Folk prescription and self-made prescription can for treating cat plague

       Feline fever is a common acute infectious disease of cats. It mainly threatens the vaccinated kittens. As the saying goes, eating is good, and eating is enough can make the cat resistant. When a cat suffers from cat plague, it usually has no appetite. At this time, it depends on whether the food given by the owner can tempt the cat. The following is to teach you a few folk recipes for the treatment of cat plague and homemade prescription canned cats.

       1. Folk prescription for treating cat plague

       Prescription: mamialai (common medicine for infantile diarrhea), Yunnan Baiyao (powder, oral), glucose hydrochloride (available in hospital pharmacy), antibiotics (consult pet doctor).

       The order of taking medicine is: in the morning, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory and antiemetic; Mami love, to solve diarrhea; hydrochloric acid and glucose, to solve dehydration; Yunnan Baiyao, the main weapon against cat plague, must be taken. In the afternoon, mami love, hydrochloric acid, glucose, Yunnan Baiyao, antibiotics.

       Note: each medicine should be taken at intervals of two hours, and should be taken separately.

       Dosage: depending on the severity of the situation, severe cases (4-5 days): mummy love 1 – 1 , half a cup of water in a paper cup, two to three times a day. Yunnan Baiyao, a little bit at a time (about 1 ) of paper cup water, with syringe (needle removed), once or twice a day.

       2. Self prescribed canned cats:

       Raw materials: Chicken paste + chicken liver paste + fish paste (beef puree) + egg. (chicken liver should not be large enough)

       Method: several kinds of materials stir evenly, without any seasoning, steaming.

       Note: when feeding cats (at least 2 times a day is recommended), add 1 / 6 tablets of Xianfeng 6 and 1 piece of lactalbumin.