How to correct the cat’s biting and catching behavior

       For dogs, humans are masters. Unlike dogs, cats like to treat humans as friends. When owners reach out to them, cats usually hold their owners’ hands and nibble with their teeth. This is a way for cats to express their closeness to human beings and a cat’s instinct. But many people think that cats like to scratch and bite.

       The sudden movement of the owner’s hand will make the cat’s hand as prey, instinctively catching and biting. If we don’t hide, it won’t exert too much force. Of course, we should avoid suddenly reaching out. Give it verbal encouragement when it nuzzles your hand or licks you with its tongue. If you can scratch his chin at the same time, it will immediately squint comfortably, and it won’t stick out the hook. Once or twice in this way, the cat will love you very much and will never bite you or stretch out a hook to scratch you.

       After a period of time, you will get a super playmate who is greasy and coquettish, because for a cat, what you do is care. If you play with the cat like this since childhood, when you grow up, the cat will be very good to you, like to be close to others, and will be very sensible to others. It is a clever cat.

       When playing with a cat, try not to tease the cat directly with a toy in his hand. The cat is careless when playing, and his reaction speed is faster than that of a person. He often catches you when you are unprepared. The end of a toy can be tied to the end of a toy with a long stick tied to it. (now there is a special cat teaser. The cat will love it.

       Conditional friends, can consider raising two cats at the same time. Two cats can play well with each other, and they will not be lonely when their owners are not at home. Moreover, with playmates, their interest in attacking people will be greatly reduced.

       Cat is like a piece of white paper, like a human child, he does not know what is right and what is wrong, only through the patient education of the master, can they develop good living habits and live in harmony and happiness with human beings.


       1. After being scratched by a cat, you need to clean the wound with iodine.

       2. Those bitten by cats, especially those bitten by stray cats, should be vaccinated with rabies vaccine at the district level health and epidemic prevention station within 24 hours after being bitten.

       3. Don’t forget to cut your cat’s nails regularly. When cutting nails, just cut off the white part of the nail tip, do not cut to the red part. For cats who like to play outside, don’t cut their nails to prevent them from falling when they jump.

A must read manual for new cat parents

       Can cats eat cans? Would you mind if I take a bath? Many simple questions can be complicated for new cat parents. The following small make-up of a few common questions to do an answer, new cat parents must read Oh!

       1¡¢ The little guy looks very healthy. Do you want to get vaccinated?

       We must vaccinate in time to prevent the occurrence of feline plague and other malignant infectious diseases. Because the cat plague virus is very harmful to the kittens under four months old, and the virus is infectious and can be transmitted without direct contact, so in order to let the kittens grow up healthily, please vaccinate your baby in time. The time of vaccination was about 12 weeks for kittens, twice before the age of one year, with an interval of 20 days, and then once a year.

       2¡¢ Kitten drill everywhere, make hair is very dirty, can take a bath?

       Kittens can’t take a bath before vaccination! The immunity of the kittens without vaccination is very low. It is easy to catch cold and loose when taking a bath, and even cause more serious problems. It is recommended to take a bath after vaccination! If the kitten is dirty because of mischief, you can consider wiping it with a hot towel or brushing it with a brush.

       After vaccination, you can give Mimi a bath, if the short hair cat can wash once a few months, long hair cat once a month is enough. Usually, you should comb your hair more to ensure that your cat is clean, because your cat needs to secrete sebum to protect your hair. If you wash it too often, your skin protection will decrease, which will lead to skin cancer. Moreover, it is better to use pet shampoo to avoid side effects of shampoo.

       3¡¢ Can you feed meat or can?

       In addition to cat food, it is recommended to give the kitten a little meat every week, but the amount should not be too large. A few small pieces of nail plate are OK. It’s even better if you can chew and feed the kitten, because the cat’s digestive system lacks an enzyme that can be provided by human saliva. This is conducive to digestion and absorption of kittens.

       As for tinned cats, it is not recommended to eat Mimi for less than four months. If you have to feed them, you can mix a little bit of Canned Rice and give it to them. Because canned cats are high-energy, high protein food, just like the big meals people eat during the Spring Festival, every time you feed them directly, it may cause indigestion. Carbohydrates like rice are good for the growth of cats.

       It should be noted that eating canned or pure meat in a kitten less than three months is likely to cause indigestion. Because his digestive organs are very delicate, lack of a lot of digestive enzymes, so indigestion will be lax, you can feed some lactase to regulate his gastrointestinal function (it is better to keep lactase raw).

       4¡¢ The fingernails of the little guy are very sharp. Can you cut them?

       You can cut your nails once a week, especially the front paws. Hold the nail clipper upright. It’s better not to start when struggling. For one thing, it’s not easy to control the size. It’s very likely to cut the cat’s flesh. If the cat’s paw is injured, it’s easy to be infected, which is troublesome. Secondly, it is easy to frustrate the trust and feelings of kittens to you.

       You can observe the cat’s paws in the light. First, the outermost layer is transparent and can be cut; next to the transparent one, it is white and opaque, so it’s better not to cut it; and then the inside is pink, and that part must not be cut. I’m talking about the nail part of the cat. It’s better to cut your nails according to the cat’s will. Don’t increase the cat’s unnecessary fear like fighting. At ordinary times, strengthen emotional contact and cultivate trust.

       It’s better to cut less than to cut more. You can take her paw to light, the pink part in the middle must not be cut, and the white translucent part around it should not be touched. Only the tip of the claw has a small transparent part (no more than 1.5mm), which can be cut. The scissors had better be sharp, so as not to cut the kitten’s nails. It’s also very painful.