How can a cat keep fresh

       Cats eat a small amount of food and can’t finish eating every time. Half of the canned food is easy to dry in the refrigerator and easy to taste. What can I do? Today, I will tell you how to protect the canned cat.

       Fresh keeping of canned cat

       First of all, go and buy a tin lid. There are many on the Internet. Just cover it. And there are many different specifications, there must be one for you. So before you buy it, it’s best to keep a few jars that it usually eats, lest you buy it too big or too small. Generally, you can buy one for five or ten yuan. It is not recommended to eat canned Mimi for less than four months.

       Secondly, if you have to feed them, you can mix rice with a little can and give them to eat. Because canned cats are high energy, high protein food, just like people eat in the Spring Festival, every time you feed them directly, it may cause indigestion. And carbohydrates are good for cats, like rice.

       In addition, it should be noted that eating canned or pure meat when the kitten is less than three months old can easily cause indigestion. Because its digestive organs are very delicate, lack of a lot of digestive enzymes, so indigestion will be lax, you can feed some lactase to regulate the gastrointestinal function (it is better to keep lactase raw).