How much is a Berman cat

       The gentle and gentle Berman cat is very friendly to people and its voice is very sweet. It can not only get along well with its owner, but also be very friendly with other cats. The Berman cat who has just entered the new environment can not get a sense of security, and will show its sweet and kind character after being familiar with it. So how much does it cost to buy a Berman cat?

       The price of Berman is about 2500. Berman cat, also known as the holy cat of Myanmar, is said to have been raised by monks in ancient Burmese temples and regarded as the patron saint cat. It was introduced into Europe in the 18th century and gradually evolved and shaped. The price of Berman cat will vary from city to city.

       Berman cat has a long body, and its coat is mainly light golden yellow. Its face, ears, legs, tail and other parts are dark, brown or dark gray, and its four claws are white. Colors are divided into seal, blue, clove, chocolate, red, cream and tortoise shell. All colors can be added with Bobcat pattern.