What should cats do if they always run away from home

       We all think that cats are animals that are not close to each other. When they grow up, they are always eager to run away from home. Is it true that cats are friendly? The ancestors of domestic cats are supposed to be desert cats originated in ancient Egypt. They have been domesticated and become widely used pets in families all over the world. Cats are agile, good at jumping and nocturnal animals. Cats are full of curiosity about the food of the outside world. As the saying goes, “Curiosity Kills the cat”. In life, some parents will complain that the cat is not willing to go home after going out. This may be because the cat is full of curiosity about the outside world. However, if the cat really does not want to go home, what should be done?

       Through the study of the cat’s habits, we can learn that the female cat gives birth to the kitten and will raise it together for several months, and then the kitten can move independently. At this time, the female cat will drive the male cat away and take it to another place to let the male cat live by himself. I’ll stay and live with the cat. Male cats live alone and will not be with other male cats. Cats will defend their own territory and male cats will fight for the territory of female cats. Female cats will live together in groups. But some female cats will be banished to different places to live on their own when their kittens are big.

       When cats go outdoors, they are reluctant to go home. Maybe it is because they feel that their home territory is not theirs; they may also be attracted by the outside world; in addition, once cats in estrus are out, they are not willing to go home because they want to “date” the opposite sex.

       Of course, it’s not possible for a pet cat not to go home. So if the cat doesn’t go home, you may need to take tough measures to take it home, or prepare “good food and wine” to lure it home. Of course, sometimes knowing that the cat will not be willing to go home after going out, simply do not let the cat go to the outside of the house, or take the traction rope when going out, so that it is easier to control the cat, even if it does not want to go home, it can also take it home.