Symptoms of stuffy nose in cats

       Cat nose stuffy, like nasal congestion, need to pay attention to whether the cat is caused by a cold, pay attention to whether the nose branch infectious disease.

       1. Is it caused by a cold

       With the arrival of summer, many people can’t stand the hot weather. Parents will feel that the cat is covered with thick hair, and whether it will be very hot, so they shave the cat’s hair, turn on the air conditioner at home, and worry about the cat’s heat damage. However, it is not long before they find that the cat has sneezing, runny nose and stuffy nose.

       Therefore, when a cat has a cold, there will be nasal congestion. As long as the cat’s mental appetite is normal, give the cat some small Chaihu granules to expel cold, and it is better to give the cat some lysine to prevent the development of cold and avoid the occurrence of nasal branch. In the future, you need to pay more attention to keep the cat warm. Try not to turn on the air conditioner. If you turn on the air conditioner, you can put the cat in another room to avoid getting cold and aggravating the disease. If the cat with fever, mental appetite is not good, it is recommended to go to the hospital for specific examination and treatment.

       2. Beware of nasal branch infectious diseases

       All the cat friends who know about the nasal branch virus know that the treatment of infected nasal branch is very troublesome, and the harm of nasal branch to cat is also huge. Once infected with the nasal branch virus, it will carry the pathogen herpes virus for life. Therefore, in the high incidence period of nasal branch, we must pay attention to prevention, if the cat is not careful with nasal branch infection, we must see a doctor in time.

       3. Long term lysine prophylaxis

       In addition to being caused by external infection, sometimes it is also the continuation of the cold, that is, when the cat’s cold is not treated in time, bacterial lesions slowly develop into nasal branch virus. Therefore, in summer, many parents turn on air conditioning for cats, which will cause a cold. At this time, we must treat them in time to avoid serious development of the disease.

       When raising cats, you need to pay attention to the health of cats.

       The nose is swollen. It seems that Siamese nasal obstruction is a nasal branch

       Second, nasal inflammation, all kinds of rhinitis and sinusitis will lead to congestion and swelling of nasal mucosa, plus secretion increase, will make the nasal cavity narrow, affect natural ventilation. Common causes: first, due to trauma, surgery and other causes of nasal deformity, nasal mucosa swelling, nasal congestion. Need to be treated according to the cause of disease, if the nasal foreign body needs surgical treatment, if allergic or rhinitis needs to be anti-inflammatory and anti allergic as soon as possible.

       Third, nasal polyps, tumors, will make the nasal passage blocked or narrowed.

       It’s useless to massage the nose for a cat cold. It’s necessary to solve the problem of cat’s cold first, and then the cat’s nose will be ventilated slowly.

       Garfield’s breathing is always noisy. It’s the same as a blocked nose. It often sneezes. It has a lot of tears, yellow and stuffy nose. It feels that it has difficulty breathing. 2. Ordinary cats take the children’s special Ganmaoling granules to dispel the cold, once in the morning and evening, in addition, it is better to use the next meow lysine. If the cat’s nose is clogged up badly, you can put some eye drops in it. Some drugs, especially antibiotics, increase the burden of liver and kidney metabolism in cats, especially in kittens.

       Under normal circumstances, the cat’s nose will not be stuffy, so if your cat’s nose is stuffy, you should pay special attention to it. It may be that the cat is sick. First of all, the excrement removal officer must find out the reason why the cat’s nose is stuffy. Secondly, through some means to help cats alleviate their pain, I will talk about this matter.

       There are different reasons and solutions for the stuffy nose of cats. After finding out the cause of the stuffy nose of cats, the excrement removing officer should master the treatment method.

       1. If it is caused by the nasal branch of the cat.

       First of all, if the excrement removal officer suspects that it is caused by the nasal branch of the cat, he should go to a doctor in time, take the medicine according to the doctor’s advice, and make corresponding treatment according to the doctor’s advice. Moreover, if there are many cats in the family, the excrement removal officer should pay attention to isolate them. The nasal branch of the cat is infectious, which is very harmful to the cat. If the cat is not treated in time after the onset of the disease, it will pose a serious threat to health and even cause death.

       2. If it’s a cold that causes a stuffy nose.

       First of all, the excrement removal officer should feed the cats the corresponding medicine according to the doctor’s advice. The excrement removing officer should not underestimate the cold. If we don’t deal with it all the time, it is likely to become a big problem. Secondly, the excrement removal officer should pay attention to keep the cat warm. Many cat colds are caused by catching a cold. Cold in winter, not drying after bathing and other reasons will cause them to catch cold.

       Finally, the sick cats are generally weak, so whether it is a cat’s nasal branch or a simple cold, the excrement removal officer should pay attention to supplement nutrition for them. The cat with a cold is relatively fragile. If the nutrition can not keep up with it, the cold is easy to recur, which is also a headache for the excrement removal officer.

       If the cat’s nose is not ventilated, sometimes it will make snorting and other sounds. This is the performance that the cat wants to let the nose ventilate. Then why does the blue cat’s nose become stuffy? It may be that the cat has a cold, or it may be that the nose is affected by the nasal branch. In this regard, the pet owner should first judge which reason is the cat.

       There are many pet owners of cats have a cold and nasal branch is not clear, especially some novice pet owners often confuse the two, in fact, the cat with a cold is simply a runny nose and a stuffy nose, sometimes the cat will sneeze, which is generally the case. If it is the nasal branch of a cat, the cat will have a similar phenomenon like a cold. In addition, the eyes of the British short cat will be red, swollen and congested, and the phenomenon of tears in the eyes. This is caused by the nasal branch. Pet owners should be clear.

       2. How should cold word do

       If the cat has a cold, pet owners need not worry. It may be that the cat is catching cold or getting cold. It is suggested that the pet owner should keep warm for the cat, add some warm things to the cat’s place, and do not feed some cold, hard and greasy food when feeding. The cat’s intestines and stomach will be slightly affected during the cold. Try to eat warm food for the cat Food, let the cat drink more water, generally not a big problem, kittens will soon get better.


       In addition to catching a cold, there will also be some other phenomena. Pet owners can judge whether the cat has nasal branch according to these phenomena. Pet owners can check whether the cat’s eyes are red and swollen, often shed tears, and fear of light. This is the cat’s nasal branch. Cat owners can feed their cats with meow lysine.

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