The cat breathes louder. Is it sick?

       Have you ever heard a cat snore? Does it feel particularly cute when it’s sleeping or being touched? But some of the owners found that Mi’s purr suddenly became heavy and deep. Purr, is the cat sick? Normally healthy cats should breathe smoothly. A cat’s snoring can adjust its own frequency, but sometimes it’s breathing very loud. What’s going on?

       Some parents believe that cats breathe hard and sound loud, and it may be caused by the virus lung infection, and this kind of disease is more likely to be infected by cats who are not vaccinated. Sometimes it is similar to the symptoms of a viral cold. If the cat is found to have been sitting still for a long time, walking or breathing unsteadily, it indicates that the virus has infected the lungs, and the cat needs to be taken to the pet hospital for treatment in time.

       Some parents think that cats usually snore and breathe loudly. For example, in the hot summer, because of the influence of the environment and climate, the cat’s breathing may become rapid and loud. However, this is generally normal. As a parent, pay attention to the cat’s cooling and heatstroke prevention, and there will be no heatstroke or life-threatening situation.

       It is worth noting that, as parents, they should pay attention to when they find that the cat’s breathing sound becomes louder. First, carefully observe the cat’s physical condition. If it is normal, then parents need not worry too much. However, once found abnormal, parents should take the cat to the pet hospital for treatment in time. Do not delay the treatment of the cat for no reason.