Introduction of American short tailed cats

       American short tailed cat, as the name suggests, has a short tail. The adaptability of the city is relatively strong, not afraid of strangers, is a relatively easy to get along with the cat. Love adheres to the master, so don’t neglect it at home.

       The origin of American short tailed cat

       The American Bobtail cat originated in the 1860s (unintentionally bred). This variety is characterized by short tail, thick hair and medium length. Around 1964, a couple named Sanders were on holiday in an Indian holiday village in Arizona. They found a wild looking kitten with short hair and a curly tail. They adopted the cat and named it yodie. Later, the cat mated with a Siamese cat named Michi, and the resulting cub had a cream band cross spot, which was the origin of the breed.

       Introduction of American short tailed cats

       It’s a domestic cat breed, but it looks like a wild cat. American kittens are quiet, patient and gentle. It is gentle and intimate with its master. American Bobtail can get along well with other cats and dogs, but it doesn’t like to be alone. This cat of American ancestry is extremely rare outside the United States. It was recognized by TICA in 1989. Semi long haired American short tailed and long haired American Bobcats share the same breed characteristics as their cousins

       Price of American short tailed cat

       American short tailed cats purchased in regular pet shops usually have pedigree certificates. The price ranges from 8000 to 10000. If you buy it in a cat house outside, it will be about 3000. Of course, you can get the goods according to the price. There will be great differences in appearance and body shape.

       In fact, many times when we go to a pet store or cat house to buy a pet, if we don’t understand it, we can’t tell what is purebred and what is good. Cats can’t see it when they’re too young. After taking it home, I grow up slowly and have feelings. Even if I find that it is not purebred, or how long the body is, what does it matter? If I really like it, I won’t care so much. It has been in your life.