can feel the feces. You can gently smooth the stomach on both sides of the cat’s stomach from top to bottom to promote intestinal peristalsis, so that the cat has the effect of defecation. And if the cat wants to defecate, it will see the chrysanthemum shrinking when wiping its buttocks. At this time, the chrysanthemum and urethra can be pulled out.

       This one needs to be divided. If the kitten picked up just opened their eyes or even did not open their eyes, and did not eat food outside, then the probability of insects is not so large. If picked up obviously still have a few days to wean, and even to drink their own water without feeding, I am afraid there is indeed the probability of infection of parasites.

       If the cat is found late and asks for help late, the cat has already developed symptoms of dehydration and hypothermia. According to the method of opening the post, inject rehydration water and fill one tenth of a pack of Smecta to stop diarrhea.

       The intestines and stomach of kittens are very weak, and even some kittens can’t fart. It’s possible to die of gas in your stomach. Generally, there is no rewarming on the milk, drinking milk, bad milk after this situation. At this time, it is necessary to help the cat to exhaust its Qi artificially. The method is to turn the kitten over, massage the cat’s belly clockwise, rub chrysanthemum after a few minutes to stimulate the discharge of gas; at the same time, fast to avoid food corruption.

       be careful!!! Kitten’s belly only skin, not even muscle, so very thin, touch must be light, time can not be too long.

       The sucking kitten has loose stools

       A month of small milk cat, finally pulled a small golden Baba

       There are probably the following reasons for one month’s diarrhea: first of all, if the cat is lactose intolerant after being fed with milk powder, it is suggested to change the milk powder and feed other food.

       Pull yellow stool. Do you know how to handle it? Pull yellow stool. Do you know how to deal with it

       Effective cat’s gastrointestinal function is very fragile, if you often change food, feed some hard and difficult to digest food, etc., will increase the burden on the kitten’s gastrointestinal digestion, resulting in diarrhea.

       It may be that you have eaten the wrong food. See if there is any bad food for the cat recently. The weather is hot recently, and the food may stink.

       Milk cats are very weak after vomiting and laxity after drinking milk

       When a kitten drinks milk, it is necessary to stop feeding milk. The digestive enzymes in the intestines and stomach of young cats are not easy to eliminate high protein milk, which may lead to lactose intolerance and laxity. In fact, cats are not suitable for drinking milk. If it is necessary to feed young cats, it is recommended to feed goat milk powder, which is close to the mother’s breast milk Yes, it is more suitable for feeding kittens, and then the cat owners should take timely measures to deal with the problem of diarrhea.

       1¡¢ Stop feeding milk

       When a kitten drinks milk, it is necessary to stop feeding milk in time. The milk contains rich protein and drinks lactose. However, after eating milk, the cat is prone to lactose intolerance and diarrhea, so the cat can not eat the milk used by human beings. First of all, pure milk is not for cats to drink, but yogurt can, especially the kind of thick old yogurt suitable for cats to eat, and the taste of the vast majority of cats like to eat, help cats to help digestion.

       2¡¢ Feeding sheep milk powder

       If the cat’s mother is not with the kitten, the cat owner should look for better food to feed the kitten. In addition to not feeding milk, the cat owner can actually feed goat milk powder, which is more suitable for kittens to drink, and will not lead to lactose intolerance. Of course, the choice of sheep milk powder to choose the cat to drink, such as meow think sheep milk powder, especially for the kittens under three months old, in terms of feeding, sheep milk powder can be given priority to, supplemented by other nutritional liquid food.

       3¡¢ Feed meow often

       Finally, cat owners should remember to take their kittens to expel insects on a regular basis. Generally, three month old kittens can be treated for the first time.

       Why the baby cat has been lax, but the spirit is very good? The original is because of these reasons!

       Now many people are very fond of raising cats, especially the suckling cats. When they were young, their appearance was really fascinating, and the cry was even more intoxicating. However, the baby cat is not easy to take care of, because it is too young, so the body is very easy to have problems, such as diarrhea is a lot of small milk cats will encounter. In general, when the cat’s intestines and stomach do not feel well, they are recuperated through diet. If there is no mental problem in the kitten’s laxity, there is no need to worry about it. However, if it has been lax, it still needs to pay attention to. If it goes on for a long time, it is likely to dehydrate and die.

       In addition to the kitten for change

       Cat food

       At the same time, we can’t replace them all at once. We should take new ones

       Cat food

       Mix in the old cat food and replace it slowly

       In addition, the feeding method is not correct, also can let the baby cat loose. We should bear in mind that the kittens within three months are not allowed to eat cat food, because the digestive system of the kitten is not yet mature. Eating cat food at this time is sure to have indigestion, which will cause diarrhea and vomiting. If it is serious, the kitten will also die. I believe that the owner does not want to see this situation, then do not have this behavior.

       There are some small milk cats after vaccination, due to the drug reaction will also appear diarrhea, but this is normal, the same can be given to the kitten to eat some probiotics, conditioning the stomach, generally two or three days after the kitten will return to normal.

       Why does little milk cat always loose, but the spirit is very good? Because of these reasons! .

       Half a month’s baby cat laxity, milk cat laxity but good appetite

       Half a month’s kitten has diarrhea or even water. This may be due to the milk powder that the owner feeds to the kitten, or the container containing the milk is not clean, and the stomach is cold, etc., which may cause the kitten to have diarrhea all the time. In this case, the owner should take measures to help the kitten stop the thinning, otherwise the kitten is easy to dehydrate.

       1. Adjust the concentration of milk powder

       2. Nursing the intestines and stomach of kittens

       The owner of the baby cat diarrhea can not be laissez faire, should be timely care of the cat’s intestines and stomach, stop diarrhea. During this period, the owner can feed the cat with 1 / 6 warm water, or mix it into warm milk powder. Pay attention not to put it into too hot milk powder. Too high temperature will kill the beneficial bacteria inside. Watch for a few days to see if the cat has diarrhea.

       3. Keep the kittens warm

       Cats are also prone to diarrhea when they catch a cold, especially when the kittens have thin hair, so they can catch cold easily if they are not careful. Therefore, the owner should let the kitten stay in the cat’s nest. The blanket should be padded in the cat’s nest to keep the kitten warm. The cat’s nest should be surrounded by the cat’s nest. Do not let the kitten run around in order to avoid catching cold

       4. Clean the bottle regularly

       Sometimes the milk bottle of a cat is not clean when drinking milk powder, which may cause the cat to eat bad stomach. For example, there is milk powder left in the bottle yesterday, but the milk powder has deteriorated, but the owner has not cleaned the bottle, which makes the kitten eat the deteriorated milk powder and cause diarrhea. Therefore, the owner should wash the cat with water every day after feeding. .

       Under the full moon kitten laxity flatulence, baby cat diarrhea, no spirit

       1¡¢ Improper feeding of kittens

       The intestinal tract of kittens is weak, so special attention should be paid to feeding, so as not to affect the digestion of kittens and lead to diarrhea. The intestines and stomachs of kittens under full moon can not accept dry and hard cat food. If it is cat food containing soybean ingredients, it is easy to cause diarrhea and flatulence of kittens. The feeding of kittens can be based on goat milk powder, such as meow Xiang sheep milk powder, supplemented by other liquid food. Then check whether the cat’s food is deteriorated and rotten, and replace it in time, and then observe whether the laxity and flatulence of kittens are improved.

       2¡¢ The kitten has digestive problems

       After changing the feeding food, if the diarrhea of the kitten continues, it may be that improper diet has caused the kitten to have digestive problems. Therefore, the cat owner needs to take timely measures to feed the kitten with probiotics mixed in the kitten’s food, such as feeding in the kitten’s liquid food. Let the kitten eat as soon as possible, and then observe the kitten’s diarrhea Whether the phenomenon stops, if not, other reasons should be considered.

       3¡¢ Caused by internal parasites

       If taking kitten probiotics doesn’t work, you need to take the kitten to the pet hospital for stool examination to see if it is the internal parasites that cause the kittens to loose. Generally, the first deworming can only be carried out for the big cats after three months (cats under the age of one month can only wait). After determining the parasites, use the anthelmintic drugs according to the insect body under the guidance of the pet doctor. The common anthelmintic drugs are baichongqing, coccidin and so on Happy brown sugar, etc.

       Finally, the kitten’s stomach lacks digestive enzymes, so milk is not suitable for feeding kittens, which is a misunderstanding of many novice excrement officials. Feeding kittens should mainly rely on goat milk powder instead of milk. .

       How does small milk cat have diarrhea

       First of all, check whether feeding is unreasonable

       For small milk cats, do not eat food that is difficult to eliminate, otherwise it is easy to loose. Cats three months ago, it is best to feed cat milk powder and rice flour. If you eat milk powder laxity, there may be several reasons.

       On the one hand, it may be that too much milk powder is fed at a time, and the cat’s intestines and stomach can’t adapt to it all at once, and the amount should be reduced. On the other hand, the kitten should eat some meow probiotics for easy conditioning. It should be noted that you can’t give your cat milk! No raw meat!

       Second, indigestion

       Most of the time, pet owners are afraid that the cat can’t eat enough, so they don’t stop. As a result, the kittens eat too much and have diarrhea due to indigestion. In this regard, it is suggested that water and food should be forbidden for seven or eight hours. During this period, probiotics should be taken to promote digestion and slow down the cat. During the second feeding, the dosage should be reduced and snacks should not be fed casually.

       Third, catch a cold

       matters needing attention

       It should be noted that half an hour to the cat to take the probiotics, easy to s

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