There are four types of cat shampoo

       There are many types of shampoos for cats. There are different kinds of shampoos for cats. Each cat’s hair is different, so when choosing shampoo, there will be differences. For example, some cats have sensitive skin and are suitable for non irritating shampoo. You should first understand your cat’s physical and skin problems and choose the appropriate shampoo according to the cat’s own situation ¡£

       1. Bleach shampoo, more suitable for white or silver white pet cats.

       2. Non irritating shampoo, this kind of product is more suitable for cleaning cat’s head and face, or for pet cat with skin allergy.

       3. Fragrant shampoo, after use, pet cat body will flow a lasting fragrance, it is more suitable for some smelly pet cats to use.

       4. The shampoo for removing lice and fleas contains insecticides, which is mainly used to remove fleas, lice and other parasites on the body of pet cats. When using it for cats, you must pay attention not to be like the eyes and mouth of cats.

       According to the hair texture of your pet cat, choose a suitable shampoo for your cat. When you give a cat a bath, you must pay attention to pacify the cat’s mood, and the cat can’t bathe too often. In summer, the weather is hot, cats sweat more, can be cleaned once a week. Exercise in winter less sweat, you can choose to wash once a month. The long hair cat can take a bath in a short time, while the short hair cat can extend the bath cycle appropriately. The specific time can be determined according to the cleanliness of the cat’s body.

Do you really know all about bathing cats at home – what should you pay attention to besides catching cold and using special shower gel

       You may know that you should pay attention to the water temperature when bathing your cat at home, to prevent the cat from catching cold, and not to use human bath gel for cats, etc., but in fact, bathing cats at home can not only meet these problems. If you really don’t plan to take your cat to the pet store for a bath, you must prepare yourself, because bathing the cat is not so easy! In this article, I would like to share with you my experience and lessons in bathing cats at home.

       Usually, the owner wants to help cats clean their bodies. However, in some cases, cats are not suitable for bathing. For example, the newborn cats are not suitable for bathing, for a period of time after vaccination, and cats with physical problems are not suitable for bathing Only when you are sure that you can bathe cats can you help them to bathe. Otherwise, if there is any problem, you may regret it.

       When you’re sure you can give your cat a bath, we’ll go back to the question at the beginning of the article – what are some of the tricky things about bathing your cat at home.

       First, the cat bathes, the owner also must make the preparation!

       The preparation mentioned here is not only to help the cat prepare water with suitable temperature, but also to let the owner enter the state of “helping the cat bathe”. Bathing a cat is a test of its owner’s patience. In this process, you may encounter many problems. For example, some owners may be made impatient by cats who are unwilling to take a bath and teach them a lesson on the spot. However, the cats may be more afraid or repelled from bathing when they are frightened by your battle. This may lead to the work of bathing cats becoming more and more difficult to do in the future Therefore, the owner should do a good job in psychological construction before helping the cat take a bath.

       Second, small details have a big impact!

       Before bathing cats, if you can help them comb their hair is the best thing, while combing, the owner can also check the cat’s body for abnormalities (such as whether there are wounds or parasites, etc.), once found abnormal to deal with, and comb other benefits (stimulate blood circulation, improve the quality of cat hair, improve the owner and the cat) I don’t want to repeat it here.

       Because the cat may also shake the body in the bath, so the owner had better put on a clothes that is not afraid to be wet before bathing the cat. In general, the owners will choose to bathe the cat in the bathroom. After entering the bathroom, the owner must remember to close the door. The main reason is that some cats may run away when you don’t pay attention to them because they want to escape from the bath. However, sometimes the cats have been stained with water, but there will be traces of water everywhere they pass by. The owner has to clean the room once If you plant other dirty things on your feet, the cleaning work of the owner may increase again. At the same time, it is not safe for the wet cat to touch the wiring board. In addition, if the cat hides under the cabinet with more dust or under the bed, then the owner may have to face the problem of taking a bath again for the cat, so you must remember to close the bathroom door when bathing the cat. Of course, the owner should also do a good job in the bathroom (especially in the corner or under the cabinet where the cat can hide), otherwise you may see a cat that is dirtier than before. In addition, we do not recommend owners to bathe cats in large spaces such as balconies and open spaces. One of the reasons is that they are afraid of cats running around

       Can you get used to taking a bath?

       If cats start bathing when they are young, they are more likely to get used to bathing when they grow up. If an adult cat has never bathed before, you may need to spend more time getting the cat used to bathing.

       4. It’s also a technical job to help cats blow fur!

       After bathing the cat, the owner should help the cat dry its hair in time. If you don’t, it’s easy for cats to catch a cold or get worse. Most cats usually don’t like or can’t stand the hair dryer, because the wind speed of the hair dryer is large and there will be some noise, so the cat is easy to get mad. Therefore, in order to dry the cat’s hair smoothly, the owner must control the distance between the hair dryer and the cat’s body, and the outlet temperature of the hair dryer. When blowing the cat, the owner should pay attention to the ambient temperature. In fact, if you want to help your cat dry its hair faster, you can first wipe the cat’s body with a towel with good water absorption. The more water on the cat’s body is wiped, the time required to dry the cat’s hair will naturally be shortened. On the other hand, while combing the hair, you can separate the cat’s fur which is bonded together because of moisture, thus increasing the heating area of each hair Dry quickly. Sometimes you may be forced to stop bathing the cat in the middle of the bath. You should also blow dry the cat in time. Last but not least, comb the cat’s hair again after blowing. This has the advantages of straightening out the hair and gradually calming the cat’s tense mood.

       Take a bath for the sake of reward!

       After the cat has taken a good bath, the owner can give some rewards appropriately. In this way, the cat will think that “after taking a bath, you can get a good enjoyment, which is also good”, so their resistance to bathing may gradually decrease!

       It’s better to go to the pet shop once in a while

       Although there are some problems in pet shops, such as high prices, and the appliances and places of other pet shops are not often disinfected, due to the participation of professionals, it can help cats to clean many places that pet owners will ignore or can’t clean at all, such as trimming toenails, cleaning ear canal, etc. Therefore, it is suggested that you should go to a pet shop with good reputation and clean facilities at regular intervals, such as once a month, so that professionals can thoroughly clean the cat, and at the rest of the time, you can bathe the cat at home.

How to nurse cats after operation

       In the cat’s life, it is inevitable to have to go to the pet hospital for surgery due to some special circumstances. Although the medical technology is developed and the success rate of the operation is high, the postoperative pain of the cat’s wound can not be completely avoided, because the use of analgesic drugs and injections is not conducive to the health of the cat, and many cats are difficult to serve after surgery, so what should be done at this time ? How to nurse the cat after operation?

       1. After the operation, observe the cat’s mental state throughout the whole process. When the cat is conscious, gently touch it to give it a sense of security. Be sure to feed any food and water within 8 hours after surgery.

       2. The cats that can be taken home for nursing after minor operation should be taken back after the cat is fully awake with the consent of the doctor, so as to avoid adverse reactions of the cat after operation and the emergency hospital can not be found on the way.

       3. Rest and isolate from other sick cats. It should be placed in a cage of appropriate size and covered with a safe and comfortable cushion. Try not to make the cat too excited. If the cat’s mood changes greatly, a small amount of sedative can be given, because the cat can feel the pain of the wound after the operation. Record the cat’s stool, urine, appetite every day.

       4. Before the wound is completely healed after operation, it is necessary to wear Elizabethan ring on the cat, because the wound is in the recovery period. During the recovery period, the wound will itch and scab. At this time, the cat will scratch the wound and lick the wound, which will eventually cause wound infection of the cat, which can seriously threaten life.

       5. In the morning and evening, clean the wound, apply medicine, change gauze, and measure the temperature of the cat to see whether the wound is red or swollen, whether the suture is broken, whether there is exudate in the operation Department, etc. if there are several problems above, consult the doctor in time.

       6. Don’t take a bath after operation. In some cases, you can take a bath when the wound returns to normal after 10 days of operation. Consult your doctor for specific advice.

       7. Since most cats are picky after surgery, it is recommended to feed some delicious food. Of course, the nutrition must be comprehensive. The food containing high protein and vitamin is the best, which can accelerate wound healing.

       8. The suture can be removed when the wound is completely recovered within 7-10 days after the operation, and the medicine should be continued to be applied after the removal, and the Elizabethan circle should be worn for consolidation for several days.

What should I do if I catch a cat when I take a bath


       As we all know, most cats are afraid of water and don’t love it. Every time we give a cat a bath, it’s like fighting a battle. Sometimes, although we win, we are also scarred. So, is there any way to change this situation? This is the content to be introduced in the following article.

       1. Let the cat release emotion before bathing


       2. Develop bathing habits from childhood

       Let the cat take a bath easily. As a host, it should be trained and cultivated since childhood. For example, a cat is bathed regularly from its infancy, and exposed to water. In a word, when cats are familiar with water and know that water is not terrible, they will not be so nervous and afraid. Of course, if you give it a bath, it can take it.

       3. Stop taking a bath in case of fierce resistance

       If the cat jumps and catches people while taking a bath, the owner should stop it as soon as possible. You can yell, keep your cat quiet, or stop bathing for a while. Wait until the cat is completely relaxed and try to give it a bath.

       I hope the above methods are helpful to reduce unnecessary injuries when bathing cats.

Care and health care of cats

       The cat that always gives people a clean feeling, don’t neglect the daily care and health care just because the cat looks clean! Today, I’d like to introduce some simple methods to help cats and cats in their daily life, as well as the taboos of nursing and health care. 1. Manicure many parents only rely on the cat to sharpen their nails without helping it trim. But just like this nail will be born too long, it is easy to scratch guests and scratch furniture. What’s more terrible is that when the cat grabs at random, there may be nail fracture, which will lead to suppuration and so on. However, some parents use ordinary nail clippers to trim the cat’s nails. However, it is easy to cause the cat’s nails to be broken. If the fragments are put into the meat pad, the cat will not stop bleeding, which is very dangerous. 2. Cats who don’t take a bath and don’t have the habit of bathing hate to get wet and even struggle, so many parents give up the work of helping cats to take a bath. But if the cat doesn’t take a bath for a long time, the accumulation of dirt will cover up the cat’s real fur color, making the cat like a stray cat on the street. 3. It’s good to help cats dye and beautify cats. However, some cat parents dye their cats for fun, which is more harmful than beneficial. Small knitting is not encouraged to help cat dyeing, because the hair dye on the cat a lot of harm, and even cancer. 4. Although the cat is protected by a thick layer of fur, attention should be paid to the use of the hair dryer. Careless use of the hair dryer may cause scald to the cat, and the loud hair dryer may also frighten the cat. 5, bathing does not pay attention to the water temperature, of course moderate, too high or too low are not good, do not rub the bubble in the bath do not pay attention to the eyes, cats eyes are very sensitive.

Cats are afraid of water

       Many people think cats are afraid of water, so we can see that many people train cats with water guns to deal with disobedient cats. But in real life, it seems that not all cats are afraid of water, some even take the initiative to play in the water. So what is the cat’s attitude towards water?

       The impression of a cat as “afraid of water” may be caused by the owner’s behavior. For example, in order to make the cat no longer grasp the sofa, the owner may spray the cat with a water gun, and the cat may avoid it just because it does not want to be attacked, rather than afraid of water. Some owners may say that every time I take a cat to a bath, they always want to run away. Doesn’t that mean they are afraid of water? In fact, cats may just not like you to force them to accept something they don’t want to do. They don’t like to take a bath. Naturally, they always want to take the opportunity to leave when you give them a bath. Therefore, when people see cats appear in the above-mentioned behavior, they believe that cats are afraid of water.

       Cat water dispenser

       However, when almost all cats are not attacked or forced, they will take the initiative to approach the water, especially the flowing water, which is more attractive to cats. Therefore, we can see cats drinking water from tap water and playing with water by themselves. In fact, it is the cat’s psychology that people use to create water dispensers, so that they like to drink more water. In addition, with regard to the bathing of cats, if the owners start bathing cats when they are young, many cats will not reject bathing, and some cats will even enjoy bathing very much.

       Special introduction: Turkish Van Cat

       Turkish Van Cat is a special cat, they love water, like swimming, is the meow people swimming master.

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A must read manual for new cat parents

       Can cats eat cans? Would you mind if I take a bath? Many simple questions can be complicated for new cat parents. The following small make-up of a few common questions to do an answer, new cat parents must read Oh!

       1¡¢ The little guy looks very healthy. Do you want to get vaccinated?

       We must vaccinate in time to prevent the occurrence of feline plague and other malignant infectious diseases. Because the cat plague virus is very harmful to the kittens under four months old, and the virus is infectious and can be transmitted without direct contact, so in order to let the kittens grow up healthily, please vaccinate your baby in time. The time of vaccination was about 12 weeks for kittens, twice before the age of one year, with an interval of 20 days, and then once a year.

       2¡¢ Kitten drill everywhere, make hair is very dirty, can take a bath?

       Kittens can’t take a bath before vaccination! The immunity of the kittens without vaccination is very low. It is easy to catch cold and loose when taking a bath, and even cause more serious problems. It is recommended to take a bath after vaccination! If the kitten is dirty because of mischief, you can consider wiping it with a hot towel or brushing it with a brush.

       After vaccination, you can give Mimi a bath, if the short hair cat can wash once a few months, long hair cat once a month is enough. Usually, you should comb your hair more to ensure that your cat is clean, because your cat needs to secrete sebum to protect your hair. If you wash it too often, your skin protection will decrease, which will lead to skin cancer. Moreover, it is better to use pet shampoo to avoid side effects of shampoo.

       3¡¢ Can you feed meat or can?

       In addition to cat food, it is recommended to give the kitten a little meat every week, but the amount should not be too large. A few small pieces of nail plate are OK. It’s even better if you can chew and feed the kitten, because the cat’s digestive system lacks an enzyme that can be provided by human saliva. This is conducive to digestion and absorption of kittens.

       As for tinned cats, it is not recommended to eat Mimi for less than four months. If you have to feed them, you can mix a little bit of Canned Rice and give it to them. Because canned cats are high-energy, high protein food, just like the big meals people eat during the Spring Festival, every time you feed them directly, it may cause indigestion. Carbohydrates like rice are good for the growth of cats.

       It should be noted that eating canned or pure meat in a kitten less than three months is likely to cause indigestion. Because his digestive organs are very delicate, lack of a lot of digestive enzymes, so indigestion will be lax, you can feed some lactase to regulate his gastrointestinal function (it is better to keep lactase raw).

       4¡¢ The fingernails of the little guy are very sharp. Can you cut them?

       You can cut your nails once a week, especially the front paws. Hold the nail clipper upright. It’s better not to start when struggling. For one thing, it’s not easy to control the size. It’s very likely to cut the cat’s flesh. If the cat’s paw is injured, it’s easy to be infected, which is troublesome. Secondly, it is easy to frustrate the trust and feelings of kittens to you.

       You can observe the cat’s paws in the light. First, the outermost layer is transparent and can be cut; next to the transparent one, it is white and opaque, so it’s better not to cut it; and then the inside is pink, and that part must not be cut. I’m talking about the nail part of the cat. It’s better to cut your nails according to the cat’s will. Don’t increase the cat’s unnecessary fear like fighting. At ordinary times, strengthen emotional contact and cultivate trust.

       It’s better to cut less than to cut more. You can take her paw to light, the pink part in the middle must not be cut, and the white translucent part around it should not be touched. Only the tip of the claw has a small transparent part (no more than 1.5mm), which can be cut. The scissors had better be sharp, so as not to cut the kitten’s nails. It’s also very painful.

What is better for a kitten to take a bath with

       Now keeping pets is as common as we eat and sleep. Cats are one of them. Cats are naturally clean. We all know that if you want to keep your cats clean, the owners still have to wash cats regularly. But what can cats use to bathe them?

       As for what kind of things kittens use to bathe, many careless friends use their own shampoo or shower gel, and some people use detergent or detergent to bathe their beloved cats. After washing, they will find that the cat’s fur is not as good as before. Therefore, we should not think it is an animal. We can use anything at will. In fact, the cat’s hair is not right I believe many friends have experienced it personally.

       In fact, the bath products for kittens are not expensive. Most pet shops have them, such as combs and toiletries. It’s easy to pick things that are suitable for your cat. After taking a bath, you should trim your nails and clean your ears in time. Although these are trivial things, owners should often do them, otherwise it will affect the beauty of cats. Nowadays, most of the kittens are ornamental cats. It is very important to have a beautiful appearance.

       After knowing what kind of bath the kitten uses, the owner must use a hair dryer to dry the hair after the kitten’s bath. Especially in the cold winter, if you don’t help it dry in time, it’s easy to catch a cold. In this way, it is not easy to raise a kitten. In fact, it is very simple to raise a kitten, and bathing will not be done every day. To keep a kitten healthy, this is also an essential step.

Daily care and cleaning of domestic cats

       Nowadays, it is very popular to make beauty for cats. A clean and tidy cat is something everyone will like. In fact, the frequency of cat bathing is not as frequent as that of dog, so it is very important for the cat to develop good health habits, and the owner should do a good job in cleaning the cat in daily care. 1. When defecating in a fixed place, first of all, let the cat urinate in the fixed place, remove the excrement in the litter basin in time, keep the litter basin clean, and wash the toilet shared by human and cat frequently. 2. Comb the hair regularly. Cats love to clean. It is necessary to comb the hair and clean the hair knots every day to keep the cat’s fur clean and dry. 3. Mouth, ears and eyes carefully check that cats have ear odor, bad breath or bad eye odor, which is also one of the important causes of odor in the home. Therefore, we should do a good job on the cat’s ears, mouth and eyes health care work, find problems in a timely manner. 4. Clean furniture and floor frequently, clean up the dead corner of family, keep indoor ventilation, and properly use air fragrance when necessary. If you do the above, you don’t have to worry about the smell at home.

How to have peculiar smell at home

       Pet cats are very popular in big cities. The appearance of cats makes people feel very quiet. Besides, cats don’t have to take a bath or go out for a walk. They are very simple and convenient to raise. This is the reason why many people choose pet cats. But the problem is that there will be peculiar smell in the house when cats are kept. Of course, this problem will occur in the case of improper handling. Especially in summer, when it comes to that kind of hot and humid weather, this phenomenon will be more obvious. So when encountering such a problem, how to deal with it correctly is very important. The following is mainly for the treatment of peculiar smell in cats, to see if it can help you. In fact, there are several common main reasons for this kind of trouble. You know, only in this way can we find the right remedy for the problem, and we can get twice the result with half the effort. Here’s my opinion. There are only two kinds of situations that can cause peculiar smell at home: improper treatment of the cat’s feces, and the cat’s own body. Let’s see it one by one!! One, the cat’s feces are not handled properly. Here you should know the benefits of training cats to defecate in the litter basin. If the kittens defecate at home at will, it will be a stink bomb. In order to avoid these problems, you should do the following: 1. Train the kitten to learn how to use the litter basin to avoid the habit of the kittens to urinate disorderly from the source. I will not repeat the specific training methods for pet cats here. There are a lot of relevant information on the Internet ~ 2. Choose the appropriate litter Bentonite cat litter is the most commonly used cat litter for cat families. The air humidity is high in summer. Therefore, when choosing bentonite litter, we must pay attention to choose the cat litter with larger particles. The bentonite cat litter with larger particle size has better water absorption effect and agglomeration effect, and it is not easy to disperse. Small particles of bentonite cat litter are easily broken into powder in hot and humid weather. 3. Clean up the cat excrement in time and replace all the litter regularly. In summer, if there is no peculiar smell at home, it is necessary to clean the litter basin frequently, especially for families with many cats. It is necessary to clean the litter basin twice or three times a day. Not only to clean up in time every day, but also to completely replace the litter in the litter basin at least once a week. At the same time, disinfect the litter basin with disinfectant. It’s not only cleaner, it’s not just keeping the litter dry. 4. Replace the closed toilet. If you can’t clean the litter basin in time for many times a day, you can replace the cat litter basin with a sealed Cat Toilet, which can effectively block the odor in the toilet. 5. Use deodorant powder to sprinkle the deodorant powder for cats on the litter, which can effectively remove the odor of cat poop. 6. The diet of cats in summer should be light, and the diet of cats should be as light as possible. Some vegetables, such as lettuce, cucumber and corn, can be added to the cat’s food, which can promote the movement of the cat’s intestines and stomach and reduce the odor of the cat’s stool. Second, the cat itself has a bad smell, which is mainly due to the cat’s skin disease or the owner’s usual cleaning work is not in place. Therefore, we usually give the kitten regular insect repellent bath, often to comb its hair, the sanitary environment in the home should also be done well, maintain indoor ventilation, this can fundamentally reduce the risk of cat disease, of course, this odor caused by body odor can be cut off from the source!!