Four kinds of cats not easy to shed hair

       The owner will be very happy when looking at the beautiful hair of the cat, but once it comes to the depilation season, he will be very upset. At this time, if you can have a cat that is not easy to lose hair, it will be more happy! Today, I’d like to recommend four kinds of cats that don’t love to lose their hair!

       Siam cat Siamese cat, also known as Ximu cat and Thai cat, is a world-famous short haired cat and a representative breed of short haired cat. Ethnic history Siamese cat originated in Thailand (so called Siam). More than 200 years ago, this precious cat was only raised in Thailand’s palaces and monasteries. It was a nobleman who stayed at home. Siamese cat is strong and active, witty and flexible, curious and understanding. The cat can be used for walking with a leash. Siamese cats are outgoing, expressive, intelligent, active and curious. He likes to be company with others, loyal to his master and understanding. He gives people feelings and trust like a dog. He can even go to the street with his master like a dog. Therefore, he has won the title of “dog of cats”.

       2. American Shorthair is a kind of cat native to the United States. Its ancestor was brought to North America by the early European immigrants. It is similar to the British short hair cat (details) and European short hair cat. According to records, several cats were carried on board the Mayflower to help deratization. This breed of cat is selected from the cats collected in the streets and streets and cross bred with imported breeds such as British Shorthair cat, Burmese cat and Persian cat (details). American short haired cat is famous for its big body, strong bone, developed muscle, intelligent nature and gentle character. It is a large and medium-sized short haired cat. The coat is thick and dense, and there are more than 30 kinds of coat color, among which the Silver Stripe variety is particularly valuable. American shorthair cats inherit the strength, bravery and hard work of their ancestors. They are gentle in character and will not change because of the change of environment or mood. Full of patience, amiable, will not lose his temper, do not like shouting, suitable for the family with children. American short haired cats have strong resistance. American short haired cats are also very smart cats. Although they can’t perform some tricks such as catching a ball from high altitude, their owners can teach them to promise their names and stay away from furniture such as sofas. American Bobcats at home like to lie on their owners’ legs and enjoy their owners’ caresses. They will cherish their toys, especially when the owner is away, they will invent a variety of different ways to play, so that they do not feel lonely. American Bobcats are happy to get along with other animals, including birds and dogs.

       3. British Bobcat the ancestors of the British Bobcat can be said to be “war ridden”. As early as 2000 years ago in the Roman Empire, they had followed Caesar to fight everywhere. In the war, they relied on the super rat catching ability to protect the Roman army’s food and grass from being eaten by rats, which fully guaranteed the stability of the rear of the military supplies. It is not only recognized as a good mousetrap, but also loved by more people. The cat is round and plump, with thick, short and developed limbs, short and dense fur, big head, round face, and large and round eyes with various colors according to different fur. British short haired cat is bold and curious, but it is very gentle and adaptable. It will not change because of the change of environment, nor will it lose its temper or scream. It will only try to climb to a higher place, lower its head, stare at the big round eyes and look down at you with a smile, just like the one named “Louis” mentioned in “Alice in Wonderland” ¡±Like the cat, no language, only the lovely facial expression to seize your heart, can no longer change your love for it.

       4. American Curly eared cats the development of American Curly eared cats has been rather slow, mainly because the original curly eared kittens are long hairy. But now, it is winning people’s love and has been able to cultivate a variety of colors, providing a broad prospect for cultivators. Characteristic ears are curly in varying degrees, such as ears pointing to the head and stripes. But for cats of this color, hawksbill and tiger stripes must be clear and eye-catching. American Curly eared cat is very curious and a good companion for all families. He is stable and intelligent, and his behavior as a kitten will remain for life. American Curly eared cats don’t like to talk much, but they know how to tell you what they need. It can also get along well with other pets in the family.

The characteristics of British short haired cats

       British Bobcat is one of the most widely kept pet cats in the family. Why? It is not only because of its lovely fat face that people can not like it, but also because of its gentle and calm personality, which is very friendly to people. They also inherit the spirit of hard-working ancestors, and have no particularly high requirements on the living environment, so they are very easy to raise. What’s wrong with such a cat as a master? Now, let’s take a look at it together with Boqi.

       The ancestors of British short haired cats have left them a fine tradition of hard work, which makes them better than ordinary cats. They can be calm and have no fear in the face of strange environment. It’s called Alice’s ability to look down and smile in the Wonderland as much as possible, but it won’t change the cat’s ability to look down at the big, round and confused place Without words, only the lovely facial expression can hold your heart, and you can never change your love for it.

       The care of a British short haired cat will make you feel amazing and simple, because these little guys are naturally beautiful, and their short fur will never knot. You just need to comb it with a comb every day. If it is in the depilation period, the owner can make two or more combs. But for them, cleaning is much more important than carding, because their fur is dense and soft, and dust can easily be carried there. Although cats often comb their fur with their spiny little tongue, they can’t completely remove the dust at the bottom. Therefore, bathing them once or twice a month can help them clean up the dirt. Once the fur is cleaned, the cat will naturally be happy.

       How, as the owner is not very happy to find such a lovely and good pet? However, other aspects such as diet and exercise, the host still needs to pay more attention. As a cat, this is their common fault. Don’t ignore it if you think British kittens are easy to keep.

What are the colors of British kittens

       It used to be a rather large and strong blue cat. After the 1970s, the color and appearance of the cat began to change. The body size is smaller and smaller, and the variety of fur colors becomes more and more abundant. All the changes are towards elegant style. Today, I will introduce some common colors of British short hair cats. White British short haired cat: This is mainly divided into three kinds, orange eye white cat, blue eye white cat and strange eye white cat. The blue eyes of a cat should have the same depth of blue eyes as the other blue eyes. Cream yellow British short haired cat: it has been very popular since 1950’s, full cream color, light shadow color is preferred, uniform color, from tip to root of hair. And there’s no white hair anywhere in the body. The color of their eyes is mostly gold or copper. Black British short haired cat: the whole body hair is black and all the way to the root of the hair, there is no gradual tone, and no white hair can be found anywhere in the body. Its eyes are mostly gold or copper, and there is no trace of green. Smoky British Bobcat: the origin of the silver bobcat. Because its coat doesn’t have the deep and light colored ringlike of the puffer porpoise. The down is white or light silver, which forms the biggest color contrast with the coat. The eyes are golden or copper. Blue British Bobcat: this short haired cat has golden or copper eyes. The color of the body will also change from light to medium depth of blue, the color is very uniform, and there should be no white or tiger stripes anywhere on the body.

What are the characteristics of British kittens

       British short haired cat is one of the most common and popular pet cats in the market, and the blue one is more attractive. British Bobcat looks brave and brave in appearance, but it has a kind and friendly heart. The British Bobcat is also one of the larger pet cats. Generally speaking, British short haired cats can not fully mature until they are 3-5 years old. Moreover, adult male cats are much larger than female cats, weighing 13-15 Jin, and some even more than 18 Jin. The British short haired cat in life becomes the best companion of its owner. They have a kind heart and are very responsible pet cats. It has great endurance and can play with children or other dogs. They have a gentlemanly personality, can calmly face a variety of different environments. British short haired cat is gentle and polite, tolerant and introverted, calm and proud, and has great personality. They like quiet and hate restlessness, they will leave enough private space for the master in life, will not easily disturb and entangle the master. Although they are also eager to play with the host, but stable it will choose quiet.

How to give British short bath trim feet, British short hair cat how to care

       To keep a healthy and beautiful British short hair cat, careful daily care is indispensable.

       1. Trim feet:

       Cat’s paw is a tool for cat to catch mice, climb and defend itself. If the owner keeps a cat to catch mice, of course, he can’t trim his feet. If the owner keeps a cat as a companion animal, he should often trim the cat’s paws to avoid scratching people, damaging clothes, furniture, floors, etc. Trim feet should start from a small age, once a month or so. The specific methods are as follows:

       Hold the British Shorthair cat in your arms, hold one of the cat’s feet with your left hand, and squeeze it slightly with your thumb, index finger, and middle finger, so that the claws can be extended. Then hold the nail knife with the right hand, carefully cut off the transparent part of the front end of the claw, and then use the small file on the nail knife to polish the claw. When pruning, don’t cut too much to avoid hurting the British short haired cat’s feet. Then cut and polish the other claws in turn.

       2. Bathing:

       Bathing British kittens can not only keep the cat clean and beautiful, but also remove some parasites on the body surface, promote blood circulation and metabolism, and play a role in disease prevention and fitness. It’s better to cultivate the habit of bathing from an early age, and then to bathe cats when they are adults. Cats will be very reluctant.

       Before taking a bath, prepare the utensils for washing, such as bath basin, bath towel, detergent, comb (preferably sparse and dense at one end), brush, etc.

       When bathing, the water temperature should not be too low or too high, so as not to scald the hands; the detergent used should not be too irritating, so as not to irritate the skin; the fur of the long haired cat should be combed before bathing to prevent tangle; the action of bathing should be quick, and the hair should be washed in a short time as soon as possible; after washing, the hair should be dried with bath towel immediately, and the towel can not make the hair completely dry, so blowing can be used When the air temperature is low, it is better to cover the special towel quilt or other warm keeping articles to prevent cold.

       3. Combing the coat:

       The tongue surface of the British short haired cat is rough, and has a special tongue nipple with barbed spines. It looks like a comb. The British short haired cat often uses the method of tongue licking to comb its fur. The parts that can’t be licked, such as head, shoulder, back and neck, should be combed with claws. Even so, it’s best to groom the cat once a day. Because the cat will depilate all the year round, especially in spring and autumn, when the cat combs, it will swallow the hair into the stomach and form a hair ball in the stomach over time. If it can’t be vomited out, and can’t be discharged through the intestinal tract in time, it will form the hair ball blocking, affecting appetite and even life-threatening.

       When carding, carding should be done not only along the hair, but also against the wool. British short haired cats can wet their hair with water first, and then rub it to make the coat stand up for easy carding. If the fur of a long haired cat is tangled or stuck together, it can be opened with the tip of a finger or combed slowly and carefully with a thin toothed comb. If the felt has been rolled, you can use scissors to cut the felt into strips along the direction of the hair, and then comb it with a comb. If the rolling felt is serious, the coat can be cut off to make it grow again.

       4. Remove tears:

       The eyes of healthy British shorthair cats are bright and divine. When British short haired cats are ill or in poor health, they are often afraid to see light and shed tears. Some cat species, the nasolacrimal duct is easy to block and tear. Cat tears too much, in the nasal corner of the eye is often accompanied with eye droppings, can be dipped in cotton wool 2% boric acid solution, gently wipe off.

       5. Ear care:

       British short hair cat ear care, mainly to remove wax. The method is: disinfect the external auditory canal with 75% alcohol cotton ball, dip olive oil or edible vegetable oil with cotton stick, soak the dry earwax, and take out the earwax carefully with tweezers after it softens. Do not break the mucous membrane of ear canal to prevent infection and suppuration. Once the external auditory canal is infected and suppurated, gently scrub it with cotton swab dipped in hydrogen peroxide. Scrub repeatedly until there is no pus stain on the cotton swab. Then dry the hydrogen peroxide in the ear canal with absorbent cotton. Scrub several times, the infection can be cured. If the cat’s earwax is too much and the cat shakes its head to scratch its ear, it should be treated by a veterinarian in time.

       How about this issue of pet cat breeding content rich?

Can cats taste different flavors

       Does a cat have a taste? Curiosity is strong, see what the owner wants to smell the cat, can eat the difference between food and food? What kind of sweet and sour cats can feel?

       In previous studies, scientists have found that both domestic cats and wild cats are unable to taste sugars because they lack a gene that controls sweet receptors. The cat is a complete carnivore, and a recent paper published in the proceedings of the American Academy of Sciences by researchers from the Monello research center and the University of Zurich showed that seven of the 12 related mammals had lost their perception of sweetness, and all of them were carnivores. This discovery may indicate that there is a degradation of sweetness in the evolution of recipes.

       The researchers made the discovery after analyzing the relationship between sweet sensor genes and their diets in 12 mammalian species. Behavioral biologist Gary Beauchamp, Ph.D., said that perception of sweetness was once thought to be widespread in the animal kingdom, so the results surprised everyone. Among the subjects, sea lions, seals, Asian otters, spotted hyenas, masked beavers and banded lingsang were all completely carnivorous animals, but they all lost the sense of sweetness, while hyenas, Canadian otters, cobras, raccoons, red wolves and other omnivorous animals still had sweet perception.

       Further studies have shown that the seven kinds of animals have different sweet perception defects. In the evolutionary history, the diet related taste loss occurred in a repeated and independent form, indicating that the structure and function of the animal perception system are of great importance to the diet niche. At the same time, in order to further understand the relationship between feeding behavior and taste function, the researchers tested the sweet taste and aroma perception genes in two kinds of mammals (sea lion and bottlenose dolphin) who “returned” to the sea. The reason why they chose these two animals was that they both swallowed the food completely, so the sense of taste would not play a significant role in their food selection. As expected, they all lost their sense of taste, and the sweet and aroma sensor genes did not work at all, and bottlenose dolphins could not even taste bitterness. Beauchamp said that different animals have different taste regions due to different food sources, and that all animals (including humans) like to eat based on the nature of their taste receptors.

       The study raises the question of recipe choice. In other recent studies, many organs, including intestine, pancreas, nose and lung, also contain taste receptors, which may have different functions in different locations. Dr. Peihua Jiang said that these extra oral taste sensors are not necessary for the survival of specific species, but they may compensate for the loss of sweetness, fragrance and bitterness in animals.

Common diseases of British short haired cats

       British short hair cat is one of the most popular pets in the family now. Because of its lovely appearance and gentle character, it is very popular. The biggest characteristic of British short hair cat is its short nose. A chubby smiling face is lovely. However, because its nose is short and sensitive, it is easy to sneeze, which leads to diseases. The owner should pay attention to it.

       1. Cold is also the main cause of sneezing in British shorthair cats. Once the British shorthair cats are infected with a cold and their upper respiratory tract infection is serious, the body temperature of British shorthair cats will rise, and the general sneezing will rise to severe cough. In order to nip in the bud, if the owners found that the British Shorthair cat had a cold, they should take it to the pet hospital for treatment in time to prevent the disease from getting more and more serious. In daily life, when British shorthair cats are infected with viral rhinotracheitis, they will often sneeze. If the treatment is not timely, it will lead to a more serious situation.

       2. Sneezing is a common disease of the British short haired cat and a health warning for the cat. Owners should not belittle the sneezing of British shorthair cats. They must pay full attention to it and adopt scientific methods for treatment to prevent the deterioration of the disease. Finally, it is recommended that breeders should be vaccinated regularly.

How to train British kittens

       British short hair cat has a simple and lovely appearance, docile character and is loved by everyone, but not all British short hair cats are so docile and obedient, so for some naughty British short hair cats, there is a lot of necessary training, so how to train British short hair cats?

       First, remember the name training method

       When it is excited, it often calls its name, which makes it easy for it to remember its name. For example, it is a good time to touch it, play or before feeding. Especially, don’t punish him when he hears the name coming. Otherwise, it will associate the punishment with calling the name and fear it in front of you.

       2. Action and behavior training method

       Cats also have some behaviors. For example, when you call a cat and want to hold it, you have to give instructions to the cat. At this time, you should often repeat these actions. When the cat does the right thing, you should reward it. If you do something wrong, you should punish it. Generally speaking, food, language, touching and other behaviors are rewarded.

       Third, language behavior training method

       This includes verbal praise, touching the head or back, and giving food and snacks, which can strengthen the cat’s correct movements. At the beginning, every time a cat completes a simple action, it can be rewarded. With the upgrading of training action, the threshold of reward conditions should also be improved. When it completes some complex actions, appropriate reward will be given, so as to give full play to the effectiveness of reward.

       4. Training British kittens to sit down

       Training British Bobcats to shake hands with you can take the method of food temptation and reward. Before training, prepare some favorite foods for British kittens, such as fillet of fish, beef jerky, etc. The host daubed some minced meat on his right hand to make his fingers smell like minced meat. Then he lured and beckoned the British short haired cat to come over. Then the owner stretched out his right hand to the cat to let it smell the smell of food. At the same time, he gently said “shake hands” to the cat. Waiting for the cat to smell the smell of minced meat, it will naturally put its head over. Then the owner raises his head with the smell of minced meat. Of course, in order to eat the minced meat, the cat will also stand up and stretch out its front paws. At this time, the owner can reach out and grab the cat’s paw, and then say “shake hands”, shake the cat’s hand again, and pass the delicious food to the British kitten.

       Training British kittens to master the handshake requires the owner’s continuous and persistent training, until the British kitten fully master the “handshake” method and form a conditioned reflex, the owner can stop training the cat.

       V. punishment for misbehavior

       Every animal has its own nature and special habit for punishment of British short haired cat. Cat is no exception. It may always like peeing by a favorite pot plant or leaving scratches on furniture. You can’t change its nature, but can transfer its target, like giving it a claw post.

       When it comes to raising short hair, we will find that it has a special instinct in Britain. For example: like to urinate beside potted plants, leaving scratches on furniture, etc. When training British kittens to get rid of these bad habits, the owner should also master the training method of appropriate punishment, so that the cat can understand that some of its behaviors are wrong, which will make you unhappy and angry. Then in daily life, slowly teach to change these bad habits of the cat, train it to master some basic, good behavior habits.

       Training British kittens not to bite

       When the British short haired cat unconsciously holds your fingers and gnaws at you, you can yell and scold or make angry sounds, and at the same time, pat him on the head immediately (the strength should be controlled well, not too heavy, otherwise he will hate; and not too light, otherwise he will think you are playing with him), and then extend your finger to him; He usually bites you again out of revenge. Then you pat him on the head again and put your finger on him.

       Do this four or five times until he doesn’t bite your hand hard, but gently puts your finger in his mouth. The next time you encounter him biting, you should use this method. Generally, you will get good results within a month.

       The training of British short haired cats is not effective in a short period of time. It is the same for any cat. The owner must be patient enough for training. Do not punish the British short haired cat because it does not cooperate. This is not conducive to training.

British short hair cat breed classification, what breed does short hair cat have good breed

       Although the short haired cat is good-looking, because of the variety is too many, many cat lovers don’t know how to choose at the initial stage. The following page will give you a cat encyclopedia knowledge explanation, so that you can learn about the terminal classification of short haired cats.

       1. Orange eyed white cat

       There are three kinds of white English short haired cats, which are distinguished by eye color. The difference between orange eyed and blue eyed white cats is that orange eyed white cats do not have congenital deafness. But like other white cats, there is a risk of sunburn.

       Characteristics: in some white cats, the incidence of “abnormal toe” is very high, “abnormal toe” means “multi toe”. Although it will be regarded as a serious defect in the exhibition, it will not cause disability and health, and is a lovely partner.

       2. Blue eyed white cat

       Blue eyed white British shorthair cats are often born deaf, have little ability to be a good mother, and are rare today.

       Features: in addition to eye color, blue eyes are more obvious at 12 weeks of age as other white British short haired cats. Note: the first blue eyed white British Shorthair cat appeared in the early 1980s.

       He was very popular at that time and often became the winner at the exhibition.

       3. The strange eyed white cat the strange eyed white British short haired cat was bred from the breeding program of the orange eyed British Shorthair cat. Note: there is an orange eye and a blue eye, so the appearance is peculiar. Some people say that people with deep markings on the head will not suffer from deafness.

       4. Milky yellow

       Opalescent cats have been popular since the 1950s, but they pose a serious challenge to breeders, when people didn’t know much about the color genes.

       Features: many creamy yellow British short haired cats always have tiger spots, or many light pink. Eyes vary from deep gold to bronze. Note: the color of the earliest breed of milky yellow long haired cat is deeper than that of modern varieties. Some cats are close to light yellow brown. Market price: 12-tens of thousands. Country of origin: British ancestor: British short haired cat Siamese cat (detailed introduction) origin: 1980s

       5. Key color

       Short haired cat personality: rich emotion historical origin: in the 1980s, Siamese cat color was inherited from British short haired cat and Siamese cat mixed breed, and the cat born was more calm than the real Siamese cat. The shape of the cat is still improving, but people have been breeding cats of good color and quality. Face: round, nose short and wide, obviously concave bridge.

       Adult male cats have obvious neck wattle, so the head shape is slightly different. Body: stout, short back and legs. The sole of the foot must be strong and round, with a thick tail and a rounded tip. Coat: not soft and fluffy and crisp like a British short haired cat. The basic color of the body is milky yellow, and the key color is the dark milk yellow with which to form the meridian. There can be patches and stripes.

       The main color of the short eyes is blue. The pupil tends to turn copper gradually in the process of growth, but it still looks blue in general. Nose is brick red, very wide, obviously concave nose bridge. The palms of the feet are strong and round. The tail is streaked locally. Legs and feet are lighter than the rest of the key colors.

       The base color of the body is milky white, and the key color is the dark cream yellow or other seal color that forms the meridian with, and can have patches and stripes. Just like Siamese cats, the key colors need only a small amount of combing, proper amount of bathing, and natural air drying in warm places. Never use the air dryer to dry them. You can use a thin and slightly curved plastic comb to wipe off excess hair, which can make the coat more comfortable.

Is English short easy to raise? Is English short hair cat easy to keep

       British short haired cat is bold and curious, but it is very gentle and adaptable. It will not change because of the change of environment, nor will it lose its temper or scream. It will only try to climb to a higher place, lower its head, stare at the big round eyes, and look down at you with a smile, just like the one named “Louis” mentioned in “Alice in Wonderland” Just like a cat, you can’t change your love for you any more, just by using your lovely facial expression. Let’s take a look at British Short’s daily maintenance work with Borch

       Daily maintenance

       In order to raise a British short hair cat, we need to do a good job in its daily care.

       1. Feeding: changes in the amount of exercise will change the digestion and absorption capacity of the intestine, as well as the filtration and detoxification functions of the liver and kidney. More attention should be paid to the hardness of the food suitable for the cat, and appropriate supplement of calcium, iron, vitamins and other trace elements, and change the food of different tastes; (Note: fast food that is not easy to digest and ensure the supply of water)

       2. Brushing teeth: if possible, brush your favorite teeth to reduce bacterial invasion caused by gingival inflammation;

       3. Eye care: often use wet cotton to remove excess mucus and clean the skin around the eyes

       4. Ear care: check the inner ear canal regularly;

       5. Joint care: joint pain is a common disease of elderly pets. If it can’t exercise regularly, you can gently massage muscles or move limbs and joints for it when it is resting.

       Special equipment

       To raise a British short haired cat, it is best to prepare professional equipment for it and provide it with a comfortable living environment and space.

       1. Eating and drinking basins

       Food basin and drinking basin are necessary tools for raising cats. Generally, cats are very sensitive to their own cutlery, and it’s best not to change them in their lifetime. Some cats will resist eating or indigestion when they change their food basins. Especially for old cats, changing tableware suddenly will make them feel very nervous and affect their health. So you should choose a solid and durable tableware with enough capacity at the beginning. British short nose, round and flat face, in the choice of tableware, it is best to use a plate, because its large and flat face can not eat the food in the small bowl, with the plate will make it feel comfortable, but also can prevent swallowing too much air caused by stomach swelling, affecting health. Large bowls of water will wet baby’s chin and cheek hair. Material selection should pay attention to solid texture, thick bottom plate, plate edge to blunt thick. Some English short very naughty when they were young, it is easy to eat when the food out of the plate, so you can put an old newspaper under the plate, in order to clean up, keep the ground clean.

       2. Cat Toilet

       Don’t forget to buy cat litter when you buy a litter basin, because British short nose is easy to be allergic to dust, so in the selection of litter, you must pay attention to buy less dust, good quality cat litter. There are many kinds of cat litter. You can ask an experienced friend about the quality of all kinds of cat litter. If not in the price, crystal cat litter or paper cat litter are good choices.

       3. Cat scratch board and nail clipper

       The cat has to polish its nails every day. You need to prepare a special cat scratch board for it to reduce the chance of it scratching the sofa. Train your baby to sharpen her nails on a special cat scratch board, so that she can develop good habits.

       Learn to cut nails for English short, it is best to use special nail clippers. When kittens are three or four months old, they can cut their nails with human nail clippers. When they are bigger, you will feel powerless. If possible, buy a pet only one.

       4. Pet bath

       Cat and human skin pH is different, the thickness of the skin is not the same, to prepare special pet bath for it.

       5. Pet comb

       British short baby essential supplies. Many people think that English short belongs to short haired cat, which can be combed less or not, which is wrong. English short hair is medium long hair, not short hair close to the skin. The reason why it looks like a big ball is because of the visual effect of the short, fluffy and thick hair. Regular grooming is essential. It’s best to prepare a pet comb with medium pitch, and massage occasionally with a rubber brush (short haired cats don’t need to use a needle comb), which will make your baby feel very happy.

       6. Bathtub

       British baby in the bath is super good, for it to prepare a special bath basin. Use a larger plastic basin. After taking a bath for British short, don’t forget to wash the bath basin. It’s better to put it in the sun.

       7. Cotton ball

       Cotton ball is absolutely necessary for keeping baby. British short baby’s short nose and big flat face make their face cleaning work essential. Wiping its lacrimal glands and face with cotton balls is a required course for the host. Toys

       British short is a cat who likes playing with herself. Like all cats, it likes the round colorful rolling toys, and can prepare some gorgeous ball of string and plastic for it. British short baby likes small toys with fur like it. There are many such toys in pet shops, and the prices are also very cheap. Small mice, small plush toys and so on are good choices. Yingshort also likes hanging colored cloth and paper. You can also buy cat Teaser sticks to play with it. Of course, what kind of toys you choose is not good-looking, but what you like in English short. As long as it is interested in it, there is no need to spend too much money on it. Of course, if you are tired of the old toys, you will be tired of the new toys for a long time. It will be easier for you to get tired of the new toys.