Symptoms of pregnancy in long haired cats

       So I believe that my friends also saw the curly little orange cat in the picture. If this little cat doesn’t show his face, many people will think he is a little teddy, because his curly hair is too weird, and even many people joke with the excrement shoveling officer that it’s your little orange cat sneaking out Go and have a child with teddy.

       However, of course, this sentence is also a joke, because we all know that it is impossible to have children across races. Therefore, although this phenomenon is relatively rare, it is also reasonable, because there is such a contradiction in biology, just as children born to us will also have natural volumes It was the invisible gene that brought out the problem, so at the beginning, it really scared the excrement shoveling officer, and felt very flustered in an instant.

       However, he was relieved to learn that the veterinarian told him and explained it. However, seeing such a curly little orange cat in his home, the excrement removing officer also felt a great sense of achievement. After all, it was also a unique one, and he would certainly love her and grow up well.

       See if the hair is close to the body and whether the hair on the sole of the foot is longer.

       When you are a child, if the cat’s fur is very close to the body, it will become a short hair cat when it grows longer. However, you’d better let the pet store identify it for you. It’s easy to choose the wrong one by yourself, or you can directly say that you want to buy a long hair cat. However, I still suggest that you don’t buy long hair cats. It’s very tiring and laborious to clean things like that. I used to raise white Persian cats before. It’s very troublesome. The house is full of fur!

       In addition, here are some tips for keeping a cat

       1¡¢ In addition to cat food, it is recommended to give the kitten some meat food every week, such as ham sausage, but the amount should not be too large, a few small pieces of nail plate are OK.

       If you want to feed beef to him (we do know that some cat owners feed their kittens with beef, and the kittens grow very strong), people should first chew the beef and then spit it out to the kitten. Because kittens lack an enzyme in their digestive system, which happens to be supplied through human saliva. This is conducive to digestion and absorption of kittens.

       Kittens have been able to control the amount of food they eat. If you leave cat food in the bowl, they will eat it themselves when they are hungry.

       However, it is still recommended to feed them once a day in the morning and at night. If possible, it is best to put away the food after meals, especially those that are prone to spoilage. In addition, feeding should pay attention to: timing, quantitative, fixed point.

       Don’t scare the cat when eating, or it may cause anorexia.

       As for canned cats, we usually mix rice before they eat it. Because canned cats are high energy, high protein food, just like people eat in the Spring Festival, every time you feed them directly, it may cause indigestion.

       Carbohydrates like rice are good for the growth of cats.

       Taboo: never give the kitten milk! There are many cats in the stomach lack of digestion and absorption of milk enzymes, drinking milk will lead to indigestion and diarrhea! Moreover, milk and cat milk have different ingredients.

       Always provide the kitten with drinking water (do not use tap water! £©And pay attention to the replacement every day.

       The solutions are as follows:

       3¡¢ Sleeping in our house, kittens have their own nests. They like to sleep together. In Xinhuan, I think he may want to sleep with others. It’s better to stop him from the beginning.

       Kittens love to play with things like electrical wiring, such as dangerous goods and things not suitable for kittens to play, do not let him play. Stop him when he tries to play with these things! If necessary, you can pat him on the head to show punishment. Every time he plays with these things, we must stop him. We must hold them to balance them. Don’t let him have a fluke mind.

       If you don’t want to get scratched while playing with a kitten, be careful: don’t tease him with the quick up and down movements of your hands. Cats naturally like to pounce and scratch, and their movements are very fast. It’s easy to scratch your provocative actions. Besides, if he doesn’t want you to hold him, you’d better let him go, or he may stretch out his nails to scratch you.

       If you don’t want your kitten to become a little crazy cat or be too naughty to be disciplined, don’t always tease him up and down.

       Always make kittens crazy to play crazy, when he grows up, he will be particularly “skinny”. If there are two kittens in the family, they can play well by themselves.

       4¡¢ Cats like to jump. If you don’t want your fragile items to be smashed by his God, put them away before he arrives!

       5¡¢ Cats like to eat grass sometimes. If you have plants in your house, you’d better put them out of reach.

       Some ornamental plants are poisonous, such as green pineapple, which can’t be touched by him. Cats like to walk around the table when people eat, hoping to order something to eat. If you want your cat to be a well bred baby, don’t give people something to eat when they are eating, and blow them away to let them know that people can’t disturb them when they are eating.

       The solution is also very simple, that is, feed the cat before the meal. In this way, when a person has eaten enough and is ready to wash and sleep, he will not make trouble. In short, we must develop good habits from childhood — not only cats, but also people. Cat owners should also develop a good habit of keeping cats. In this way, when cats grow up, they will know what they can and can’t do, and the owners will be very relieved.

       6¡¢ Grooming and bathing

       Comb him thoroughly at least every three days. Take a bath? If you want to wash him, we have no objection, but we should pay attention to the following points:

       Cut your nails once a week, especially the front paws. When cutting, you should pay attention to: only cut the translucent part of the nail tip, not to the red part, the red place is meat! If kittens don’t like to cut their nails, they can cut them while they are sleeping.

       Kittens usually sleep heavily.

       Often observe the kitten’s PP to see if there is diarrhea.

       If the owner shaves the cat’s hair, it may cause the cat to suffer from cold stimulation and have diarrhea symptoms or a cold.

       In addition, shaving the cat’s hair will also easily lead to cat’s skin injury or infection of skin diseases, affecting the cat’s health. It is not recommended that the owner shave the pregnant cat. The cat’s hair has a protective and cold proof effect.

       Except for special circumstances, can a cat be shaved when she is pregnant

       I don’t have to shave. I think cats are hot. This is just a subjective assumption. My cats never shave, and I don’t see cats getting hot. Just like lions and leopards, how hot are they on the African savannah, can they shave. For example, especially for male cats without KC, fur is a symbol of male for them. Once shaved, it will hurt the cat’s self-esteem. In summer, in order to let the dog spend the hot summer, the owner chooses to shave the dog. In fact, cats can shave, especially long haired cats. After shaving, they can save time to take care of and cool the cat.

       In fact, if the mother cat is very strong, and the parents can ensure the safety of the cat’s bathing process, then the pregnant cat can take a bath. Can shave, my family cat star people both shave, because the summer will depilate, and it’s very hot, but when shaving, it’s best to go to the pet store to shave, let’s leave some hair, don’t stick and shave, stick with the good, after shaving, you should be careful not to hurt its skin, remember to wear clothes in winter, otherwise it will catch cold, generally shaving price is not expensive, more than ten or dozens of yuan. This practice is not recommended because cats may affect their mood because of their appearance. Secondly, they will lose the normal protection of their hair and make their skin more vulnerable to damage.

       You think you’re the owner of the cat? Don’t be too naive. Most of the time you are just a slave, or the kind of super servile. ¡ª¡ªSevere cat addicts

       One day smoking cats, lifelong abstaining cats

       Every species is difficult to conceive and deliver. It is also common for long haired cats to be short of blood after giving birth to kittens. Pet owners to do is to give the cat good nutrition, from all aspects to take good care of the cat. For example, arrange the long hair cats and kittens, feed them good cat food and meat, and feed them some raw blood cream.

       After giving birth to a kitten, the long haired cat is also very weak. At this time, the pet should arrange the long haired cat and the kitten first, so as to avoid catching cold and causing illness. Pet owners want to give long haired cats

       Find a clean, warm, non humid place to rest, and then put some blankets, urine mats, etc. in the cat’s resting place. If the weather is cold, the owner should turn on the heater or put a heater to keep the cats warm.

       The long hair cat is very weak after giving birth to a kitten, and the lack of blood gas, that needs more nutrition. Pet owners should prepare some protein and iron rich cat food and canned cats as staple food.

       There are nutrients in cat food and meat, but not much can be absorbed by the long haired cat. The long haired cat has just given birth to a baby, so it needs a lot of nutrition. In addition to feeding cat food and meat, pet owners should also give the cat a proper amount of meowi Shengxue cream. This can be mixed in the food or licked directly to the cat. However, the amount of food should be paid attention to.

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