If your cat’s nutrition is comprehensive, and there is no health crisis, then to reduce the amount of depilation, raise a healthy and good hair, the owner should understand the growth law of cat hair, and give it effective management. Generally speaking, the growth rate of cat’s hair is 0.16cm-0.21cm per month (the hair of short hair cat is about 5.08cm, and the hair of long hair breed (such as Bosi cat) is as long as 12.7cm), and the cat will lose dozens of hair every day. Of course, each cat will have individual differences, and the number of hair loss is more or less. When your beloved cat loses too much hair during the hair changing period When, the owner might as well try the following ways to see if there are some improvements: 1. Strengthen combing. First of all, it is a very normal phenomenon that the cat will lose its hair. The owner does not need to worry too much. And we can reduce the impact of hair loss on the normal life of owners and cats by strengthening combing and bathing regularly. For short haired cats, it may not take much grooming, but long haired cats need to comb their hair frequently. It is suggested that the owners comb the hair once a day, and this good habit should be developed in the kitten stage. Once the cat is used to combing, it will not only make its hair healthier, but also become a special “intimate moment” between you. The grooming process is also a great opportunity to check the cat’s skin for lumps, rashes, faeces or any signs that indicate that it is not healthy enough. Once a health hazard is found, consult your veterinarian in time. 2. Balanced nutrition comprehensive and balanced nutrition is the basis of cat’s metabolism. Cat’s demand for water, protein, fat, carbohydrate, mineral and vitamin is different at different ages. The lack and excess of nutrients are reflected in the gloss and quantity of hair. Feeding a pet food with a complete skin disease is not possible. Therefore, easy to digest and absorb protein, vitamins A, B, e, sunflower oil and fish oil polyunsaturated fatty acids, as well as minerals such as zinc, copper, as important nutrients, need to be regularly and quantitatively supplemented by the owner. At present, the brand cat food on the market provides comprehensive and balanced nutrition, supplemented by scientific and reasonable taste matching, which can provide the nutritional needs of cats at all stages of growth. 3. Gentle bathing. Sometimes, the hair washing essence used during bathing stimulates the cat’s skin to produce allergic phenomenon, which will also cause the cat to have accidental hair loss, even more serious than natural shedding. Therefore, if you don’t want your cat to lose hair due to skin disease, you must use a special pet bath to bathe them. At ordinary times, we must also pay attention to the cleanliness of the cat itself and the health of the home environment, only in this way can we avoid the breeding of fungi and parasites. 4. Give it a good mood. Once the cat is depressed, scared or nervous, it will also cause psychological hair loss. Cats will try to adjust their mood by licking their fur due to excessive pressure. However, excessive licking often causes depilation of the limbs (especially the outer thighs) and abdomen in the absence of skin diseases. In severe cases, the cat will even pull out the hair with its mouth. Therefore, remember to give your cat a quiet living environment, and often take the cat out in the sun, let them exercise, not only can make the cat happy, but also can improve its own immunity, make it become more healthy and active.