What are the morphological characteristics of Berman cats

       Many people will confuse Berman cat with puppet cat and Siamese cat. In fact, they are three different kinds of cats. We can get a glimpse from their origin. Berman cat is from Myanmar, Muppet cat was born in the United States, while Siam cat is produced in Thailand. In addition, their body size is not the same, Muppets are large cats, while Berman and Siamese cats are of medium size. To better understand the difference between Berman cats and other cats, you must understand their morphological characteristics.

       Detailed description of morphological characteristics of Berman cat

       Overall: the size of the Berman cat is longer than that of a typical Persian cat, but its face is narrower, and its trunk fur color is light golden yellow, which contrasts with the color of face, ears, head and tail.

       Appearance: medium to large. The body and head are very strong, and the center of gravity is low, giving a strong feeling. The tip of the ear is slightly round. The top of the front paw is white, all the way to the back of the leg. A pair of unique sapphire eyes, four feet like snow-white gloves, and complicated life experience make Berman cat, known as “Myanmar holy cat”, exude unique temperament.

       Head: the front of the head is tilted backward and slightly convex. The cheek is muscular and round. The facial hair is short, but the outer buccal hair is long and the beard is dense.

       Ears: medium length. The ear is large and erect forward, the tip of the ear is slightly rounded, the distance between the two ear tips is wide, and the distance between the two ear roots is moderate. The cheek and the ear present a characteristic “V” shape, which is very harmonious with the head vestibule. Eyes: round and big, they look like they can talk, and they are wide apart. The color of the eyes is clear blue, dark blue is more ideal than light blue.

       Nose: the bridge of the nose is high and straight, of medium length, and the tip of the nose drops slightly slowly, showing a slightly hooked nose.

       Limbs: the limbs are short and thick, with well-developed bones and strong muscles; the forelimbs are upright.

       Feet: big and round toes, big grip, short and powerful claws, white claws, like wearing a white hand cover. The part of the front toe is called a “glove” and the part of the back toe is called “laces” and extends to the joint point.

       Tail: the tail is medium in length, coordinated with the body, and has dense tail hair.

       Eyes: round, big, blue and blue.

       Shawl: medium long hair, not tangled, easy to comb, long and thick hair, like silk, fine and glossy; neck long hair, but short coat of scapula; chest to lower abdomen hair slightly wavy; abdomen hair allows a small amount of curl. Body hair should be single color without stripes, but a small amount of dark color is allowed in seal color spots and blue spots. The more obvious the contrast between body hair and spots, the better. The same color is the best for the spots on the face, ears, limbs and tail, and the hair tips of the spots should not be mixed with white. The four claws should be white.

       Fur colors: seal, blue, chocolate, clove, red, cream and tortoiseshell.

       Spot: Based on the key color, with or without Bobcat pattern.

       The hair is thick and glossy.

       When selecting a Berman cat, you can judge whether the cat’s appearance is ideal according to the above characteristics. If there is any deviation, it proves that the cat may be mixed with other lineages, and their personality may be different from that of purebred cats. Of course, the price will be lower than that of purebred cats.

The difference between Berman cat and puppet cat

       Berman cat originated from Myanmar, also known as Myanmar holy cat.

       Puppet cat is produced in the United States, also known as the Braddock cat. Berman cat was first raised by monks in ancient Burmese temples and regarded as the patron saint cat. Muppets are the largest and heaviest of all cats. They were bred by amber, a California woman. There are similarities between the two, but there are also ways to distinguish. This issue of cat encyclopedia brings you the difference between Berman cat and puppet cat.

       Berman cat was introduced into Europe in the 18th century, and gradually came into being. This kind of pet cat has a longer body shape than the typical Persian cat, and its coat is mainly light golden yellow. Berman has a narrow face and contrasts the colors of its face, ears, head and tail. Berman cat’s eyes are unique sapphire eyes. Its limbs and soles are like wearing white gloves. Its life experience is still unknown, which makes Berman cat exude a unique mysterious temperament.

       The whole body of puppet cat is particularly soft and loose. Its head is V-shaped, its eyes are round and big, and their eyes are bright and clear. It has a large body, thick limbs, a long tail and a very thick coat of hair on its body. Their coat colors are mostly tricolor or bicolor. The character of puppet cat is as soft and sweet as its body. Its gentle and quiet character is deeply loved by people. At the same time, the puppet cat has a very strong tolerance, the pain tolerance is very strong. Therefore, this kind of pet cat can get along well with children.

       Berman cat and Muppet cat have different origin, their appearance, personality, living habits and attitudes towards human beings are also different. But there is no denying that they are very popular pet cats, deeply loved and appreciated by people. It is not difficult to distinguish between the two cats. First of all, understand the similarities and differences between the two kinds of cats, body parts, hair color, body size and so on to strictly distinguish and compare, master their own characteristics. Then according to the two different appearance, personality to distinguish can be.

How to care for Berman cat? Nursing points of hair, eyes and ears of Berman cat

       Berman cat is a long hair cat, is very clean, parents should pay attention to help love cat care work, the cat will like you more.

       1¡¢ Hair care of Berman cat

       1. We should comb the hair of Berman cat every day, especially in the season of hair changing, at least twice a day.

       2. The pet cat’s hair should be thoroughly cared once a week with hair cleaner.

       3. If there is a method like the above for its care, then the number of baths can be reduced. Generally, twice a month in summer and once a month in winter. Just give it a little conditioner once in a while. Note: the bath water should be warm; the cleaning agent should be used for pets and cats; after washing, the hair should be dried as soon as possible.

       2¡¢ Eye and ear care

       1. Always check and clean the eyes of Berman cat, and regularly drop antibiotic eye drops for it. It’s best to do it after nursing and bathing.

       2. Clean its ears by the way during weekly nursing, and drop ear cleaning agent directly into the ears of pets and cats.