Nursing methods of Persian cat hair

       Persian cat has a beautiful, elegant, gorgeous hair. In the process of raising pet Persian cat, hair care has become a daily task for owners. There are many ways to care for Persian cat’s hair, such as combing hair, bathing and so on.

       In order to make Persian cat’s hair more healthy and beautiful, breeders should comb the cat’s hair at least once a day, about 20 minutes each time. Breeders can use a neutral, soft bristle brush to comb the hair of Persian cats, which are easy to shed and have a longer texture. Therefore, when carding, the breeder’s movement should be as gentle and slow as possible. While combing the hair, clean the hair that has fallen off at the same time, and clean the dirt on the hair at the same time.

       In the process of hair care, in order to make the Persian cat’s hair more smooth and beautiful, the breeder can also use shampoo to wash regularly. When the Persian cat is dirty, it should be washed in warm water with neutral soap, and then cleaned and dried immediately. Because of the special structure of Persian cat’s face, Persian cat often likes to shed tears. In order to ensure the health and hygiene of cat’s face, the breeder should timely clean the cat’s eye hygiene, and drop chloramphenicol eye drops to prevent inflammation of Persian cat’s eyes.

       Care of Persian cat’s hair is something that needs to be done persistently. From the time of Persian cat’s childhood, let the cat gradually adapt to combing hair, bathing and other work. And for Persian cat hair care some shampoo and other supplies, breeders must also buy pet cat shampoo and other supplies, can not be replaced by people or other pets, because the body structure of different organisms are different, as long as the Persian cat choose the most appropriate care supplies, in order to ensure that its hair can get healthy care, become more beautiful and beautiful ¡£

It’s good to comb your cat regularly

       If you have a long haired cat, you may often comb the cat, but if you have a short haired cat, many owners will not comb the cat diligently, and some owners will not even comb the cat at all. In fact, whether it’s a long – haired cat or a short – haired cat, combing their hair regularly has many advantages.

       First of all, the owner can check whether there are parasites and wounds on the cat while combing his hair. Once found, the owner can give the cat the most timely treatment. But if you don’t groom your cat, you’re likely to start paying attention to the cat until it has obvious symptoms. By then, you may have missed the best opportunity for treatment, and the cat will have to bear more pain.

       In fact, combing cats is like giving them a massage. Their blood circulation is promoted, their bodies are relaxed, and their hair quality is improved. Because the owner can remove the dead hair from the cat in the process of combing, it can not only reduce the amount of hair swallowed by the cat when licking the body, but also effectively improve the situation that the cat does not stop losing hair wherever it goes. In addition, if you want to improve your relationship with your cat, grooming may also be a good way to do it.

       It may not be a big problem for owners of short haired cats to be lazy secretly. However, for owners of long haired cats, combing should become a must do homework every day. The reason is that if the long hair cat’s hair is not combed for a long time, it is easy to knot and adhere. Therefore, in order to avoid the above situation, the owner should not forget to comb the cat regularly!

Daily nursing of cats with myocarditis

       As for the cat suffering from myocarditis, as mentioned above, nursing is very heavy. So parents must pay attention to the cat, to recover as soon as possible, to adhere to these points every day, let’s learn more about it.

       1. In the acute phase, one month’s rest is allowed until the condition is improved. Severe activity is restricted within three months, and severe activity is prohibited for one year in heavier cats.

       2. Strengthen nutrition, eat high protein, high calorie and high vitamin diet.

       3. When the cat recovers, pay attention to strengthen the exercise, strengthen the physique, prevent all kinds of virus infection, if necessary, vaccination can be carried out, and reduce the invasion of cold, fever and other adverse factors.

       4. Review regularly and know the recovery of the cat to avoid recurrence.

Care of pregnant Siamese cats

       When the Siamese cat is pregnant, it is also a very critical period in its life. Cats breed in multiple births, so they must suffer a lot during pregnancy. The pregnancy cycle of Siamese cat is generally about 63 days. During this period, it needs the owner’s meticulous care and care to promote the development of fetal cats and give birth to healthy kittens.

       When the Siamese cat is pregnant, the breeder should first strengthen its food and nutrition management. In the early stages of pregnancy, the cat’s lifestyle can be the same as before without too much change. With the extension of the cat’s pregnancy, the owner should prepare high-quality protein, vitamins, calcium and other nutritious food for it. Moreover, the prepared food should be easy to absorb and digest, and will not cause the burden of digestion of the cat’s intestines and stomach. As the cat’s gestational age increases, the amount of food to be fed should gradually increase, especially at the end of pregnancy, the amount of food for the cat should at least double.

       Siamese cats in pregnancy, in addition to strengthening food management, owners should also pay attention to the cat’s life management. We know that pregnant cats will become lazy and don’t like sports, but long-term inactivity may lead to birth difficulties. Therefore, during the period of pregnancy, the owner should properly guide the cat to do some exercise, walk or walk the bend. Siamese cats in the near time of childbirth, there will be signs of childbirth. And the owner has to prepare the relevant production tools for the cat before it is officially delivered. For example, box, towel, scissors and so on.

       When Siamese cats are pregnant, the activities of cats should be reasonably limited. Limit the cat’s large range of walking and jumping, and reduce the times of taking the cat out for exercise. To prevent cats from abortion due to violent exercise or impact, ensure Siamese cats can successfully pass the pregnancy period and give birth to kittens smoothly.

Why don’t cats like to wear shoes

       Many people find that once the cat put on the shoes, it is not very able to walk, so a variety of ugly things happen frequently. Photos and videos also help them record the disgraceful scenes in the cat’s life. But if the shoes are taken off and they become normal immediately, why don’t cats like to wear shoes? Why do they become abnormal once they are put on?

       In fact, there is no official answer to this question. We can only analyze why this behavior occurs from some experiments.

       First of all, we should start from the geometric space perception of cats. Unlike human beings, the geometric space perception of cats belongs to the spatial perception of outer center, which relies heavily on mechanical feeling. Someone abroad has done an experiment, when a piece of adhesive tape is attached to the cat’s body, the cat will try to get rid of the tape. If you put it on its back, it will walk on its stomach, and on its chest, it will stride. Cats and humans have totally different behavior ideas. For example, when cats are pasted with tape, people think that “the body is covered with tape”, but cats will think that “the body is stuck by the world”. As long as they are far away from that world, they can get rid of it. Therefore, cats have the behavior of keeping away from the tape. In the same way, when a cat is given an Elizabethan circle in a pet hospital, the cat will always step back and try to run out of the circle instead of scratching it open. So after putting on shoes for cats, they feel that there is something wrong with the outer central space. It is not difficult to understand those strange behaviors in order to stay away from the external things that intrude into the self-centered coordinate system.

Fat paper, lose weight! ¡ª¡ªHow to lose weight

       Weight loss is an eternal topic on the blue planet, and it’s a world problem to lose weight for meow people, OK?! Finally, I made up my mind to feed less. As a result, I came home to see their innocent big eyes blinking at you, and their small voice kept shouting at you Or simply overturn the plate, bite the cat food bag, get angry with us Nine out of ten blue star people will give up, OK?! I’m not afraid. I’d like to give you a weight loss strategy. Let’s start to lose weight scientifically!

       Strategy 1: my meow people are fat or not! What is the standard?

       Please bring yourself a meow man, and a pair of hard-working hands, and start to touch the chest, back and abdomen of the meow man.

       If your cat’s ribs are hard to reach, and you’ve got a lot of belly fat, then your cat really needs to lose weight.

       If the ribs are easy to touch, and there is no abdominal fat, then you see god horse weight loss strategy, asshole! Are you here to draw hatred!

       Strategy 2: how can fat Mi lose weight? Kneel down for the secret script!

       First of all, we have to find out why we grow fat, then we can know how to lose weight, right!

       The basic principle of weight gain: the intake of calories > the consumption of calories, can not be consumed in the form of fat hoard down.

       The basic principle of weight loss: the intake of calories is less than the consumption of calories, and the body starts to use the stored fat to provide calories.

       So weight loss strategy can be simply summed up as two points: reduce the intake of calories, increase the consumption of calories.

       Strategy 3: talk about what to reduce calorie intake with food? Isn’t this kengdao!

       Eating food to lose weight is challenging, otherwise what strategy is needed! We need to work hard on “what to eat”, “how much to eat” and “how to ensure implementation”.

       What do you have to eat?

       During the period of weight loss, both cat food and canned food should choose those with low fat content and high crude fiber content, and try to avoid feeding snacks (including low-fat canned non-staple food)

       1. 1g fat can provide 9kcal calories, which is 2.25 times of protein and carbohydrate. That is to say, under the premise of the same quality, the energy of fat is too high. Therefore, low fat diet should be adopted in the period of weight loss.

       2. Crude fiber can enhance the satiety of meow people, so high fiber diet is also helpful to lose weight. However, excessive intake of crude fiber will reduce the digestibility and even cause constipation, so the content of crude fiber in the diet should be less than 5%. Let’s choose a high fiber diet in the range of 5%.

       3. Like blue star people, meow people have to say goodbye to snacks during weight loss, even low-fat canned non-staple food should be avoided as much as possible. Therefore, the nutrients intake during the weight loss period will be reduced due to the decrease of total calories. To ensure adequate and balanced nutrition, it is necessary to feed the staple food cat food or staple food can.

       If you are too overweight, you can consider diet cat food, because diet cat food is not only low-fat and high fiber, but also can add some nutrients beneficial to fat cat, such as L-carnitine, glucosamine, chondroitin, unsaturated fatty acids, antioxidants, etc., to help fat cats overcome obesity.

       How much do you eat?

       Can we stop the buffet during the weight loss period for meow? But how much cat food should a fat cat eat every day? First of all, let’s find out how much calories (me) it takes to maintain your weight. First of all, we put forward a formula

       The caloric requirement (me) = 130kcalx body weight (kg) is 0.4 power.

       Well, the math formula is so annoying. Take a look at this favorite table:

       Weight / kg

       Four point five


       Five point five


       Six point five


       Fat cat me / kcal

       Two hundred and thirty-seven

       Two hundred and forty-seven

       Two hundred and fifty-seven

       Two hundred and sixty-six

       Two hundred and seventy-five

       Two hundred and eighty-three

       Weight / kg

       Seven point five


       Eight point five


       Nine point five


       Fat cat me / kcal

       Two hundred and ninety-one

       Two hundred and ninety-nine

       Three hundred and six

       Three hundred and thirteen

       Three hundred and twenty

       Three hundred and twenty-seven

       Look up your meow fat paper’s me (i.e. the calories needed to maintain your weight) through the table. Then you have to find a figure close to 4000 kcal / kg on the cat food bag, which is the heat density of your cat food. Assuming that the caloric density of a diet cat food is 3850kcal / kg, the calorie of 1G diet is 3850kcal ¡÷ 1000g = 3.85kcal.

       How much cat food to eat every day = me of meow fat paper ¡÷ 1g of cat food calories

       Take 10 kg of meow fat paper and 3850 kcal / kg cat food as an example. The cat food that should be eaten every day is g = 327 ¡÷ 3.85 g = 85g.

       If you want to lose weight by reducing energy intake, remember to reduce cat food by 5-10% based on the number of grams you should eat. Otherwise, even if you eat diet cat food, if you eat enough calories to maintain your weight, you can’t lose fat drops~

       How to ensure that the daily feed does not exceed the planned amount?

       Don’t pour a bowl every day blindly, make an electronic scale! Every meal is said to be very troublesome. Go directly to the Internet to buy a lot of pure aluminum foil self sealing bags (I feel that the size of 10X15cm can hold cat food for a day), and then the planned feeding amount is weighed and sealed according to the day. Feed one portion every day. No matter how many times you feed, it can’t exceed the daily amount. Be cruel, parents! March does not lose weight, April is sad!

       Note: 1. Buy pure aluminum foil bag because of its good sealing and light-proof, which will not lead to moisture, early oxidation or nutrient loss of cat food. 2. The electron scale is necessary. 3. Remember to use boiling water to disinfect the packing tools ~ wipe them dry after disinfection~

       Strategy 4: increase heat consumption? Talk to me about sports! I’ve been in the deep place, and I’ll be natural, OK!

       In addition to increasing the time for parent-child interaction with the cat, you can also try walking the cat? Funny you! Dai Genji, a famous expert in pet psychology in Taiwan, highly praised “walking the cat”. Walking the cat can not only reduce the behavior problems of meow people, but also avoid urinary system diseases and excessive obesity.

       How to walk the cat? In fact, it is very simple. It can be carried out step by step according to the following stages:

       1. Buy a special cat walk suit and be prepared for patience and his favorite snacks (don’t take them out except for training).

       2. The first stage: take out the cat’s clothing. When the cat looks, smells or touches the cat’s clothing, it will immediately reward it with snacks. If the cat bites the cat’s clothing, it will immediately take away the snacks. When one day the cat sees you take out the cat clothing and happily runs over, it means that the first stage has been successful.

       3. The second stage: put on the cat’s clothing directly, and give it a large number of snacks as soon as it is dressed. Then immediately take off the cat’s clothing, stop giving snacks, and take away the cat’s clothing. The third stage can begin until the cat completely ignores the cat’s clothing.

       4. The third stage: put on the cat’s clothes for walking, throw the snacks on the ground one at a time, and let the cat run to pick it up. After taking off the cat’s clothing, stop giving snacks immediately. When Mimi is used to walking the cat and eating snacks, stage three is finished.

       5. The fourth stage: put on the cat walking clothes, hang the traction rope, and repeat the third stage. Until the cat is fully adapted to walking the cat’s clothing and the tow line.

       6. Stage 5: open the door and let the cat explore the outside world by itself. Slowly, the cat will fall in love with going out. When it’s time to go home, take it home and reward it with snacks. Make it like going home on time.

       When the cat has more contact with the world outside the window and has more interaction with parents, eating and eating will not be regarded as the only fun of feline. After mastering the secret of losing weight, take advantage of the warm weather, and start to practice quickly. Wish every fat paper of meow star can recover to the perfect figure of the original green period!

       Source: ketchup hemp

How to find the lost cat

       If a cat has been lost, a cat that has been kept for two or three years or four years has been lost. Isn’t this the loss of a child in the family? Worry, sadness and fear are for sure, but we must be calm. If a cat is lost, we should find it in time. But how to find it and how to find it, please read this article carefully for a rainy day.

       1¡¢ The time after a cat is lost can be divided into three stages

       For example, the most likely time to find a cat near the house is 72 hours before the cat is found.

       The second stage: the first 7-10 days after the loss is still the crucial time to retrieve the cat. The cat is still around for the most part and won’t go far. Especially if there is a feeding place or gathering place for stray cats nearby. A cat’s nature can easily lead it to a place where it’s a conglomeration, even if it’s never been there. The term “nearby” is generally within 400-1km / 2km for sterilized cats. Of course, this data is only for reference. It also depends on the surrounding environment and whether the residential area is closed or not.

       Stage 3: 7 or 10 days later, if the cat can’t find a place to eat and drink nearby, it may choose to go further. Therefore, the probability of finding it is reduced. However, it is not impossible. Many cases are found after missing for one or two months, so these figures can only be used as reference.

       2¡¢ Smell points home

       Cats who usually live at home do not go out, so even if it is a place where they have lived for a long time, they may not know each other once they go out. In particular, the buildings and units are very similar. So if it’s not a cat that often goes out, there’s no question of knowing the house

       You can sprinkle some of the used litter (with its smell) around, especially under the windows. You should not let the cleaners sweep away directly. And its rice bowl basin, can also put the windowsill. In short, it has its smell, such as its urine cushion, or its familiar smell, its favorite food, canned food and so on.

       3¡¢ Performance when seeing a cat

       After the cat is lost, there are basically two different reactions: one is afraid, but still knows its owner, and will come out when he hears the owner’s voice. It’s lucky to do that. The second is that they are so scared that they don’t know who they are. They run when they see them. If so, be patient. Don’t scare the cat away because of his urgency. No matter what kind of situation, the cat is very frightened in the strange environment outside. Once you see it, don’t cry out in surprise. Be as calm as possible and approach slowly as usual at home! It’s best to carry a cat bag with you, or keep it at your fingertips. Because once you catch a cat, you will often struggle madly, or cover your head with a quilt, blanket, sheet, clothes and so on. In short, you must not loose it at this time! Otherwise, it will be very difficult to catch it next time.

       4¡¢ A good time to find a cat

       In addition to recommending the dead of night (after about 10 p.m.), you can also according to your cat’s work and rest habits. For example, I searched for nearly 20 hours in a row. During this period, I saw Moji twice and ran away when I saw me. Later it occurred to me that he usually ate at 5 or 6 in the morning. So I went home to have a rest for an hour and went down to look for food at 5 o’clock. At 5 o’clock in the morning, it’s still quiet outside and the visibility is good (he’s a black cat). He’s hungry and tired all day, and it’s his usual time to eat.. It turns out that not only has it been found, but food has also played a role. By the way, many cats run out. Even if there is a place for cats to eat, they often can’t eat or drink in the first few days. First, they are afraid, and the second is that they will be bullied by the local cats there. Therefore, this can be used.

       5¡¢ The Enlightenment of looking for cats

       This should be done at the first time after the discovery of the lost cat, because this is probably the easiest thing to do. It is best to post photos of cats and post them widely wherever possible. Maybe you will get unexpected results.

       6¡¢ Personalized cat search scheme

       Generally speaking, it is important to combine the life and personality of your cat, and the specific living environment, such as building or bungalow, separate building or enclosed community, whether the courtyard is close to the road, whether there is a feeding point or a stray cat community around, etc. if the cat is lost, it can be anxious, but it can’t be distracted. No one knows him / her better than you. Calm down and think about it. Considering all the possible related factors and formulating a personalized recovery plan according to the specific situation, is the key to success in finding a cat.

       7¡¢ The best way

       Cats are highly sensitive and emotional creatures, which are worth learning more about. In addition to understanding the personality of their own cats, but also to understand the general characteristics of some cat. You can do more accumulation in peacetime, through the Internet or books, to understand the basic habits and behavior of cats, so that the situation will not be crazy. For example, many cats run out of the building, usually not to run downstairs, but to the upstairs. Therefore, the dead corner of the corridor, behind the stacking of furniture and sundries, and the stairwell are the places where cats may hide. These are related to the cat’s habits, if you can understand these common sense in advance, it may play a great role in the critical time. More importantly, we can prevent accidents in the bud. If we can avoid accidents and make them not happen at all, that is the best way. For example, cats who live in buildings often run out of doors because they can’t tell the difference between the doors of other rooms. Therefore, cats should be trained to stay away from the door from the beginning (stop shouting, watering pots, etc.).

       The screen window is also a part to be checked frequently. Many so-called “new type screen window” have their own surface. If you poke a few times, the screen will come out of the seam, or it will be missed. You must check it more or replace the anti cat scratch screen (Taobao has it, it is cheap). If it is a push-pull window, you can clip a big clip on the window frame on the other side of the window sash, so that the cat can hardly push the window open. Lost cats often occur in shared environment. For example, the one who shares the House fails to close the door or window, or the visiting relatives and friends do not pay attention to opening and closing the doors and windows, which leads to the cat running away. Therefore, people who share a cat should pay more attention from the beginning and explain the situation and precautions with the same room. If the other party wants to receive guests, please inform him in advance to avoid you Set up a good cat, and can post some reminder note in the relevant eye-catching position, remind to close the door, close the window and so on.

       Having said that, Xiaobian is very complicated. In short, cats (including other animals) are the weakest group in today’s human society. When making any decision related to them, please remember: what kind of life they are going to live is completely controlled by your and my thoughts! For us, the difference between one thought and another is often a profound difference. Lasting love, care and responsibility, not only can avoid a lot of accidents, but also the biggest and ultimate guarantee of feline happiness and safety!

Symptoms of postpartum calcium deficiency in cats

       With the improvement of living standards, many owners will also improve the life of cats, such as buying clothes, collars, shoes and so on. Many people will worry about the reason why cats don’t like to wear shoes. In fact, compared with dogs, cats should be said to be three-dimensional animals. Although “dogs will jump over walls when they are in a hurry”, due to the size of dogs, they are not suitable. However, cat’s claws are used for hunting, bouncing and other purposes. After wearing shoes, cats are not free to move. Therefore, it is recommended not to wear shoes for cats.

       1. First of all, we should start with the geometric space perception of cats. Unlike human beings, the geometric space perception of cats belongs to the spatial perception of the outside in the middle, which relies heavily on the mechanical sense. Someone abroad has done an experiment, when a piece of adhesive tape is attached to the cat’s body, the cat will try to get rid of the tape. If you put it on its back, it will walk on its stomach, and on its chest, it will stride.

       2. Cats and humans have totally different behavior ideas. For example, cats are pasted with tape, and people think that “the body is covered with tape”, but cats will think that “the body is stuck by the world”. As long as they are far away from that world, they can get rid of it. Therefore, cats have the above behavior of keeping away from the tape. In the same way, in a pet hospital, the cat will always retreat after putting Elizabeth’s circle on the cat, trying to run out of the circle instead of scratching it open. So after putting on shoes for cats, they feel that there is something wrong with the outer central space. It is not difficult to understand those strange behaviors in order to stay away from the external things that intrude into the self-centered coordinate system.

       3. There is no meat pad and the bottom of the cat to contact, so the friction is reduced. In case of danger, there is no way to jump to some place, and the hook of the paw can’t be done. In addition, the sense of balance will become worse. There are many differences between the walking posture of cats and dogs. Cats are very dependent on the sense of balance. Most cats in nature will climb trees, while canines are all moving on the ground. The two walk in different ways. In addition, cats are also very insecure animals. They have different places from usual times, such as having a collar around their neck, they will struggle all the time, and shoes are the same, so cats can’t walk with shoes like dogs, and naturally they don’t like wearing shoes.

The characteristics of Norwegian Forest Cat

       Norwegian Forest cat has two layers of fur. The outer layer is bright, waterproof and easy to dry. The inner layer is soft, fine and warm. The inner coat will fall off in summer. It is similar to the Maine cat in appearance, but in particular, it is an inverted equilateral triangle on the front, which is easy to distinguish from other large fur cats. High IQ, easy to train, like to be close to human beings.

       The character of Norwegian Forest Cat

       Norwegian Forest cat is introverted, independent, intelligent, alert and cautious. It likes to take risks and activities, and is good at catching and climbing trees and climbing rocks. It has the reputation of “capable Hunter”. Therefore, it is not suitable for long-term rearing indoors, and it is better to raise them in families with spacious courtyard and environment.

       Norwegian Forest cat is active and brave. It is almost the only cat that plunges down from a high place facing the ground without fear. Norwegian Forest Cat’s call is very strange. Short sentences are not ordinary “meow”, but bru. Long sentences are more like a mixture of songs, and the names of female and male cats are the same. Male cats are more intermittent, female cats are more coherent. Norwegian Forest cat is very smart, with a little training, it is as smart as a dog. Is a cat doctor who is often used as a pet therapy.

Conservation knowledge of Shandong lion cat

       In order to keep the smooth and beautiful fur of Shandong lion cat, the hair is elegant and fluffy, we must use shampoo to bathe the cat regularly, and then apply a layer of hair protecting agent after the bath, which can make the hair of Shandong lion cat very smooth and not easy to knot. When the cat’s body is very dirty, use neutral soap to wash the fur in warm water, and then immediately clean and blow dry. When kittens are 7 months old, their long hair begins to grow. At this time, they should start to brush carefully.

       Shandong lion cats have the habit of licking their fur. Because the cat’s tongue is rough and looks like a brush, it often licks itself with its tongue to remove dirt and comb its hair. But you can’t give the cat all the care for her body. Because no matter how soft the fur is, there are places that can’t be licked by the tongue, especially for the breed of long hair, it is difficult for the cat to keep the fur clean by itself, so the owner’s help is essential. Moreover, if the cat is often combed manually, the shed hair can be removed in time, so as to prevent the cat from swallowing the hair into the stomach and getting globus disease, resulting in indigestion of the cat and affecting the growth and development of the cat.

       Daily fur care can not only remove dirt and lice, prevent hair ball, comb and brush hair, but also help blood circulation and promote skin metabolism. Owners can also check the cat’s health by stroking it regularly. The main thing is that this is a time for the owner to communicate with the cat. Cats in the master’s caress and mutter, the spirit will also be stable. Generally, short hair breeds should be combed once every 2-3 days, and long haired cats should be combed at least once a day. It is better to start combing after weaning. At first, cats may hate this kind of caressing, but as long as they gradually form a habit every day, cats will be happy to do so.