How much is a Russian Blue Cat?

       Russian Blue Cat, chartre cat and British short blue cat are called the three big blue cats. Compared with British short, Russian blue cat is relatively rare, and domestic pure Russian blue cat is also relatively scarce, which can be said to be “in short supply”. So, how much does such a lovely Russian Blue Cat cost?

       1¡¢ Introduction to Russian Blue Cat

       1. The head of Russian blue cat is smooth, with medium wedge shape, and its face is more beautiful. The ears are large and wide, with sharp ends and wide distance between the two ears. The eyes are almond shaped and the distance between the two eyes is wide. The eyeballs are bright and charming green. Nose straight and slightly furrowed.

       2. Russian blue cat is slender and light with Oriental beauty. Their slender bones, developed muscles, slender limbs, round and small soles of feet, and slender tail make their every move show infinite elegance.

       3. The whole body of Russian Blue Cats is bright blue, and the tip of outer hair is silver, which makes them look bright and dazzling. Dark spots can often be seen on the fur of newborn cats, but after the first coat change, the spots will disappear and the whole coat will turn into uniform blue.

       4. The biggest feature of Russian Blue Cats is that they are short haired cats. However, they have double layers of fur. It can be said that their fur is the thickest among short haired cats. The upper coat is soft and gorgeous, and the lower layer is thick and thick, which is like velvet. Russian blue cats are strong, dexterous and agile. Their thick fur also makes them Hardy.

       5. Russian blue cat is very introverted, quiet and shy, docile and easy to get along with, and trusts its owner very much. The call is gentle, even in estrus, and often makes it difficult for inexperienced owners to tell if they are in estrus. Do not like to go out, like the quiet family life, so very suitable for living in the apartment, is also less suitable for the elderly companion cat.

       6. The Russian blue cat is very clever, which can be said to be a resourceful “wise man” in the cat world. For example, simple cat tease games or repeat the same game with them are not challenging for Russian Blue Cats and can not arouse their interest.

       2¡¢ Factors controlling the price trend of Russian Blue Cat

       The price of a cat is related to many factors. Therefore, the price of Russian blue cat is not fixed. The price in first tier cities will be higher, while that in second tier and third tier cities will be lower. However, Russian blue cat is not very easy to buy in some cities, and rare is more expensive. Therefore, it is not impossible for some places to charge sky high prices for Russian blue cats.

       In addition, the appearance of Russian blue cat also determines its price. Those with blood certificate must be more expensive than those without blood certificate, and those with good quality must be more expensive than those with poor quality. Some products with poor appearance and relatively low price are likely to be of impure blood or series.

       3¡¢ How much is Russian Blue Cat?

       Regardless of the regional differences, the price of cheap Russian Blue Cats is about 2000 yuan, while the price of some expensive Russian Blue Cats will be more than 8000 yuan. Generally, the gene of cheap Russian Blue Cats will be relatively impure, so if you want to buy Russian Blue Cats, try to choose the one with pedigree certificate.

       Many people will choose to buy Russian Blue Cats online, which looks very good and the price is very low. In fact, this method is not desirable. First of all, the photos may not be true. Secondly, the mailing process of cats will be dangerous. And now there are many people who are cheated by buying cats on the Internet, so we should be vigilant.

Russian blue cats are easy to keep

       Pictures of Russian Blue Cat

       Russian blue cat is quiet, shy, shy and reluctant to go out. The sound is soft and sweet, full of emotion and docile. He trusts the owner very much and likes to please the owner. And can coexist peacefully with other pets in the family, easy to raise, is a very popular family pet. Quiet and serene, slightly shy, high IQ. I like living in an apartment, but I can also adapt to the cold environment. Russian blue cats like quiet environment, do not like noise and noise. Very conservative. I don’t like strangers. Sensitive, loving and affectionate. He is fond of being alone, so when the owner is too affectionate or full of protective desire to him, he will cause inexplicable pressure and be alienated by him. He has a tendency of self pity, is silent, sensitive and delicate in mind. He should keep a certain distance and be patient with him. He has a good opinion of the same kind who is ambiguous in gender and can lick wounds with each other.

       It can coexist with other pets in the family and is easy to keep. It is a very popular family pet. It is quiet and serene, a little shy, high IQ. I like living in an apartment, but I can also adapt to the cold environment.

       Russian blue cats don’t like noise and noise. Independent and curious, she has a strong sense of self, so she doesn’t like any restrictions. Although it’s sociable, it’s conservative and doesn’t like strangers. It’s sensitive, loving and emotional. It has a soft voice. It is a very popular family pet.

       Russian blue cat is born with a smiling face. It is unique among the short hair species and is very popular. He likes quiet environment. He doesn’t like noise and noise. He is very conservative and doesn’t like strangers. Sensitive, loving and affectionate. His voice is soft.

       Although Russian blue cat is short haired cat, its coat should be combed regularly to keep its luster. The cat likes a quiet family and is most suitable for quiet old people.

       There are few Russian blue cats with pure domestic blood. It is very difficult to get a pure Russian blue cat. Therefore, we must ensure pure breeding and avoid hybridization. Only in this way can the number of pure Russian Blue Cats continue to increase in China. Doctors with years of experience in pet point out that purebred Russian blue cats are very rare, with more than 100000 at a time; and the so-called Russian Blue Cats seen on the market are mostly bred by British short haired cats.