Why does my cat like to eat wires

       My first cat is very naughty. It can try to bite all the things in the house. When I finally helped him get rid of the habit of biting paper towels, it began to bite the wires of household appliances. This made me very nervous. I once regretted that I had let it stop biting paper towels. I believe that many cat friends have encountered such problems. If the cat bites the wire, the owner should pay great attention to it, because it may shock itself and cause a fire.

       Generally speaking, a cat may bite a wire because it’s too boring. When the owner goes out in the morning, the cat will spend the whole day alone at home. Because the plastic protective layer is wrapped outside the wire, it is more “chewy”, and the cats naturally love not to speak. To avoid this situation, the owner should start training cats when they are young. When they want to bite wires, you should say no to them, so that they can understand that it is not right to bite wires. For cats that are adopted as adults, their owners can train them as well as their kittens.

       If the cat has nibbled on the wire, the owner had better buy the wire protection film first. This kind of protective film can cover the wire to prevent the cat from biting through the wire. At the same time, the owner can buy some cat repellent odor spray, spray the spray on the wire, the cat will smell the wire and stay away. In addition, the owner can also prepare more toys. If the cat has toys to play with, it won’t be staring at the wire and biting all the time.

       Of course, some cats bite the wires because of the lack of some elements inside their bodies, so they have the phenomenon of “eating differently”. If so, the owner should take the cat to the pet hospital for examination as soon as possible, and cooperate with the veterinarian to formulate an appropriate treatment plan. When cats get back to health, their love of eating wires will disappear.