Advantages and disadvantages of different kinds of cats

       Just like dogs, cats can be divided into many types: young cats and adult cats; male and female cats; long haired cats and short haired cats; breed cats and native cats. Of course, cats of different types or ages show different advantages and disadvantages at each stage. When we understand the characteristics of different types of cats, we can choose cats with different characteristics according to our own needs. Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of different cats.

       1. Long haired cats:

       Elegant appearance, more quiet personality. Beautiful fur needs careful care of the owner, especially Persian cat, jinjila cat and other long hair cat species, need to eat some nutrients on time to keep the luster and softness of the coat. Daily carding work is more troublesome, need to comb several times a day. However, frequent carding can make the original hair stick to the comb, and the long hair is easy to collect.

       2. Short haired cats:

       The coat is easy to take care of, and does not have to comb every day, and more lively personality, curiosity. But in the season of depilation, if you don’t clean it regularly, short hair will be stained all over the house, and even some will float in the air, which is more difficult to clean up than the fur of a long haired cat.

       3. Breed cats:

       Stable personality, relatives, not afraid of life, good temper, will not easily hurt the master, do not bite the master. However, the breed of cats is weak in constitution, prone to genetic diseases, and has a relatively short life span.

       4. Native cat:

       Strong resistance, strong physique, not easy to get sick, healthy, skin solid, long life. But most of the domestic cats are timid. Moreover, the temper of native cats is not as stable as that of breed cats. Many native cats have the behavior of scratching and biting their owners.

       All kinds of cats have their own good and bad, mainly depends on the owners want to choose what kind of cat to accompany themselves, so as to choose the type of cat. In the eyes of cat lovers, no matter what kind of cat they are, in the eyes of parents, their own cats are just like their own babies.

How big is a cat? How old can a cat eat into cat food?

       Many owners have cats, but they don’t know about cats. As we all know, the food for young cats is different from that for adult cats, but many owners are not sure when to replace them with cat food. Is it OK after the cats are in estrus? Now let’s discuss how big a cat is, and when can a cat eat cat food?

       1¡¢ Age conversion of cats

       Generally speaking, one year old cat is equivalent to seven years old, which is the simplest way to calculate the age of a cat. Of course, there are some more accurate calculation methods, which can accurately divide the age of a cat. Generally, this classification method is more complicated. This is true for most cats, but it can’t be calculated for some purebred cats, because each cat has different sexual maturity age and life expectancy. If you want to know, you can check it by breed.

       2¡¢ How old is a cat?

       Generally speaking, a cat is considered to be a mature cat after 12 months, while a cat may be in estrus after about six months, but it can not be mated at this time. At this time, the cat’s body has not yet fully developed and has not reached the state of pregnancy and birth. When the cat is in estrus for the second time, the owner can consider mating for the cat.

       3¡¢ How old can a cat eat?

       It is an excellent owner’s job to change the cat food in time. Generally speaking, the young cat food is not suitable for the adult cat. The main reason is that the energy value of the young cat food is high, and the adult cat food will lead to obesity and other symptoms. Each kind of cat food has different definition for the time of changing into cat food, but generally, it takes 12 months as the dividing line. Eat the baby cat food from January to December, and start eating it after 12 months It should be noted that even cat food of the same brand may cause discomfort to the cat when it is replaced. Therefore, there should be a buffer time when changing food.

       Early replacement of cat food will have a certain impact on the development of the cat. The owner should try to replace the cat food after the cat has reached 12 months. If you want to sterilize the cat, this is also a good time. After the first estrus, the cat’s body condition is stable, and then the sterilization operation can be carried out.

How long does a cat live

       How many years can a cat live? In fact, there is no way to generalize. Just as there is no way to determine the life span of a person, there are many factors that affect the life span of a cat. Let’s analyze it in detail.

       1¡¢ Cat life expectancy

       Generally speaking, cats live longer than dogs. Under the condition of family feeding, if the nutrition is sufficient and the medical conditions are good, the average life span of male cat is estimated to be 13-15 years old, and that of female cat without mating is 15-17 years old. However, the life span of castrated male cat and female cat is 1-2 years longer than the average life span.

       2¡¢ Factors affecting cat’s life span

       There are many factors that affect the life span of a pet cat. First of all, the breeding conditions. If the food is sufficient and reasonable, the life span of the cat will be longer. Relatively, the life span of the stray cat is about 3-5 years. Of course, the premature death of stray cats is not entirely due to the shortage of food. There are also certain reasons for the invasion of diseases, traffic accidents and human hunting.

       Some people say that the life span of long haired cats is slightly longer than that of short haired cats, that of cats kept indoors is longer than that of cats kept in the wild, and that the life span of male cats is longer than that of female cats. All these are within certain probability and cannot be fully discussed.

       3¡¢ How to prolong the life span of cats

       Prolonging the life span of a cat mainly depends on the feeding mode of its owner. It is also the main factor for a cat to live longer. It is also important to find an excellent veterinarian to treat the cat when it is sick. It is also necessary to take good care of the cat in his old age and give him comprehensive nutrition and care.

       4¡¢ The oldest cat

       It is said that Lucy, the oldest cat in the world, was born in 1972 and lives in South Wales, UK. The 39 year old is equivalent to 172 years old of human beings. We have no way to study the reasons for his longevity, but the probability of a cat’s longevity is still very high.

What should be considered before cat mating

       Since there is no legal protection for pets in China, many cats raised by cat dealers can mate and breed at will, especially stray cats in the wild. So what problems should be considered before the breeding of domestic pet cats?

       1. Pure breeding

       In order to maintain the inherent good quality and fixed genetic characteristics of the varieties, pure varieties were selected for mating. At the same time, we should also introduce the same breed of distant blood to renew, enrich and improve. If the male cat has been used in a certain area for several years, the same breed must be introduced from other places to renew.

       2. Prevention of inbreeding

       The so-called close relatives refer to those who are related by blood within four generations. Inbreeding can cause serious adverse consequences, such as high vacancy rate, or even pregnancy, but the litter size is low, the survival rate is also low, the living ability of the kittens is decreased, the development is hindered, the body size becomes smaller, the disease is more sick, or there are abnormal and stillbirth.

       3. Shape selection

       Although there are no strict requirements for body shape selection, accidents often occur due to improper matching. For example, when a small cat copulates with a large cat, it is often bitten because the small cat can not resist the attack of the large cat, so it should be the male and female cats with the same or similar body size to mate.

       Age selection

       There is a close relationship between age and fecundity. The fecundity of male cats should be higher than or close to that of females, and should not be lower than females. Different ages of male and female cats match, its litter rate, pregnancy rate is different.