Copper deficiency in Siamese cats

       Anemia is the main manifestation of copper deficiency in Siamese cats. In the early stage, there are no obvious symptoms. With the prolongation of copper deficiency time, the sick cats gradually show that they like to lie down and move lazily, lose their energy, reduce their movement, pant when they move, and the color of visible mucosa becomes pale or even pale; it is easy to fracture; the color of dark cat’s fur becomes lighter. The growth and development of young cats slowed down or stagnated, the joints were deformed, the bone ends were thick, and the hindquarters swayed when walking. Ataxia, prone to fall.

       Etiology of copper deficiency in Siamese cats

       In general, most of the cats fed with animal muscle and viscera usually do not suffer from copper deficiency, but cats fed on milk for a long time are prone to copper deficiency; At the same time, because the absorption of copper depends on the carrier protein in intestinal mucosa cells, when the content of zinc in food is too high, the absorption of copper will be affected, which may be related to the competition between copper and zinc for the same carrier protein.

       Treatment of copper deficiency in Siamese cats

       The main prevention and treatment of copper deficiency in cats is copper supplement. Therefore, 0.2-0.3 g copper sulfate can be used for oral administration, once every 4-5 days, or the cat can be fed with full price compound feed. Copper glycine can also be used by subcutaneous injection of 10-20 mg in cats. Once every 4-5 days, good results can be obtained. If the situation is serious, please seek medical advice in time.