Understand the cat’s heart through three behaviors

       Most of the time we interact with cats, we don’t know what some of their movements and expressions express, which may lead to unnecessary trouble. Today, I will teach you how to understand the cat’s inner world.

       1. Courtship: the most obvious gesture of kindness is to wag your tail leisurely, or lie on the ground, standing on your feet, waiting for you to pat it. When a pet cat wants to be coquettish with you, it will rub along with its body or step on its owner’s side with its left and right feet.

       2. Angry action: when the pet cat is angry, the whole body will be obviously tense. If the body squats slightly and takes the posture of preparing to rush forward, it is going to attack.

       3. What the cat says: lazy and gentle “meow ~” is greeting you. If you are hungry or want to drink water, you can check whether the feed basin or the litter basin should be cleaned.

       Snoring from the throat is satisfaction (or illness, but not often). If you howl out the sound of “Mi ~ Fei”, you may be complaining about something. When a pet cat calls at you, you may as well listen carefully. When the pet cat finds that you will pay attention to its expression, the pet cat baby will also be more willing to talk to you. As time goes by, you will understand its cat language better.