Introduction of exotic cats

       What is an exotic cat? What are the standards for exotic cats?

       Foreign cat standard:

       The whole: the first impression of an ideal exotic cat is its strong bones, soft and sweet looks, and round lines. Large and round eyes, the distance between the eyes on the head should be wide. Emphasize the spherical appearance.

       Head: round, large, very large skull. Round face, round basic bone structure. A short, thick neck. The structure of the skull is exaggerated. When viewed from the side, the protruding eyes are obvious, and the forehead, nose, chin and all seem to be aligned vertically.

       Nose: short, lazy, breaking the center line of the eye.

       Cheek: full. The cheekbones are not too obvious, smooth and just right.

       Chin: broad and powerful. Well developed.

       Ears: small, rounded, pointed, sloping forward rather than excessively open. The head is decorated (twisted) in a round shape.

       Eyes: bright, large, round, and full. Set horizontally and far apart, giving a sweet expression on the face.

       Body: stout, low legs, deep chest, shoulders and hips as large as abdomen and back. Good muscle tone, no evidence of obesity. Large or medium size. Weight is preferred over size.

       Limbs: short, thick, strong. The forelegs are straight. The hind legs are straight from the back.

       Foot: large, round. Toes close, five at the front and four at the back.

       Tail: short, in proportion to the body.

       Shawl: thick, soft and full. Rich and thick down. Medium length. The permissible length is longer than that of short haired cats.

       Points deducted: crooked or abnormal tail. Incorrect toe count. There are any obvious weaknesses in the hind legs. Any obvious spinal deformity. The deformed skull causes an asymmetrical face and / or head. Crossed eyes.

       Disqualification: the above disqualification applies to all exotic cats.

Brief introduction to the breed of puppet cat

       Puppet cat is soft and lovely, strong endurance, and very friendly to people. It is very suitable for families with children and can tolerate children scratching. Such a lovely and gentle cat, of course, can not be careless in raising. Xiaobian has sorted out the key points of raising puppet cats. I hope everyone can take care of a healthy and lovely puppet cat.

       1. History

       The origin of Muppet cat is the United States, also known as the Braddock cat, is the cat with the largest size and weight. Their ancestors are white long haired cat and Berman cat (details). They began breeding in 1960 and were recognized in the United States in 1965.

       2. Features

       The whole body of the puppet cat is particularly loose and soft. Like a soft puppet, it is gentle and quiet. It is very friendly to people and has strong tolerance for pain. It is often mistaken for lack of pain. Very tolerant of children’s play, so named puppet cat, is a very ideal family pet.

       3. Profile

       It is a large cat with a broad chest and a large buttocks. There is a very lovely face, a pair of oval blue eyes and a pair of big round ears. The body hair belongs to the medium long type, does not tangle together, the texture is smooth like rabbit hair. It has a fluffy tail, a neck collar and a long body hair on its buttocks.