Brief introduction to the breed of Maine cat

       The Maine cat is a large cat with long hair and strong hair. The Maine cat is known for its lovely nature, docile and intelligent, especially with children and dogs.

       The origin of the Maine cat

       From the 17th century to the 18th century, many domestic cats moved with their owners from Europe to live in New England, where they faced very cold winter, and only the strongest and most adaptable cat species could survive. Through years of natural selection (as opposed to breed improvement), Maine cats have evolved into huge, sturdy bodies and blanket like, water-resistant and fluffy hair.

       There are several kinds of stories about the origin of the species and names of Maine cats, which are usually exaggerated stories. One story is that a cat once went to the wild in Maine and interbred with a raccoon, thus giving birth to a group of offspring with the characteristics of today’s Maine cats. Of course, the story is based on the violation of biology, so it is totally untrustworthy. However, because the English name of the Maine cat has a “coon”, which is similar to the raccoon. Secondly, the thickness of the tail of the Maine cat is almost the same as that of the raccoon, which makes the previous people believe that the source of the story is credible Degree. Another Maine cat species comes from the fact that the Maine cat was brought to Maine by a captain named coon. The captain’s client was the extravagant Queen Mary Antoinette, who had planned to flee from France to the United States, but it was clear that the pace of the French Revolution was much faster than that of her.

       Introduction of Maine cats

       In any case, most breeders believe that the Maine cat was bred by combining the native North American Shorthair cat with the long haired cat that came across the sea. Perhaps it was the New England sailors who introduced the long haired Turkish Angora cat into the new world, or the Vikings brought the Norwegian Forest cat, which is also a long haired species, into North America (the reason for the introduction is the ancient sea The days of sailing are more boring and boring than romantic. Taking pets on a voyage is like carrying an iPod / PSP with you today; moreover, it can be used as one of the trade items after landing). In a word, the appearance of Maine cat is similar to that of Norwegian Forest cat or siberian cat, which can be attributed to the convergent evolution of biology. Different species have evolved similar or even the same biological characteristics through the similarity of environment. (Maine, Norway, and Siberia differ slightly in latitude. In terms of climate, such as humidity, average annual temperature, and even annual rainfall, there are slight differences. However, the most similar point is winter. In severe cold environment, mammals must develop fluffy and thick hair to isolate low temperature, and enlarge the volume to increase the adhesion ratio of fat, so as to increase the survival ability under low temperature.)

       The Maine cat is named after its native state of Maine. It is the first long wool variety naturally produced in North America, and formed a relatively stable variety about the middle of the 18th century. The Maine cat is strong, with thick coat, and looks like Siberian forest cat. It is also a large type of cat.

       Price of Maine cat

       At present, there are only some big cities in China, such as Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou. Some cat friends will buy more purebred cats from abroad. The price of ordinary Maine cats ranges from 8000 to 12000. The price of pedigree or competition level is even higher. Some mainine cats purchased from abroad cost more than 10000 consignments, so the price or pure breed is not pure It all depends on the cat friends themselves.