What are the characteristics of Balinese cats

       Compared with their ancestors Siamese cats, Balinese cats are obviously easier to get close to people. Although Balinese cats also like to play, they do not belong to cats that are difficult to control. As long as their owners call, they will still obediently come to listen to your command, because they like to keep company with human beings. If they live alone all the time, I’m afraid they will suffer from depression.

       Many people know that Siamese cats are loud and not soft. However, Balinese cats do not inherit this feature. Their calls are softer and will not bore their owners. Most Balinese cats also look at their owners’ eyes. For example, when they find that their owners are in a good mood, they will indulge in coquetry and cuddle with their owners. When they find that their owners are in a low mood or angry, they will give their owners a little space for themselves.

       Balinese cats are very curious. Once they are interested in something or an object, they will follow up until they lose interest. At the same time, they are also very sensitive, a little bit of wind and grass may also attract their attention, so under the dual effect of curiosity and sensitivity, the owner may find that the cat is still moving, like a detective mysterious life.

       In addition, the Balinese cat is also one of the super gregarious animals. No matter it is for the dog or other cats, they will not generate hostility. If the dog or cat are very active, they will definitely play together. However, the owner may have to think about how to make them stop quickly, because if they play crazy, the owner will be the last to get mad People.

How to make Bali cat eat more scientifically

       Eating a good body is not an empty word. If you want to make Balinese cats more healthy, the daily diet must be scientific and reasonable. The owner who tries to save time will usually feed cat food to the cat, which is no problem at all, because the nutrients contained in the cat food can meet the needs of the cat, and the dry food can also rub the cat’s teeth and prevent the occurrence of dental calculus and other diseases. So if you’re not sure how to feed Balinese cats, there’s no mistake in feeding them cat food.

       For the owner who wants to let the cat eat more delicious food, it is very important to know what nutritional elements the cat needs, because once the cat can not obtain the necessary nutrients, it will become empty talk to let the cat enjoy the delicious food. After all, the body is the capital of revolution. Cats who often eat homemade cat food are more likely to have a problem dental calculus. The owner needs to prepare a molar stick for the cat to fully exercise the cat’s teeth and prevent the occurrence of dental calculus.

       If you need homemade cat food, the owner must also pay attention to the following food supply: 1. Fish. It is well known that cats like to eat fish, but cats don’t eat fish as well as you think. They will also be stuck by fish bones. When preparing fish, the owner must help the cat remove the big bones. 2. Shrimp and other food. Although the protein content is high and cats like it very much, long-term uninterrupted supply will not only cause cats to be picky, but also affect some normal physiological functions of cats.

       In addition, in order to let the cat develop good eating habits, the owner needs to feed the cat regularly and quantitatively. When training cats, you can give some food as a stimulant, but you can’t give too much food. After the cat eats too many snacks, it becomes more and more difficult to satisfy, and the training will become more difficult.

       For many owners of the “my cat does not like to drink water” problem, the owner might as well try to put some cat Mint in the water basin, many cats will become water loving because of the role of cat MINT!