Are cats descended from tigers?


       We all think that cats and tigers are very different creatures. We can’t compare them to each other in terms of body shape and habits. The only similarity seems to be the whiskers and the inverted “King” on some cats’ heads. But we must not forget that cats and tigers belong to the category of cats, even though their development track has not been dry However, the similarities in origin will also produce some advantages of the same goal by different ways. ????

       Tiger spotted cat and tiger skin cat are two kinds of cat species with tiger characteristics. Some of these characteristics are formed by natural evolution, and some are shown through continuous artificial cultivation. ???

       I. tiger skin cat

       In 1980, Judy Sarkin, an American pet lover, discovered that his two spotted cats had very unique markings. Therefore, she introduced another male cat with similar stripes from India to mate with her own spots. The hybrid cat born in India has more obvious and beautiful tiger stripes, which is the earliest tiger skin cat. Later, some breeders introduced the monterella lineage, which made the tiger fur look wilder and bigger. Nowadays, more and more people like tiger skin cats. ??????

       Tabby cats are characterized by three dark streaks along the spine, butterfly patterns on the shoulders and continuous fine stripes on the side abdomen. There are fine spots on the face and stripes on the bridge of the nose. The limbs and tail also have circle pattern, all patterns are obvious and beautiful. Tiger skin cat has a beautiful face and rich expression. It likes to get along with people and is an expert at catching mice and other small animals. ????

       2. Tabby cat

       Tabby cat, native to the United States. The head is round, the distance between the two ears is close, the size is moderate, the ear root is wide, the ear is wide and deep, and the top is round. The cheeks are wide, making the head look rather round. The eyes are large and bright, with a round apricot shape. The colors can be accepted from yellow, gold to green, usually with eyeliner. Nose is brick red, with nose line. The tabby cat has a moderate body shape and a broad and deep chest. The length of limbs and tail is moderate, strong and muscular. ??????

       There are many kinds of markings on the tabby cat, mainly including:

       1. Standard speckle:

       Thick, clear, wide stripes, the ring stripes on the legs are connected with the stripes on the body. The markings on the tail are circular. There are some complete collars on the neck above the chest, the more the better. The wrinkled markings on the forehead and brow, like the letter “m”. A continuous line of lines extends from the side of the eye and surrounds the cheeks. The vertical line on the top of the head extends to the shoulder, with clear dots in the butterfly pattern. Three straight, parallel stripes from the butterfly to the tail divide the back evenly. The larger spots are surrounded by three or more continuous stripes on both sides of the body. The shape and color of the two sides are the same as possible. There are lots of spots on the chest and abdomen. The joint is the same color as the stripes. ??????

       2. Fish bone spot:

       Having a narrow, well-defined band on the body. The tail is striped like a palisade. There are clear stripes on the chest and neck, like many chains. The wrinkled markings on the forehead and brow, like the letter “m”. From the corner of the eye a continuous line of lines extends around the cheek, the top of the head of the vertical line extends to the shoulder. The markings on the back of the spine condense together to form a narrow saddle. All parts of the body are covered with narrow stripes. The joint is the same color as the stripes. ??????

       3. Patch speckles:

       Patch patch refers to silver standard spot, brown standard patch and blue standard patch with red or cream color. ??????

       4. Silver stripes:

       Overall color, including lips and jaws, pale white, clean silver. Thick black markings. The silver standard stripe gene is a gradual color, like that of the gill porpoise, so the undercoat is white. The nose is brick red. The claw pad is black. The eye color is green or light brown. Green is ideal. ????

       5. Blue stripes:

       The overall color includes pale lips and jaws, ivory blue. The very dark blue stripes provide a good contrast with the background color. The overall feeling is pale yellowish brown or copper rust. Nose color is slightly grayish purple rose color. The color of claw pad is rose. The eye color is bright gold. ????

       In addition, cats and tigers are similar in that they also have powerful hunting skills, which is particularly prominent in the wild cats. Cats have strong survival skills in the wild. They are flexible and quick to respond. They are easy to climb trees on the wall. Their sharp teeth can also make other things scared when they smell the wind. So if cats have the body shape of tigers, you can imagine how terrible they should be So, from this point of view, cats can also be regarded as the descendants of tigers! ??????????????