How to find a lost cat

       It is said that if the cat is not close, he runs away from home without paying attention. In fact, the cat is very curious and always wants to explore the outside world. But the domestic cat to the outside life is still very hard, so once the cat lost, we must find it back as soon as possible.

       1. Three stages after the cat lost

       The time after the loss of the cat can be divided into three stages

       The first stage: the first three days of the cat’s loss, that is, the first 72 hours, can be said to be the golden time to find a cat. At this time, the cat is usually near home, or even close to home (such as in the corridor), so we should seize the time to search intensively, and the possibility of finding the cat is the greatest.

       The second stage: the first 7-10 days after the loss is still the crucial time to retrieve the cat. The cat is still in the neighborhood for the most part and won’t go far. Especially if there is a feeding place or gathering place for stray cats nearby. The nature of a cat can easily lead him to the same kind of place, even if he has never been there.

       The term “nearby” is generally within 400-1km / 2km for sterilized cats. Of course, this data is only for reference. It also depends on the surrounding environment, whether the community is closed, etc

       Stage 3: 7 or 10 days later, if the cat can’t find a place to eat or drink nearby, it may choose to go further. Therefore, the probability of finding it is reduced. However, it is not impossible. Many cases are found after missing one or two months, so these numbers can only be used as reference

       Smell points to the door

       Usually living at home cat, because do not go out, so even if it is a long lived place, once out may not know. In particular, the buildings and units are very similar. So if it’s not a cat that often goes out, there’s no question about whether or not you know your family

       You can sprinkle some of his used cat litter (with his smell) around, especially under the window. Be careful not to let the cleaner sweep away directly.

       And his rice bowl basin, can also put the windowsill. In short, there is his smell, such as the mat he has urinated on, or the smell he is familiar with, such as his favorite food, canned food and so on

       3. Performance when seeing a cat

       After the cat is lost, there are basically two different reactions: one is afraid, but still knows its owner, and will come out when he hears the owner’s voice. It’s lucky to do that. The second is that they are so scared that they don’t know who they are. They run when they see them. If so, be patient. Don’t scare the cat away because of his urgency

       No matter what kind of situation, the cat is very frightened in the strange environment outside. Once you see it, don’t cry out in surprise. Be as calm as possible and approach slowly as usual at home!

       It’s best to carry a cat bag with you, or keep it at your fingertips, because once you catch a cat, you will often struggle madly, or cover your head with a quilt, blanket, sheet, clothes, etc. in short, you must not loosen it at this time! Otherwise, it will be very difficult to catch it next time.

       4. The best time to find a cat

       In addition to recommending the dead of night (after about 10 p.m.), you can also according to your cat’s work and rest habits.

       For example, I searched for nearly 20 hours in a row. During this period, I saw Moji twice and ran away when I saw me. Later it occurred to me that he usually ate at 5 or 6 in the morning. So I went home to have a rest for an hour and went down to look for food at 5 o’clock. At 5 o’clock in the morning, it’s still quiet outside and the visibility is good (he’s a black cat). He’s hungry and tired all day, and it’s his usual time to eat.. It turns out that not only has it been found, but food has also played a role.

       By the way, many cats run out. Even if there is a place for cats to eat, they often can’t eat or drink in the first few days. First, they are afraid, and the second is that they will be bullied by the local cats. Therefore, this can be used.

       5. Inspiration from cat search

       This should be done as soon as the cat is found to be lost, as it may be the easiest thing to do

       It’s better to post pictures of cats and post them wherever possible. Maybe you will get unexpected results

       6 personalized cat search program

       Generally speaking, it is important to combine the life and personality of your cat, and the specific living environment, such as a building or a bungalow, a separate building or a closed community or courtyard,

       Is it close to the road

       Is there a feeding point or a stray cat colony around,

       If the cat is lost, it can be anxious, but it can’t disturb the mind. No one knows him / her better than you do. Calm down and think about it,

       The key to the success of finding a cat is to consider all possible factors and work out a personalized recovery plan according to the specific situation.

       7 the best way

       Cats are highly sensitive and emotional creatures, which are worth learning more about.

       In addition to understanding the personality of their own cats, but also to understand the general characteristics of some cat.

       You can do more accumulation at ordinary times. You can learn the basic habits and behavior of cats through the Internet or books, so that you won’t get mad when things happen,

       For example, many cats run out of the building, usually not to the downstairs, but to the upstairs. Therefore, the dead corner of the corridor, behind the stacking of furniture and debris, and the stairwell are all places where cats may hide. These are related to the cat’s habits. If you can learn some common sense in advance, it may play a great role in the critical time.

       More importantly, we can prevent accidents in the bud. If we can avoid accidents and make them not happen at all, that is the best way!

       For example, cats who live in buildings often run out of doors because they can’t tell the difference between the doors of other rooms.

       Therefore, cats should be trained to stay away from the door from the beginning (stop shouting, watering pots, etc.).

       The screen window is also a part to be checked frequently. Many so-called “new type screen window” have their own surface. If you poke a few times, the screen will come out of the seam, or it will be missed. You must check it more or replace the anti cat scratch screen (Taobao has it, it is cheap). If it is a push-pull window, you can clip a big clip on the window frame on the other side of the window sash, so that the cat can hardly push the window open.

       Lost cats often occur in shared environments. For example, the one who shares the House fails to close the door or window, or the visiting relatives and friends do not pay attention to opening and closing the doors and windows, which leads to the cat running away. Therefore, people who share a cat should pay more attention from the beginning, explain the situation and matters needing attention with the roommate. If the other party wants to receive guests, please inform him in advance, so as not to settle down the cat. In addition, you can post some notes to remind you to close the door and close the window, etc.

       All these things can not be said one by one.

       In short, in today’s human society, cats (including other animals) are the weakest group.

       When making any decision related to them, please remember: what kind of life they are going to live is completely controlled by your and my thoughts! For us, the difference between them is often a great difference.

       Lasting love, care and responsibility, not only can avoid a lot of accidents, but also the biggest and ultimate guarantee of feline happiness and safety!

How to prevent the cat from missing

       Cats are more self-contained and don’t like caged animals. So when cats like to play outside, or when cats are in estrus, it’s quite common for cats to get lost. So what are the reasons for the cat’s loss? How can owners avoid losing their cats? After the cat is lost, what measures should be taken to find the lost cat? I will analyze it for you.

       If the cat has not been sterilized, he will go out for love because he wants to go out to find a partner. On the way, if the heavy rain washed away the mark of going home, the cat would not find the way to go home. 2. Emotional stimulation and anger may come from the owner’s recent negligence, and the cat runs away in anger; maybe it’s too much pressure; it may be that the cat’s nature is curious and full of interest in the unknown; perhaps it’s because he moved to a new home and missed his old home too much. 3. Poor sense of direction and getting lost. Because domestic cats have been indoors for a long time, their sense of direction is getting worse and they are more likely to get lost. Because they have less contact with the outside world, they can’t make more marks.

       In addition to the influence of mating desire, the male cat without ligation will have a strong regional concept. When the smell of other cats appears outside, he will want to fight and drive the intruder away. 2. Pay attention to the firmness of doors and windows, especially for cats who are used to going out. Even if there are screen windows, it is still easy for some intelligent cats to open the screen. Therefore, it is better to make sure that the doors and windows have been closed and locked. 3, balcony installation guard net, many people have balcony, however, if the balcony is open, it is easy to become a cat to drill out of the loophole. At this time, you can install a protective iron frame or DIY protective net by yourself. Don’t neglect this open space and let the cat have the chance to run away. Small series reminder: pay attention to the size of the gap when installing, and try to select the small slit or hole. 4. Use the cage to take the cat out. When going out, try to use the cage. Only when the cat reaches a safe place can the cat be released. In particular, it is recommended to leave the cage with a door that can be closed, which is safer than the bag, because the cat can easily escape from the side. 5. The advantage of wearing a famous brand implant is that the person who finds the cat can contact the owner directly at the first time according to the contact information on the brand name. However, it is better to use a safety collar when using a famous brand, so as to avoid the collar being caught by articles accidentally, which may cause danger to the cat’s life. Editor’s note: there are chips in the cat’s body, so finding a cat can be used as evidence. 3. How to find the lost kitten 1. First, look for the cat nearby. Because the cat is a cautious and timid animal, when you find that your cat is away from home, don’t rush down the stairs to look for the whole floor first. The cat is likely to hide somewhere in the stairs. Make up a reminder: when looking for the cat, call the cat’s name softly in the corridor, so as to avoid the cat being frightened. 2. The comprehensive community search for cats is likely to stay two kilometers away from home, parks, places with few people, construction sites, parking lots, alleys, garbage dumps and other places where cats are easy to gather. If you want to find it, remember to prepare a flashlight and the mat your cat sleeps on. 3. Create a clue to go home. Put cat food or favorite food on the cat’s food bowl at the door of the house every day, and never stop, because this will make the lost cat attracted by the smell of food. Sometimes even if he can’t find his home, he may find his way home. The best way to find a cat is to post it. The theme should be clear. Make simple posters and post them around the house, bulletin board, business gate, convenience store, animal hospital and pet store for people to identify. In addition to the cat’s characteristics, we should also clearly describe the cat’s characteristics. 5. Neighbors should say hello to the community security and neighbors, especially at night, because the security can better understand the trend in the community. If they find a cat, they must ask them to keep the cat and contact themselves as soon as possible.