How to correct the cat’s biting and catching behavior

       For dogs, humans are masters. Unlike dogs, cats like to treat humans as friends. When owners reach out to them, cats usually hold their owners’ hands and nibble with their teeth. This is a way for cats to express their closeness to human beings and a cat’s instinct. But many people think that cats like to scratch and bite.

       The sudden movement of the owner’s hand will make the cat’s hand as prey, instinctively catching and biting. If we don’t hide, it won’t exert too much force. Of course, we should avoid suddenly reaching out. Give it verbal encouragement when it nuzzles your hand or licks you with its tongue. If you can scratch his chin at the same time, it will immediately squint comfortably, and it won’t stick out the hook. Once or twice in this way, the cat will love you very much and will never bite you or stretch out a hook to scratch you.

       After a period of time, you will get a super playmate who is greasy and coquettish, because for a cat, what you do is care. If you play with the cat like this since childhood, when you grow up, the cat will be very good to you, like to be close to others, and will be very sensible to others. It is a clever cat.

       When playing with a cat, try not to tease the cat directly with a toy in his hand. The cat is careless when playing, and his reaction speed is faster than that of a person. He often catches you when you are unprepared. The end of a toy can be tied to the end of a toy with a long stick tied to it. (now there is a special cat teaser. The cat will love it.

       Conditional friends, can consider raising two cats at the same time. Two cats can play well with each other, and they will not be lonely when their owners are not at home. Moreover, with playmates, their interest in attacking people will be greatly reduced.

       Cat is like a piece of white paper, like a human child, he does not know what is right and what is wrong, only through the patient education of the master, can they develop good living habits and live in harmony and happiness with human beings.


       1. After being scratched by a cat, you need to clean the wound with iodine.

       2. Those bitten by cats, especially those bitten by stray cats, should be vaccinated with rabies vaccine at the district level health and epidemic prevention station within 24 hours after being bitten.

       3. Don’t forget to cut your cat’s nails regularly. When cutting nails, just cut off the white part of the nail tip, do not cut to the red part. For cats who like to play outside, don’t cut their nails to prevent them from falling when they jump.

What should I do if I catch a cat when I take a bath


       As we all know, most cats are afraid of water and don’t love it. Every time we give a cat a bath, it’s like fighting a battle. Sometimes, although we win, we are also scarred. So, is there any way to change this situation? This is the content to be introduced in the following article.

       1. Let the cat release emotion before bathing


       2. Develop bathing habits from childhood

       Let the cat take a bath easily. As a host, it should be trained and cultivated since childhood. For example, a cat is bathed regularly from its infancy, and exposed to water. In a word, when cats are familiar with water and know that water is not terrible, they will not be so nervous and afraid. Of course, if you give it a bath, it can take it.

       3. Stop taking a bath in case of fierce resistance

       If the cat jumps and catches people while taking a bath, the owner should stop it as soon as possible. You can yell, keep your cat quiet, or stop bathing for a while. Wait until the cat is completely relaxed and try to give it a bath.

       I hope the above methods are helpful to reduce unnecessary injuries when bathing cats.

How to stop the cat grabbing people

       Cat slaves should have been caught by cats. Even docile cats, I don’t know why they suddenly arrest people. The owner will think that this is the cat’s personality. In fact, it also needs training.

       In order to let the pet cat and the family get along harmoniously, it is very necessary to stop the cat grabbing behavior in time. In addition, when cats are young, they should begin to implement training, so that cats can develop good living habits and friendly attitude towards others, so as to prevent cats from catching people.

       In our daily life, when we find that the cat has signs of catching people, we must stop it in time. The owner yells loudly, is stops the cat to scratch the human behavior the effective method. When the cat hears the owner’s yell, it stops the next step. At this point, the owner should give the cat a proper reward, let the cat know that biting is the owner’s reprimand and punishment, and not biting is the owner’s praise and reward.

       At the same time, in order to avoid catching people, the breeder should further understand the characteristics of cat behavior language. Because there are many differences in behavior habits and meanings between human and pet cats, it is considered as a friendly way of greeting in human beings, which may be aggressive in the eyes of pet cats. Therefore, in the process of getting along with or meeting cats, we should avoid doing some actions that make the cat feel dangerous, so as to avoid catching people because the cat feels dangerous.

       In order to avoid the cat catching people, the owner should train the cat from an early age, so that the cat can have more contact with human beings and familiarize the cat with the expression of human friendliness. At the same time, it also allows cats to develop good living habits and treat people’s mentality. Also let pet cats develop a good attitude towards people.