Count the seven most hated types of meow people

       You may find it hard to know what cats like and dislike, but you have to guess the cat’s mind to get along better. Although each cat has different personalities and preferences, it has something in common with people who hate them. If you find yourself on the blacklist of people that cats hate, don’t mess up. Only a clear mind can help you analyze the problem. Find the problem, suit the remedy to the case, let the cat feel your change through time, and enhance the relationship with the cat

       No.1 people who hate cats, use violence against cats and abuse cats can safely sit at the top of the list of people who are hated by cats.

       We have always stressed that cats are our friends and our family. Will we treat our family and friends with violence and brute force? Of course not! Therefore, more love, more sense of responsibility, more care for the kitten, not for some reason and abuse of cats, or cats out of the house. Let more and more people join the ranks of caring for small animals, like family to care for them!

       No.2 the heart is afraid of the cat, but it has to be shown on the face. The people who see the cat always call silly like touching the electricity are also disgusted by the cat.

       Cats hate to be watched for a long time, let alone strange eyes. Cats and cats are very intelligent animals. They can read people’s ideas a lot. Even cats who are very familiar with their owners don’t like to be watched. Although cats live with us and are used to our eyes, direct and positive gaze can also make them uneasy. They usually turn away and look away to ease the tension. So when you’re confronted with an unfamiliar cat, make sure your face is covered with bright smiles, squint or blink and look away.

       No.3 cats hate people who smoke. To be exact, they hate tobacco, so they can’t avoid those who hold cigarettes.

       The cat’s sense of smell is much more sensitive than that of human beings, so it is also very annoying to some pungent odors, such as peppermint, ginger, orange peel, vinegar, toothpaste, medicinal oil, etc.

       No.4 the cat’s personality is independent and does not like to be interfered with too much freedom. The point is that it plays when it wants to play, sleeps when it wants to sleep, eats when it wants to eat, and does what it wants. In short, you can’t ask it to follow your ideas.

       Cats love freedom and need a certain amount of exercise space. If they are confined in a cage, it is absolutely disgusting and disgusting. The cat’s maverick character determines that they will have a strong self-esteem, which is very unacceptable for being ignored by their owners or declining status at home.

       No.5 cats like to be quiet, so they hate crying children, people who talk loudly, people who are always hysterical because of little things.

       Because the hearing of a cat is much more sensitive than that of a human being and several times more sensitive than that of a dog, any slight wind and grass movement can’t escape the cat’s ears. The hair dryer is close to the body and makes a huge noise that the cat can’t bear. For a cat, it’s a kind of non cat abuse. The sound of firecrackers during the festival, the cry of children, the barking of dogs, the noise of vacuum cleaners, the noise of car engines, and so on, are disliked by cats.

       No.6 cats love to be clean, so it’s very hard to bear people who don’t take a bath for a few days and smell sour all over the body and people full of alcohol smell after drinking.

       [editor’s note] cats love to be clean and have a little bit of cleanliness. They always bury them carefully when they are convenient, and clean their bodies carefully to remove the smell left by their stools. So if the food bowl, water bowl and cat toilet are not clean enough, they will definitely protest strongly. For clean cats, it’s very hard to bear people who don’t take a bath for a few days and smell sour all over their bodies, and people who are full of alcohol after drinking.

       No.7 when the cat Meimei is sleeping, you appear in front of her as the person who disturb her dream, and also carry out a series of harassment, such as kissing, hugging, kneading, etc. It was meant to enhance the relationship, but unfortunately you chose the wrong time. It’s afraid that the good intention may be to find a lover, and it will have the opposite effect.

       The cat sleeps two-thirds of the time every day. If you want to make love or play with a cat when it is sleeping, it’s a big mistake. In fact, at the moment, it is not interested in your intimate action, or even extremely impatient. If the cat and you are deeply in love, it may raise its head slightly or pat its tail to show consent, and then continue to breathe Big sleep. Older cats prefer to be quiet. When they are far away from you and in a quiet environment, you’d better not disturb them!