Conservation knowledge of Canadian hairless cats

       In many people’s opinion, Canadian hairless cats are the product of gene mutation, and their bodies may not be as healthy as normal cats. In fact, this concern is totally unnecessary. Canadian hairless cats are not susceptible to genetic diseases because of gene mutations, but because of their sparse body hair, they are more sensitive to sunlight than normal cats.

       If the cat is exposed to the sun for a long time, the Canadian hairless cat will be sunburnt, and the cat with white skin will be blackened by the sun. Therefore, in order to avoid the above situation, the owner should not let the cat in the sun for too long. In addition to being afraid of high temperature and sunshine, Canadian hairless cats can’t adapt to the severe winter weather, because they don’t have the protection of hair, so they need some clothes and blankets for them to keep warm.

       Canadian hairless cats don’t have any hair. Can their owners stop bathing them? Of course not. In order to make Canadian cats live a better life, owners also need to bathe their cats regularly. When bathing cats, they must use a special bath gel for cats. Do not pour their own shower gel on cats, or they may cause abnormal oil and fat secretion of cat skin.

       The average life span of Canadian hairless cats is 12 years, and some cats can live more than 15 years under proper conservation conditions. At present, the number of Canadian hairless cats is very small because they are difficult to breed. It is precisely because they are scarce, so buying a Canadian hairless cat requires the buyer to have a certain economic foundation. Generally, the price of such a cat is about 30000 yuan.