Don’t take the cat from the fur

       Different breeds of cats determine that they have different fur colors. When selecting cats, we will first look at their shapes. Cats with bright and bright fur are the first choice for owners. After all, pets are not only a hobby, but also have high appearance and ornamental value, which are also considered by people nowadays. However, we can’t go to extremes in this respect. Some people don’t like black cats very much I can only say that since a man can’t be judged by his appearance, then please don’t take a cat by his appearance or by his fur. If you really love him, please love all of it.

       Why don’t people like black cats? Some people think that the black cat’s fur is black like a ghost, especially its green eyes, which often make people think of evil spirits, witchcraft, or bad luck. Both the media and folklore at all times and in all countries continue to hold these stereotypes. Special festivals (such as Western Halloween) even encourage people’s fear and prejudice against black cats. Data from 2002 show that at least a quarter of domestic cats in the United States are taken to shelters and end their lives each year, with black or dark fur cats more likely to be euthanized.

       How many colors do cats usually have? There are only two colors of cats, red and black. There is no other color. The faded color of red is milky. The fade color of black is blue. other colors:

       All white: white once thought it was a cat’s color. It’s not. The pure white cat turned out to be colored. It’s just that the cat can’t see the whole white gene because it doesn’t look white. If the all white gene does not work, the kittens will be inherited according to the original color of the big cat.

       White spot: in our eyes, black and white, red and white, three flowers, all have a piece of white. In fact, it’s the same as all white. In my opinion, white is not the color of a cat. If you don’t count color, there are only two colors in Sanhua cat. So it’s right to say that there are no male cats for Maomao, blue milk and Sanhua. Because these colors have two different colors except white. Male cats can only have one color except white. So a two-color male cat must have a white color. The gene is not on the sex chromosome and has nothing to do with the cat’s original color and gender.

       Blue, cream: blue is a faded color of black. Milk color is the color of red. In fact, it is also another gene effect, so that the color of the cat where the pigment density is reduced, there is a fade color. The gene is not on the sex chromosome and has nothing to do with the cat’s original color and gender.

       Tiger spot: the same as above, a kind of tiger spot gene function, in the cat’s original color function, the appearance of tiger stripes. For example, the cat with brown tiger spots was originally black. Because of the action of tiger spot gene, it became brown tiger spot. The brown tiger spot looks yellow and black. In fact, the cat’s original color is only black due to the action of tiger spot gene (any tiger spot can only be counted as one color). If this brown tabby cat matches a pure black cat. If there is no tiger spot gene in the kitten. Both male and female must be pure black cats. The gene is not on the sex chromosome and has nothing to do with the cat’s original color and gender.

       Key color: same as above. A gene effect of albinism. But the most special thing about this gene is the way it whitens. It works in the kitten in the cat’s mother’s stomach, affected by the temperature of the mother’s uterus. The lower temperature parts of the kitten’s body show deep coloring, while the parts with higher body temperature show relatively shallow coloring. Because of the high temperature in the mother’s womb, the kittens are very light at birth. The color of the eye is also affected by this gene and is always blue. Therefore, some Hippo horses are almost completely white, and some can vaguely see the original color and pattern, which is determined by the temperature of the mother’s uterus. Key colors look very special. But if it’s not with a cat in a key color. The kittens born will be inherited according to the original color of the key color. The gene is not on the sex chromosome and has nothing to do with the cat’s original color and gender.

       Gradient: no more explanation, same as tiger spot gene. The gene is not on the sex chromosome and has nothing to do with the cat’s original color and gender.

       A researcher at the University of California, Berkeley, studied the relationship between the cat’s fur color and the proportion of adopted cats. 189 subjects with cat breeds were investigated with the 7-point Likert scale and 10 personality trait tests. They were asked to score 10 personality traits of cats with 5 different fur colors on a scale of 1-7. Although most of the subjects claimed that the personality of cats was the main reason for them to choose to love cats, from their experimental scores, it was found that the personality traits matched by cats could be attributed to their fur color. This implicit link test confirmed that color is the key, and color affects people’s choice of cat loving personality.

       Most people tend to think that the orange cat’s personality is friendly, while the white cat’s personality is calm and alienated, while the tricolor cat is considered paranoid. In contrast, most people don’t describe the black cat’s personality as extreme. The results, published in the Journal anthrozos, suggest that the findings will have a negative impact on the proportion of cats adopted.

       Mike Delgado, who is currently studying for a Ph.D. in psychology at the University of California, Berkeley, who led the study, said there is not enough evidence that there is a trait difference between cats with different coat colors. But the point is – what do humans think of these differences? If humans generally have a preference or bias towards certain fur colored cats, it will have a serious impact.

       This study is just a start. In the future, we will further study what traits affect the adoption and retention of cats, and whether there are genetic or physical differences in personality (such as coat color).

       Conservationists argue that judging a cat’s personality by its coat color is as absurd as judging a cat by its appearance, Cathy, cat coordinator at the East Bay humane society in Berkeley, Berkeley Marden said: you can’t tell if the cat is with you by its coat color alone. Each cat has its own outstanding personal characteristics. We encourage you to spend more time learning about them, rather than just making an immediate preference for fur color. People’s reaction to black cats is much stronger than that of other fur colored cats. The adoption rate of black cats in shelters is always lower than that of other cats.

       For the cat’s fur color, there are ancients named it in ancient China, pure yellow is “golden cat”, pure white is “Snow Cat”, Cantonese people do not like it, call it “filial cat”, pure black is called “iron cat”, pure color cat’s general name is “sishihao”, brown, yellow and black, named “golden silk Brown”, yellow, white and black, named “hawksbill spot”, black back, white limbs, white abdomen, named “black cloud” Gaixue has four white claws, named “snow seeking plum”, white body and black tail. It is the most auspicious one. It is called “snow drag gun”. It has a black body and a little white tail. It is called “zhuzhuzhu”. It has a black body and a black tail on its forehead. It is also called “Yinxing”. It has a black body and a black tail. It has a black body and a black tail, and it is called “silver gun towing iron bottle” It is also known as “Kunlun Daji” with white body and mouth pattern. It is also called “Yinu” with white body and yellow spots. It is called “Xiuhu” with black and white spots. It is also known as “jinjinmeimei” with yellow body and white abdomen. It is also known as “jinjuyin bed”. Its white body and yellow tail are called “golden hairpin and silver vase”. It is white or black with a little yellow on its back It is called “general hang Yin”, and its tail and four feet are all spotted, and it is called “Tangde Guo”.

       After reading the above names, do you think it has artistic conception? Let’s see if our cats feel more beautiful, so life is not lack of beauty, but the lack of a pair of eyes good at finding beauty. I believe that as long as you are diligent in taking care of them and cleaning them regularly, ugly cats will become beautiful.