How much is an exotic short haired cat

       Exotic short haired cat, also known as Garfield cat, is a kind of pet cat with a very pleasant appearance. It is a big fat cat who likes to gossip, eat, sleep and play tricks on people. Both adults and children are fascinated by its charm. What is the market price of this kind of cat?

       Exotic short haired cat has won many titles in China’s cat industry, and it is also one of the favorite cat breeds for domestic young people. Considering the domestic market, the price of exotic short hair cat is rising constantly, reaching 10000, and it is not a pure exotic short hair cat. The price of pure breed exotic short hair cat is more expensive. It seems that it needs tens of thousands of them. Ordinary cat star people can’t afford to buy it. Therefore, they can only buy a foreign short hair cat with a little impurity as their pet.

       How much is the foreign short hair cat? Different grades, the selling price of foreign short hair cat is not the same. However, it is suggested that the buyer should choose the exotic short hair cat according to his own economic ability. He should not lose his mind and pursue what he likes.